Skilled Workers On Migration gets Permanent Visa to Settle In Australia

Australian General Skilled Migration


Skilled immigration visas in attendance one of the most excellent opportunities for skilled workers to live and employment in Australia. Under the Australian General Skilled immigration program, skilled migrant and skilled worker applicants can use their qualifications, work practice and language ability to meet the Australian immigration necessities for a permanent Australia visa.

In 2012, Australian immigration’s introduced a new skilled worker program, called the Skilled Migrant Selection Register, known as Skill Select. In order to apply, you need to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI). The Skill Select will work as an electronic two-stage process where prospective visa applicants first submit a claim for skilled migration through an online EOI. Following this, applicants may then be invited to submit an Australian visa application on the basis of their EOI.

Australian visa applicants will be selected based on their points test score in a number of selection criteria. All prospective visa applicants will be required to meet the relevant English language requirements and obtain the necessary skills assessment prior to their EOI submission. However, unlike now you will have to also be approved by Skill Select to obtain your visa. This brings in greater uncertainty compared to the current system.

General Skilled Migration is for people who are not sponsored by an employer and who have skills in particular occupations that Australia needs.

There are specific basic requirements which you must satisfy to be eligible for General Skilled Migration to Australia.


  1. Age– Applicants must be over 18 and under 50 years of age at the time of invitation.


  1. English language ability– Applicants will need to pass English language test (IELTS). Native English speakers have the option of not taking the test, but must do so to obtain maximum points for English.


  1. Skilled occupation– Applicants must also have the relevant skills and qualifications for an occupation listed on Australia’s Skilled Occupation List for Australia immigration.


  1. SkillSelect– Introduced 1 July 2012, applicants are required to first lodge an Expression of Interest (EOI) and be invited to make a visa application by the Department of Immigration.


Recent work experience and/or having an Australian study qualification are not anymore part of the requirements. However, these remain as factors for receiving points under the Points Test. 

When the basic requirements of the visa are satisfied, the Skilled Visa Points Test will further determine and decide the eligibility for General Skilled Migration.

Within the Skilled Visa Program, adjustments to the pass mark within the points-tested visas may occur from time to time. Recent adjustments have been to increase pass marks, thus making it harder for applicants to meet the requirements.

When an applicant does not score enough points to qualify under a particular visa subclass, their application can be placed into a pool that will be considered if the point requirements are lowered in the future.


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