Tourist visa or Visitor Visa For European Countries – Schengen Countries


Schengen Countries include countries in Europe like Estonia, Finland, Germany, Denmark, France, Greece, Belgium, Netherlands, Slovakia, Malta, Italy, Hungary, Latvia, Sweden, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Luxembourg, Poland, Norway, Portugal, Lithuania, and Iceland. The United Kingdom and Ireland are members of the European Union but does not come under Schengen Countries.

The applicant who is given Schengen Visa is allowed to stay for a period of ninety days a period of six months for the holder of tourist or business. If the applicant gets a multiple entry Schengen Visa then he is entitled to leave and return the Schengen area any number of times within a period of 180 days. The combined stay in the Schengen region must not exceed more than 90 days.

After getting Schengen Visa the applicant can enter any one country of the Schengen region and travel freely anywhere within the Schengen region. There used to be internal border control system within the Schengen region which included many stops and checks which are now abolished and no more in Practice now. Internal Travel like railways, waterways and Airways within the Schengen region is considered as domestic travel and is treated like travelling from one State in the USA to the other state.

Schengen Visa simplifies the travel within the Europe countries and it has enabled the overseas traveler to travel freely without any hassles. The processing time for Schengen countries is usually 3 to 4 weeks of time. The systematic Schengen visa is usually strengthened by centralized database, high level built in security, same visa sticker, common procedures and criteria for issuance of visa.

Schengen visa does not guarantee definite entry to the Schengen region and the final authorization is left to the Immigration Officials’ at the respective port of Entry. Other Long Term Visas like Employment visa would be subjected to national legislation of the particular country of destination.

Types of Schengen Visa:

Type (A) — Airport Transit Visa.

Type (B) —–A kind of transit visa which allows you to transit not more than 5days within the Schengen Region

Type (C) —— Short Stay Visit Visa for tourism, business and family visits within 90 to 180 days.

Type (D) ——- Long Stay Visa like students, work related etc,

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