Russian Visas Which Helps Indians To Do Tour and Business in Russia

Types of Russian Visa

Many of the people will be interested to travel to Russia. There are 11 types of visa for Russia mentioned below:


  • Diplomatic Visa
  • Guest/ Private Visit Visa.
  • Tourism visa
  • Work visa
  • Business or commercial visa
  • Student visa
  • Government business visa.
  • Humanitarian visa
  • Transit Visa (only visa 72 hours)
  • Temporary stay visa
  • Refugee visa

In Russian each visa is corresponds to starts purpose for your visit. In  an experience that 90%have been noticed Russian visa will be falling under 2 major visa categories:

Russian Tourist Visa:

This visa is a short term visa it is only for 30days, this is one time visa for Russia even you can travel on the tourism for ex: business meeting, conferences and  visiting relatives etc. after traveling to Russia if you are interested to stay their more then 30 days then you have to travel in the business visa.

As you know according to the Russian government tourist visa can be allowed only when you hold the invitation, sponsorship or support letter from the hotel relatives or travel agency, this should be registered with the Russian Ministry of Foreign affairs of Department of consular service.

This law shows that it is a illegal for a qualified travel or a hotel or agency to provide you with an invitation if you’re not going to stay in the hotel. Now it is very much luckily, this word of law is broken more over they fallow virtually by the all travel agencies can get you the visa by arranging sponsorship documents and later you can apply for your Russian visa with out booking a single night in a hotel.

 And the visitors should be true to hotels, they should register your visa not only for one night you should stay with them, entire trip till it ends.

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