Diverse factors that make Melbourne as the favored destination for overseas students


Students who wish to study abroad will find that Melbourne is emerging as the choice for many of the global students. It is the city that has been chosen by many designers, artists, performers and artists. Just a stroll through the city’s galleries, music venues and shops will show you abundant local products and talents on display. As the creative industry is growing even the campuses are not far behind and have added courses and programs that range from advertising, sound engineering to graphic designing.

For a student who intends to study overseas, Melbourne is home to some of the top universities in Australia. This facilitates the students to bridge the time between extracurricular activities and weekend trips with appealing classes that are given by top professors in Australia.

A study in Melbourne gives the overseas students the advantage of residing in a multicultural and truly global city. They will find several avenues to connect and interact with visitors, business travelers and students from different parts of the globe both within and outside the campus hours.

Study overseas in Melbourne will benefit students with an exposure to true global culture. The city’s population represents immigrants from more than 140 nations across the world that includes India, Italy China, Malaysia and Sri Lanka. Melbourne is also the home to the largest Greek-speaking population excluding Europe.

Students who opt to Study in Melbourne will find that the cost of living is quite competitive. The high standard of living and quality of life justify the high costs to an extent. The students are however comforted by the fact that it is cheaper to study in Melbourne than any other city in the nation for instance study in Sydney.

International students who study in Melbourne also need not worry about feeling as a stranger as there are thousands of global students in the city. Melbourne is easily one of the most multi-ethnic cities in not just Australia but even the world.

In case you are not a sports enthusiast, there are high chances that you might change during your study overseas in Melbourne. The city is the sports destination for a wide range of games from informal spontaneous leagues to expert teams that are engaged in every sport from netball to rugby.

The creativity and diversity of Melbourne as a city Is not restricted to drawing rooms and classrooms alone, the food culture of the city is also a reflection of its international nature. The city’s cookery is dynamic, multi-cultural and diverse.

Students who are looking to study abroad and choose Melbourne for their studies will find that their search for a perfect destination between coast, country, and the city will not find a better result than Melbourne. The city is appealingly in close affinity to diverse attractions in nature that are perfect for weekend trips by road. Few of the most beautiful surf destinations and pristine beaches of Australia such as Jan Juc and Lorne are just a small drive away from Melbourne.

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Ontario selects Express Entry candidates with CRS scores as low as 351

Ontario selects Express Entry candidates with CRS scores as low as 351

Ontario selects Express Entry candidates with CRS scores as low as 351

Ontario selects Express Entry candidates with CRS scores as low as 351

Human Capital Priorities Stream invites 779 candidates with scores between 351 to 446

The province of Ontario announced two new invitation rounds where Express Entry candidates with Comprehensive Ranking System scores as low as 351 were issued an invitation.

On March 26, candidates in Canada’s Express Entry pool were selected by Ontario and invited to apply for a nomination through its Human Capital Priorities Stream, or HCP.

A nomination through Ontario’s Human Capital Priority stream results in an Express Entry candidate obtaining 600 additional Comprehensive Ranking System, or CRS, points and an Invitation to Apply for permanent residence during a future draw from the Express Entry pool.

The two draws conducted on March 26 were unique because Ontario issued “Targeted Notifications of Interest” to candidates who met the HCP stream criteria and who either had a job offer in Ontario or French language skills of CLB 7 or above.

In the first draw, 480 candidates who met the Human Capital Priorities Stream criteria and who had a job offer in Ontario and a CRS score between 351 and 446 were selected. In a subsequent draw, an additional 299 candidates who met the stream’s criteria and demonstrated French language CLB of 7 as well as a CRS score between 351 and 446.

For both draws, the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) invited candidates who submitted their Express Entry profiles between January 1, 2018, to March 26, 2018.

The HCP typically requires candidates to have a CRS score of 400 or above, although it has on occasion selected targeted candidates who had scores below. For example, Ontario issued NOIs to candidates with work experience in select ICT occupations with CRS scores less than 400 points.

