Study in Germany wit a student visa offers a part time job for you to earn while learn

Germany universities are offering 11,000 courses to the international students to study. One tenth of the students going abroad to study choose Germany as a best destination to get high quality education yet cheaper costs. Most of the German universities offer free education that is free from paying Tuition fees.

We need to pay other fees like library and maintenance charges, but those are very minimal and negligible. The only considerable expense we have to spend on is the living expenses almost $ 1500 per month we need to spend for accommodation and food.

To meet these living expenses also we are allowed to work on a part time or full time basis that is not exceeding 20 hours a week. We can get enough money to support ourselves on living expenses as the pay rate is higher, when comparing our home country salary standards.

More than 300 universities offer quality international education to the students from India and other foreign countries. We need to check the equivalent educational qualification for that of our educational degrees and diplomas. Academic freedom is one of the best principles in the country. German educational system is a open system and offer equal status to the international students.

Studies on Medicine, Law, Engineering and other subjects on arts and culture as well as language are offered. If you can able to converse with German language, that is an added qualification to get a seat in the German universities. In India many schools have courses on German language as a second language. But recently Indian Government ordered that the Sanskrit is the second language and the German language goes to the third place and optional one.

International programs are taught in English hence, the students from international community can learn through English, but you need to be fluent in German language if you choose local programs to excel in Medicine and Law like courses. Getting admission in the Local courses is Easy than the International courses as the competition for the international study courses is very high.

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