Study in Canada -Canada Student Visa for a lucrative career opportunities

The safest country in the earth to study and work is Canada; this is as per the UN study on the living standards and quality of life of the immigrants. Canada is called as the Land of Migrants as the country is suffering with the shortage of skilled workers. The very less populated country when compared to the area is rich in minerals and oils. Hundreds of thousands of people are migrating to Canada in anticipating better jobs and standard of life.


Students from the third world nations also guaranteed with the  through its best structured educational system that is at par with the USA educational qualifications. Students get visas with lesser terms and conditions when compared with the USA and other western countries. After completing education, the students can apply for a qualified job in the country if they fulfill all quality of study the pre-requisites set by the government of Canada.


More than 2, 00,000 immigrants get visas to live and settle in the country. Students are eligible to apply for the Federal skilled permit program for a job and permanent residential permit, but it takes 15-17 months to process the application. Till then the applicants has to stay with their own funds and cannot undergo any work that is paid or not. The citizenship can be awarded only after three years of life in the country that has to show a good conduct and no criminal records in the applicant’s name.


Point based system allowed students to get enough points if they score good marks in the educational system and prove their adaptability and skills for the jobs applied for. Canada has launched an excellent Express entry program in 2015 for the skilled workers. As per the notifications of the scheme the applicant has to apply with an expression of interest and a complete resume with all the skills stated in the application form. Here the applicant is not apply for a particular job and the employers are given a chance to select the candidate after scrutinizing the application and qualifications. This is a great chance for the qualified skilled workers to access the Canadian job market in full and the chances of getting selected by an employer and a job is far more than the normal schemes and programs.


Though the student visa holder cannot work during the study period, it is considered as one of the best route to get a qualified job in the country. Till 10+2 the students can get a free education and 175 colleges and 92 universities offer a world class education with technical and socio economic studies. Law and medicine courses are at par with the USA standards and considered for job opportunities in America as equal qualification to get a job. Flexible education system offer students to choose a variety of courses of their choice. Flexible timings and field of study make them comfortable to study in the universities and colleges in the country.


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