The Denmark Green Card scheme – Denamrk Permanent Residence

The Denmark Green Card scheme

The Residence permit is temporary and the permit holder can use it to search a job in Denmark. The residence permit is for three years and a well-qualified person only can get the residence permit. Higher Educational qualifications are necessary to qualify to apply for the residence permit for three years. A point-based system will be applied to evaluate the personal qualifications to reach certain points to get qualified to get a residence permit. The visa authorities would assess the individual qualities and decide on the possibilities of getting a job in the country. If the aspirant already has a resident permit on the grounds of family reunification or on asylum seeking or a resident permit on humanitarian grounds, the aspirant need not apply for a residence permit to seek a job in the country.

The point based system employed to measure the qualifications and the aspirant has to score 100 points under the program. The points will be awarded on the basis of educational qualifications, language skills, work experience, adaptability and age. The Educational qualifications are important as the job requirements should match the qualifications and experience in the required field. Ability to converse in the official language and the adaptability criteria will get points to increase the points to qualify for the residence permit.

The Danish National insurance will be available to the permit holder, but under specified rules and regulations, the applicant should have insurance with full coverage for him and his accompanying family members till the Danish national health insurance coverage arrives. During the stay in the country, the permit holder should be able to support himself at least for one year for his and his family living costs.

The initial residence permit will be available for 3 years; the permit holder should apply for an additional year of the extension before the existing permit expires. Even the then the permit will be extended when the permit holder applies for an additional four year period to stay in the country.

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