The green card scheme

The green card scheme

The green card scheme

The green card scheme

Software for an extension of a residence allow as a green card holder

Case order identification and fee

Before filing the software, you need to create case order identification and must usually pay a charge. You have to country the case order identification for your software.

The price is a case processing rate. Because of this that the price covers the processing of your utility.

consequently, the fee will now not be refunded if your utility is processed – regardless of whether you’re granted an extension, or your application is became down, because of the fact you do not meet the requirements. Likewise, the price will no longer be refunded in case you withdraw your software.

It is crucial to make sure that the Danish organization for worldwide recruitment and integration receives the right quantity. if you pay too much, this could do away with the processing of your case because the organization will have to refund the extra amount. In case you pay too little, your software may be rejected. This means that your software will no longer be processed.

Recording of biometric features

In reference to filing an application for an extension, your biometric functions (facial photo and fingerprints) have to be recorded and stored on a chip in your house card. If you fail to have your biometric competencies recorded, your software program may be rejected. Which means that you’re utility will not be processed. The way varies, relying on wherein and how you observe.


Your software need to encompass all information needed to examine whether your meet the necessities for an extension. If this isn’t always the case, your software program may be rejected. due to this it’ll not be processed.

Software program for an extension

Please word that the regulations for extensions can also moreover have changed thinking about you acquire your first house permit beneath the green card scheme. in case you were granted a house permit below the green card scheme before 1 January 2015, your may additionally fall beneath the particular transitional scheme.

Your house allows letter will state the conditions you ought to meet next time you follow for an extension.

You can submit your utility for an extension no earlier than 3 months earlier than your residence permit expires. It is critical which you put up your software for an extension earlier than your current residence permit expires.

In case you submit your software after the date your home permit expires, you should anticipate your software program to be rejected. Due to this if will now not be processed except specific situations practice, together with, in case you cannot be blamed for the delay, or if Denmark’s global obligations warrant it. if your software for an extension is rejected, you will need to move away Denmark and examine for a new residence allow in your America of starting. Such an application may be appeared and processed as an entirely new application for a residence permit, i.e. it is going to be processed according with the guidelines that exercise to first-time applicants, and you may lose the proper to an extension of your preceding residence permit.

in case your house permit expires, and also you completed for an extension earlier than the expiration date, you could live in Denmark with the same right at the same time as your application is being processed.

Please word that a software for an extension of a house and work permit under the inexperienced card scheme want to be submitted on line. if the software program isn’t always submitted on line, it’s far going to be rejected.

Utility shape (extension most effective)

The form gr2 is available in an internet model which calls for nemid or a scanned signature.

The application procedure

Important to keep a legitimate passport

a residence permit can only be prolonged up to 3 months earlier than your passport expires. in unique phrases, in case your passport expires in 3 hundred and sixty 5 days, your home allow can simplest be prolonged thru 9 months.

This is relevant to every you and your spouse/associate and youngsters who observe for a house allow as accompanying family individuals. Please be aware: even toddlers, which include children born in Denmark, need to maintain a legitimate passport.

if you may commonly get a allow off, for example,  years, but your passport expires in three hundred and sixty-five days, your permit may be shortened, this is, the duration of your permit can be shorter than might usually be the case. As soon as you’ve got renewed your passport, you need to practice for an extension of your permit, attaching a duplicate of your new passport.

If you hold a national passport (i.e. a passport from your country of origin), the diplomatic mission (embassy or consulate general) of your country of origin will renew it.

The Danish Immigration Service is responsible for renewing Danish travel documents and Danish alien’s passports.

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