The De Facto Married Australian Visa for a Permanent Residence visa

The De-facto Australian visa is for those who are an unmarried and in a relationship with an Australian resident or Australian citizen or an eligible New Zealand citizen. The Australian de facto visa is given for 2 years term and later the applicant can apply for permanent residency.

These kinds of visas are more prone to fraud or cheating so a lot of measures are taken prior to granting the visa in order to avoid this situation. There are certain terms and condition which needs to be qualified for this special visa. The applicant has to meet certain factors in order to qualify this visa category like- the applicant must be in a genuine de facto relationship with the sponsoring partner and this relationship must be at least for 1 year.

The relationship must be an honest one and the partner needs to proof that they have lived together for a period of time though are separated on a temporary basis during the application of de facto Australian visa. Both the applicant and the sponsorer needs to show that there relation is a genuine one and not in a short term basis.

The above mentioned guideline is a mandatory requirement but along with that there are also few requirements which need to be met for applying for de facto visa. The applicant must undergo medical checkup like chest x ray by a doctor who is chosen from the panel of doctors of Australian authorities.

The applicant must also provide a proof of no criminal record in any country wherein they stayed for more than 10 years.

The complete application process takes around 3-6 months to and this is being verified by the Australian immigration authorities. The process may also extend for more than 6 months if problems arise. All the evidence presented would be investigated and if any doubts or suspicious circumstances are found or if there are any lack of evidence or any other mitigation factor then the application would be rejected immediately by the authority.

Ones the visa get approved there is almost 2 years of time span to apply for permanent residence and to make sure that the relationship is real.

This process is quiet easy if the paper and documents provided are genuine and the purpose presented to apply for de facto visa is loyal.

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