Canadian Immigrant Integration program

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Canadian Immigrant Integration program (CIIP)

Immigration is crucial to Canada’s populace increase and monetary prosperity. But, even as demand for his or her abilities grows, many noticeably capable newcomers to Canada continue to be underemployed.

To address this trouble, the authorities of Canada funded the schools and Institutes Canada to broaden and implement the Canadian Immigrant Integration application (CIIP) which prepares novices for economic integration at the same time as still in their country of foundation. Launched as a pilot assignment in 2007, CIIP has been prolonged to 2017. It’s miles funded through Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.

CIIP provides free pre-departure orientation to all monetary elegance applicants, their spouses and adult dependants, at the same time as they’re still foreign places for the duration of the final levels of the immigration process.

CIIP helps immigrants prepare for financial success through offering information, making plans and on-line guide through companions in Canada.

CIIP workplaces are located in China, India, and the Philippines. A mobile group serves customers from different places round the world. Services are to be had in extra service shipping locations as well truly. Click right here to look the region of the CIIP workplaces.

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