Russian Business Visa For Indian entrepreneurs

Russian Business Visa

The government has provided much more facility for this multiple entries to Russia business visa it is valid only 1 year. This visa will be only for the business persons who are frequently travelling for Russia, and who is staying for very long time. Officially, business visas are only for business travelers, who all will be willing to do the business transactions for ex: negotiations, Contracts, exhibitions, etc.

But even again it is excepted rule- you don’t need to travel only on the official company’s or business trip, even you can travel in the personal trip. In this you don’t need to plan for the hotel reservations. If your interested in Russian visa be aware of this business visa only don’t think about the employment work permit.

If you looking for job then you have travel on job seeker visa many consultant will inform you, because they need to receive money from you for they service.  Be aware of other type of visa is not prevalent.

What are Russian Visa Processing Time and Fees?

Visa processing time:

Until now you will be aware of that you cannot apply for visa till you are ready with visa invitation ready. So you must be ready to allocate enough time to arrange the secure a visa support letter. It may take after1 hour to 18 working days the time to arrange for the tourist invitation and for business visa it takes 60days for private invitation.

Once you receive the invitation, you can mail the invitation along with other documents to Russian Government. According to the Russian government rules, this visa should be issued in now longer than 20 working days expect the weekends and the national holidays.

In fortunately, most of the consulates issues will be known in 1 to 14 days depend on how much you pay for high commissioner. If your apply for the visa by mail it make take extra 2 more working days.

  1. Shipping overnight from your place to the consulate place
  2. Shipping paper work documents from the consulate back to you. 

Please be aware of the consultant of you document inform them to send your documents with in 45days and you should know that departure date for business type visa.

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