In the event that your occupation isn’t on the rundown however is on the Australian Government’s present rundown of qualified talented occupations you can in any case apply for NT Government selection.

You should give solid proof of good work prospects in the NT either in your occupation or a firmly related talented occupation.

You can indicate you have great work prospects by giving:

An articulation portraying how your abilities and experience meet NT manager needs

Evidence your occupation has been promoted in the NT different circumstances and clarification of how your capabilities and experience to coordinate the activity opening – you could give screen dumps of the activity adverts yet website page joins are not adequate

Feedback from potential NT businesses

An offer of business letter from a NT boss

Evidence of solid, settled family associations in the NT.

Responsibility of Australian Government (Northern Territory)

Australia’s Northern Territory (NT) Government decides if it will offer you a nomination. Your employment prospects in the NT and NT industry needs are important factors in the decision.

Occupations on the NT Migration Occupation List do not represent specific job vacancies.

A nomination from the NT Government is not a job guarantee. You will have to compete in the NT labour market and you will be responsible for finding your own employment and accommodation.

The NT Government provides information and some assistance to nominated skilled migrants. It does not provide an employment placement service or financial assistance.

Success in finding employment in the NT will depend on employer requirements, your qualifications, skills and experience and your level of English.

By applying for nomination you must acknowledge that the NT Government:

Nomination relates exclusively to the NT and does not apply outside of the NT

is not responsible for finding you employment, accommodation or providing financial assistance

is not liable for any inaccuracies or omissions in the information it provides you relating to your application, nor are its employees.

For occupations set apart with on the rundown, where there is an obligatory authorizing or enrollment necessity (set apart with a marks and shaded columns in the table), the candidate will be required to exhibit a level of English either adequate to meet permitting/enlistment or a base IELTS 6.0 score in each band or comparable, whichever is higher.

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