Quebec immigration – Occupations in Demand and Job Prospects

Note: Prices and rates may change at any time confirm with for the current prices and charges.

We have 87 occupations listed as jobs in demand. It professionals, engineers, accounting professionals with experience, Teachers and health care professionals jobs are in demand. Traders, sales and marketing professionals are also in demand in Quebec. Few general professionals are required to perform certain jobs in Quebec. To get a full list of Quebec jobs in demand contact Global gateways in Bangalore, with your resume and get a free consultation and assessment on your profile, whether you are qualified or not,(

Additional costs towards visa application processing

1st Stage visa payment for Quebec Selection Certificate:

Principal applicant C$ 750
Spouse or de facto spouse C$ 156
Each dependent child C$ 156

2nd Stage visa payment for application processing at CIC

Principal applicant C$ 550
Spouse or any family member above 22 years C$ 550
Each dependent child below 22 years C$ 150

3rd Stage visa payment for Right of Permanent Residence Fee:

Principal applicant C$ 490
Spouse or any family member above 22 years C$ 490
Each dependent child below 22 years> NA


Note: Expenses towards PCC & Medical Test will be borne by the client.
Why Quebec

Quebec is a modern city with a lot of opportunities to develop a peaceful career. A free health care system and an excellent educational system are in place to equip your family and children. Excellent quality of life and career opportunities with a diversified manufacturing industrial and IT industry offers great opportunities to earn more and settle with a comfortable life. Quebec is one of the top best economies in the world.

  • Voted No.1 by UN for seven consecutive years
  • Excellent, Free Education for children and family members
  • Literacy rate of 99%
  • Government loans and grand for post-secondary study (regardless of age)
  • Clean and safe environment
  • Multiculturalism – you are not considered a second class citizen


Excellent Social Services:

  • Unemployment Insurance
  • Social Assistance
  • Child Tax Benefit
  • Family Allowance
  • Old Age Security and Guaranteed Income Supplement
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Excellent public and private healthcare system, free medical care
  • A very strong federal and provincial government support infrastructure for new immigrants
  • The most flexible residency requirement in the Western world
  • Canadian Passport (after three years), is one of the most valued passports for international travel


Global gateways offer visa consultation and processing assistance for all types of visas for all countries. Study visas, PR visas, Immigration assistance, visitor visas, business visas, family visas, dependent visas and work permits and visas will be assisted with job search and clear documentation preparation. Global gateways have a success rate of 99% in processing visa assistance.

Note: Prices and rates may change at any time confirm with for the current prices and charges.

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