In its announcement, the Government of Ontario explained that the two rounds of invitations were conducted to help Ontario “meet its labour market and economic development priorities, as well as to be more responsive to employer needs.”

In targeting Express Entry candidates with French language abilities, Ontario aims to reach its goal of five percent Francophone immigration under the Ontario Immigration Strategy.

OINP data show that a total of 1,808 NOIs were issued in 2018 for the HCP stream, to date.

These were the first HCP draws this year to only target candidates with job offers and French language ability. The four draws conducted in 2018 targeted candidates eligible for the HCP, with no restrictions with regard to a job offer or French language proficiency.

In addition to this HCP draw, French-speaking candidates may also be selected by Ontario through the French-Speaking Skilled Workers stream, which requires Candidates to possess both French and English language proficiency.

The OINP stated that it will continue to issue NOIs through the HCP on a regular basis to applicants, who at the minimum, have a CRS of 400 and meet all the program requirements.

Candidates interested in pursuing the HCP stream must submit a profile into the Federal Express Entry pool.

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No.of International Workers being hired by Toronto tech firms

Number of international workers being hired by Toronto tech firms on the rise

No.of International Workers being hired by Toronto tech firms

No.of International Workers being hired by Toronto tech firms

Global Skills Strategy, political uncertainty in the U.S. contribute to rise in foreign worker applications and hires

More international workers are being hired by technology companies in the Toronto region thanks to a fast-track work visa program introduced by Canada’s government last year, a new study reports.

Of the 53 high-growth tech companies who responded to the MaRS Discovery District survey, 45 percent reported hiring international candidates in 2017 and 53 percent experienced a jump in international applications in 2017 over 2016.

The survey did not say how much of an increase in international hires that represents, but spokesperson Danielle Klassen said it’s clear they are on the rise within the MaRS ecosystem, billed as the world’s largest urban innovation hub.

“Feedback consistently shows that companies are hiring more international candidates,” she told CIC News.

A majority of survey respondents credited Canada’s Global Skills Strategy and its Global Talent Stream for the increase in international hires. Introduced in June 2017, the Global Talent Stream fast-tracks the visa approval process for skilled foreign workers who meet specific employment needs.

Thirty-five percent of the companies who responded to the MaRS survey reported using the Global Skills Strategy program to hire international workers.

“Talent is tight in Toronto, having the ability to attract a foreign national in as little as two weeks is beneficial, particularly with how fast-paced technology and the industry overall is moving,” Ben Zifkin, Chief Executive Officer at Hubba, told the MaRS survey.

Companies surveyed reported the vast majority of international hires hailing from the United States, and substantial numbers also coming from India, China, Brazil and the United Kingdom.

Top countries for international hires by Toronto-area tech firms:

  • United States
  • India
  • China
  • Brazil
  • United Kingdom

Engineering was the top position among international hires, followed by sales, marketing, data scientists, operations and C-suite executives.

International political climate contributing to rising in international applications

One company that responded to the survey reported rising interest from junior and mid-level engineers currently working in California’s Silicon Valley on temporary work visas.

U.S. President Donald Trump’s talk of ending the popular H-1B visa program that many foreign workers rely on is widely seen as one reason why many are looking north to Canada.

Klassen said that view is supported by the survey’s findings.

“We’ve heard from companies that when they interview international candidates, it’s pretty consistent that people are mentioning the change in the political situation [in the U.S.],” she said.

And the results are dramatic. According to the survey, many of the companies that experienced an increase in international applications reported that it ranged from 50 to 100 percent more than 2016 levels, with a few reporting increases of up to 300 percent.

“What the survey really shows is that Canada’s brand and reputation as a country that embraces diversity and its strategic immigration reforms go in contrast to what other countries are doing and that is really paying off for tech companies in terms of being competitive,” Klassen said.

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