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Switzerland Resident Permit B

EU and EFTA states are in priority list to get a Switzerland Resident Permit B. People with more experience and skills will be given the permit to work in the country, which will lead to getting a PR visa from the country. For the other third world people, it is difficult to get a work visa and then the PR visa from the country. Even if you are qualified for a job which is listed in the skilled shortage list, the employer must prove that he made all efforts to identify a person with the required skills and subsequently failed to get one from the priority list of nations.  After satisfying the authorities, the employer has to send an invitation with a permission obtained from the authorities to the qualified person.

If the employer found, that the applicant is suitable for his job to be performed, then the employer has to give an appointment order and then only the aspirant can apply for a skilled worker visa to the country. The employer to prove in material that the search for a suitable employee with the required skills is not available from the region, in which the Switzerland government has an agreement to fill the vacancies from those countries qualified aspirants.

Depending on the profession and the required qualification for the job to perform will be thoroughly examined by the authorities and then the clearance will be given to be recruited by an employee from the third world like India and China.

Several years of professional experience on the subject and a qualified degree from an approved university will give you an advantage to applying for a job and subsequent visa required visiting the country.  IF the documents are other than on German, English, French, Italian and Spanish, the applicant should submit a translated copies of the documents as the authorities are able to understand the right qualification credentials of the applicant.

Foreign nationals are allowed to take the job, only after providing residential accommodation proof, in which they are going to stay till a residential permit is issued if the applicant qualified and get a residential permit after the stipulated time of years of work. Residential permits are vary as the short term permits will be issued for 1 year and an annual residential permit, which can be renewed every year, but limited and the permanent resident permits, which allow the holder to get all benefits of the citizen of the country.

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