UK Immigrants population Indians getting lead

United Kingdom becomes an international country which issues Visas for all the people in the world for various reasons, the industrial workers and domestic workers as well as students are getting visas and ultimately they are settled in UK as permanent citizens.  The safe country which effectively resist racism activities in the country. Permanent resident visas issued at a large scale in UK which helps to improve the migrant population from 4.5% to 13 % in 60 years.

According to the statistical study of UK population we have noticed that there is a drastic Change in Migrant population from 1.9 M (4.5%) Resident population to 7.5 M (13%) of population from 1951 to 2011. Addition to that we noticed there is also a huge variation in the migration population from 1951 to 2001. Irish was declared as the largest Immigrant group in the UK. And also As per the Indian Record Irish was also known as a popular Immigrant group. As per the 2011 Census in Wales and England there Were 6.94.000 Indians born.

The Polish and Pakistani’s Population was increasing Day by day, Polish had a Immigrant population of 579000 and where in Pakistan had 482000 as they took over IRISH Immigrants due their decline in Population from 473000 to 407000 (from the year 2001 – 2011)

These are some of the Top Ten Countries in Immigrant population. As per the census survey of 2011

1. India – 694,000

2. Poland – 579,000

3. Pakistan – 482,000

4. Ireland – 407,000

5. Germany – 274,000

6. Bangladesh – 212,000

7. Nigeria – 191,000

8. South Africa – 191,000

9. USA – 177,000

10. Jamaica – 160,000

The Moment Poland entered the European Union the polish population was Increased Abundantly in 2004. According to foreign-born minority poles were taken second place as a most populous country in UK.

At the time of World war II More and more number of poles entered Europe. More than 152000 poles were in UK at the time World war in the UK. Due to worst crises Poles happen to have a big Fight with British (Army & Air force) In UK.

Due to this a war the population of poles was declined drastically for which there were not known as one of the Top ten Immigrant populous Minority. But Poles was always in the Top list hence again in the year of 2011 they were declared as Second Largest foreign-born Minorities of UK.

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