UK five tier immigration system benefits for Indians

The Benefits of five tier Immigration System in UK

British education has very high value and good reputation worldwide. There are well known university like the Oxford university, Cambridge wherein the education is highly respected. After completing the education from UK the job opportunities will get soon. In UK the educational institutes provides a very challenging environment which develops ones innovative skills and true potentials.

The economy in UK is developing every year due to the overseas education funding. Every year there are lots of applicants who is applying for overseas education in UK. Among these India is on top in list applicants for numerous Indian student as well employee working and studying in UK.

To work or study in UK a valid visa is mandatory required. Visas are granted for 6 months, 1 year, and 5 years etc. there are two national union like national from European union and non European national, any national European union can visit UK without visa only just want to present the passport or any identity but in non European national its entirely different. For those who is not from European national they need to apply for British Embassy.

To apply for PR in UK, UK follows a point based immigration system for applicant. The requirements for each tier has been discussed below.

Tier 1 visas are meant for Highly skilled migrants, Investors, Entrepreneurs, Foreign graduates of UK educational institutions. in UK populations include scientists, Doctors, Engineers, MBAs, & other educated personnel. To meet there requirement minimum point required is 75. During the application, under the entrepreneur sub category the person eho would like to start this business in UK should show GBP 2,000,000. Tier visa is valid for 3 years after which can be renewed again.

Tier 2 visas are meant for those who has a job offer and who has outside European union.

Tier 3 visas for seasonal in nature means unskilled and temporary migration for employment.

Tier 4 visas is basically for student who will get the sponsor from qualified UK institute.and the duration of visa is depends the duration of the course duration.

Tier 5 visa this visa includes for those who want s to work in temporary worker from countries wherein UK has certain agreements and these workers are allowed to work for minimum period of 2 years.

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