Singapore Student Visa and the Opportunities for Indians

Educational expenses in Singapore is reasonable and affordable for most of the overseas students who opt Singapore as their study destination .The  Educational institutions in Singapore are equipped with world class amenities and internationally recognized curriculum which makes it one of the sort after places for education among the overseas students.

In comparison to the costs of education in developed countries like United States of America , United Kingdom and many others the cost of education in Singapore is easy on the students pocket relatively. Students are also eligible to undertake or engage themselves in part time jobs after their study hours in Singapore. Many factors which contribute in enhancing Singapore’s reputation of being student friendly country are culture of the work force which is a combination of workforce from various parts of the globe and English language which bridges the gap between the people by setting a common platform for communication.

When an overseas student intends to or desires to work in Singapore while still pursuing his/her graduation should actually be fully aware of the high commission requirements, rules and regulations which will permit him to fully understand and abide by them without actually breaking any rules and getting into unnecessary troubles. 

Working during study in Singapore

Sixteen hours of work is permitted  for any overseas student who is studying his graduation course in Singapore university for a weeks time and allowed to work full time in a day after the completion of the course or during the period of vacation. The necessity of asking permission from the ministry of Manpower Singapore is not required  if the student is well within the allowed permissible work hours for the overseas students. The pass which is issued for the overseas students in Singapore when they start their study is valid till the completion of their course.

Post – study work rights in Singapore

The education Institutes in Singapore have included programs of internship in almost all the courses offered by them where most of the tie ups these institutions have are from the corporate companies which are highly experienced and welcoming the new talents into their workforce by later offering jobs to the candidates who deserve them the most. In Singapore there are two types of Passes which are issued for the overseas students who come to Singapore i.e Service Pass which is also called as S-Pass and Employment Pass which is also called as E-Pass. These types of passes are actually determined by the overseas applicants skill level ,experience in work or the qualification of education.



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