Study in Canada: Provinces and Locations

Study in Canada: Provinces and Locations

Study in Canada: Provinces and Locations

Study in Canada: Provinces and Locations

Across its 10 provinces, six time zones, many cities and towns, and numerous higher education institutions, Canada has it all. But where in Canada are you going to study?

Compared with other industrialized countries around the world, studying in Canada has a unique set of advantages? With quality and affordable tuition, safe towns and cities, employment options (both during and after the study period), and as a pathway to permanent immigration, the decision to study in Canada can be a life-changing one.

There is much to consider when deciding on a study location in Canada. Some people prefer large colleges and universities in big, bustling cities, while others prefer the intimacy of a small town. How significant is a factor tuition fees and cost of living? Are you coming to Canada with a long-term vision to work after graduation and perhaps apply for permanent residence and, eventually, Canadian citizenship? Each Canadian province has unique advantages for prospective international students.

All these issues, and more, are dealt with in this Provinces and Locations section. We have dedicated pages on each Canadian province and its higher education institutions. From here, you can learn more and begin your clear path to studying in Canada.

  1. Study in Alberta
  2. Study in British Columbia
  3. Study in Manitoba
  4. Study in New Brunswick
  5. Study in Newfoundland
  6. Study in Nova Scotia
  7. Study in Ontario
  8. Study in Prince Edward Island
  9. Study in Quebec
  10. Study in Saskatchewan

In addition to this Provinces and Locations section, please visit the following resources to help you on your Canadian study journey:

Find A School: Here you will find some tips for finding your ideal program and school.

Designated Learning Institutions: If you want a study permit, your desired school needs to be on this list.

School Search: Get all the details on colleges and universities across Canada.

School Match: We’ve partnered with School Match Canada to provide you with a free assessment to show you which Canadian schools match your expectations, personality and goals.

Get Admission: Once you have selected an educational institution and study program in Canada, you will need to receive admission.

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