UK Immigration issues -Legal immigrants Vs Illegal immigrants

UK immigration laws are always under progress and review so it’s still not clear to differentiate between who is in UK legally and who are illegal immigrants.

The most recent figure published in 2013 by National Statistics indicates as follows:

  1. A total number of 163,000 migrants to UK in the year 2012
  2. 515,000 people immigrated to UK in the year ending June 2012 which is much lower than 589,000 who migrated the previous year.
  3. 352,000 immigrants left UK in the year 2012.

These above mentioned number shows that number of people arriving UK is more than number of people leaving UK.

Though it is clear of the number of people entering UK or leaving UK but still it’s not clear how many of the immigrants are legal or illegal.

How does it breakdown?

The government in UK in spite of knowing the figures cannot trace where the illegal immigrants are located.

Illegal Immigrant Numbers:

According to 2011 census, the illegal population of UK consists of 1 million which is also highest in Europe.

Legal Immigrant Numbers:

The visitor visa in UK is the most popular way to immigrate to United Kingdom which resulted in a significant increase in Chinese population who is currently recorded as having highest number of tourist visas.  On the other hand study visa number has been decreased considerably. The highest number of immigrants residing in UK from one singular nation is India.

There are approximately 657,792 Indian born residents now living in UK.

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