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Singapore Working Holiday Pass

The working Holiday pass will be issued to the undergraduates and graduates to work in the country on a temporary basis for a limited period of time. The applicants between the ages of 18 – 25 are eligible to get the Singapore Working Holiday pass. There are specified countries students are eligible to apply for the Working holiday Pass. Students of the top 200 universities with good education and excellent educational qualifications will be issued the Working Holiday pass.

Contact Global gateways, to know, which the university students are, are qualified to apply for the program. The under-graduates and the graduates are must be full-time students of the universities specified and the students must resident students of the universities to apply for the program.

The program has a limited capacity on intake as the limit fixed up to 2000 working holiday visa passes at a given point of time. The applicant should not hold a working holiday pass within the 12 months period of time. The Singapore working holiday visa pass will be issued for six months’ time period and there is no restriction on the job to be performed under the program, but at the same time if the applicants are bound by other agreements and commitments that will apply as per the rules and regulations of the prior agreements and conditions.

The awarding institution has to issue a letter of authorization to the Singapore authorities with the complete details of the person’s nationality and the age and other qualifications. A copy of the degree certificate has to be attached in the application in the case of the applicant is a graduate. In the case of undergraduates, a copy of the student card issued by the registered institution has to be attached in the application.

A copy of the passport or a valid travel document has to be attached. A copy of the student visa must be attached if the applicant is an international student. The students with non-English language degree certificates must provide translated copies of the certificates in English duly certified by the universities. Singapore Working holiday pass visa is suitable for the students, who want to undergo a training program and to go an internship program. Organizations and companies may use the working holiday program to get temporary skilled fresh workers from the foreign soil. This gives the employers an opportunity to get cheap labor from the under-developed countries, but with higher standards of qualifications.

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