Skilled – Nominated or Sponsored (Provisional) (subclass 489) visa

The limited period 4 years skilled worker nominated visa is issued to the aspirants those who are invited and nominated by the Australian state or territory. People with permanent resident permit also can sponsor the applicant at the program. Under this visa program, the visa holder should stay the whole period of four years in the designated area stated in the invitation and in the visa program since the validity of the visa is for four years. Certain family members are also can be added in the application form under the visa rules and regulations, those who are not added under the provisional visa 495, 496, 475 and 487 subclass programs.

This visa allows the applicant and the family members to stay in the specified area for four years only from the date of the visa validity starts. To apply for the visa the applicant should first submit an Expression of interest and then if qualified the Australian authorities will send an invitation to apply for the skilled- nominated or sponsored (provisional) subclass 498 Visa. The applicant should have an occupation that is matched to the occupation mentioned in the occupation list released by the Australian visa department.

Please visit Global gateways, Bangalore to know the current rules and regulations as the Australian Government in 2014 added some new assignments to the department and it also repealed some responsibilities and powers of the visa department. The new government toughens the rules and regulations to avoid unqualified workers enter into Australia. This comes after an issue aroused when the Indonesian immigrants tried to manipulate the rules and regulations for an illegal entry.

The application has to be supported by a suitable skill assessment made by a competent approved authority to qualify to apply for the job under the scheme. Educational credentials also should meet the requirements of the job mentioned in the occupation list prepared by the authorities. The applicant must be under 50 years of age at the time of applying for the job. He should have good health matching the health standards for the job and the visa program.

The applicant should meet the English language skill requirements and overall he/she should score 60 points in the skill assessment. Expression of Interest can be submitted by the aspirant from in and outside of the country. The relative, who sponsor you must stay in Australia at the specified designated area.

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