Permanent Residency in Quebec turns out to be crucial

Permanent Residency in Quebec turns out to be crucial

Permanent Residency in Quebec turns out to be crucial

Permanent Residency in Quebec turns out to be crucial

Every prospective student whoever had the dream to explore the province where the river narrows has always been Quebec located on the eastern side of Canada. Quebec is an extremely beautiful place which has predominant French-speaking population. This place has received prominence for its unique destinations and well-preserved culture.

Some of the reasons which have made Quebec a brilliant platform for unlimited opportunities are:

  • An above average personal security
  • Un-fluctuating Economic stability
  • Great opportunities for high skilled jobs
  • World class quality education is imparted
  • An absolute fair judicial system
  • Quebec’s contribution to the economic development is relatively equivalent to Montreal.
  • Better quality of life
  • No Gender bias
  • Equal freedom to all

The path to Quebec is the best alternative to make it to Canada. Recent times has made it extremely crucial and with more hassles. If you are determined to make Quebec your destination to live to consider the fact that this province has a stronger appeal for French speaking folks you may even be a foreigner to that land. If you choose this process it will faster and easier for you to acquire a permanent residency in the province of Quebec.

The latest changes in the immigration policy have had an adverse impact on international students who have made it Quebec for various educational purposes. It is mandated for every international student who is looking for a permanent residence have no choice but to go through the stringent Quebec Experience Program conducted by the Ministry of Immigration, Diversity, and Inclusion (MIDI)

Key procedures of the Quebec Immigration Program

  • The student receives a letter from the Quebec Ministry of Immigration
  • Examination is an oral test
  • Applicant has to speak in French for 20-30 minutes approximately
  • The fee to apply for the Quebec Immigration Program is $5000.
  • Before the student receives the letter to MIDI documents have to submitted initially along with the application
  • Evidence that you have completed a certification level in learning French will be an edge.


  • Minimal knowledge of French
  • You will need to possess Quebec selection certificate
  • Six months prior to the completion of the course this procedure will be applicable
  • Intermediate knowledge level of intellect in oral French is mandate

The Quebec Experience Program is not points based. The result is either a pass or fail. And after you clear this stringent level then you will receive an authentic Quebec selection certificate which will be useful for you to apply for a permanent residency. And after this procedure, you will be called for medical examinations

and other security clearances. As a result, you will be issued a permanent residency within a month or two approximately.

Make use of this golden opportunity with all your documents in place and stay confident through the interview procedure. Enrol into French classes your interest and determination will bring you to the intermediate level. You have a desire to reach Quebec Y-Axis the world’s best immigration consultant knows every procedure which will work out the way you expected.

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