If you’ve ever considered immigrating to Canada, you’re probably familiar with the term Express Entry. But what exactly is Express Entry? In short, it’s a system for organizing the intake and processing of some economic immigration applications. Immigrating through Express Entry could easily be one of the most important decisions of your life. But what happens if you make a mistake on your Express Entry profile? Is all hope lost? Of course not!


Express Entry is an online system designed to help find the best skilled workers for Canadian immigration. Express Entry manages three separate national immigration programs: Federal Skilled Worker (FSW), Federal Skilled Trades (FST), and Canadian Experience Class (CEC). All of the Express Entry programs target skilled workers who will be able to make lasting contributions to Canada’s labour force. Express Entry uses a two-step system to manage the intake of immigrants:

The Profile: Interested candidates create an Express Entry profile to show off their skills and experience. If they meet the eligibility requirements, they will be accepted into the Express Entry pool of candidates.

The Application: The most competitive profiles from the Express Entry pool will be invited to apply for Canadian permanent residence.

It goes without saying that you’ll want to put your best foot forward throughout the process. This means that your Express Entry profile should be an impressive and accurate reflection of yourself. But you’re human, and like anyone else, you make mistakes. Here are some important points to know about fixing mistakes on your Express Entry profile!


Good news, if you’ve submitted your Express Entry profile and you have not yet received an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for permanent residence, then you’re in the clear to make changes! You can fix mistakes or even add new documents (for example, if you retake your IELTS exam and get a better score). But there are specific steps to follow. Here they are:

Visit your Express Entry account welcome page. Next select the option that says, “What would you like to do today?”

Next, head to the section that says, “View my submitted applications or profiles” and click on the button that reads “Check status and messages.”

Near the bottom of the “Application/profile details” screen, you’ll see a button that says, “View submitted application.”

Almost there, on the “Express Entry profile” page, hit the button that says, “Update form.” Make sure you select the appropriate section for modification.

Make all the necessary changes (hopefully not too many), scroll to the bottom of the pages, then click “Save and exit.”

All finished with your profile update? Look for the button that reads “Continue” near the bottom of the page. You’re now free to submit the newly modified version of your Express Entry profile. Pretty painless, right?

Quick reminder: Every time you enter a form and click on “Save and exit,” you’ll also notice a “Revert changes” button. It will be there even if no changes were made. Don’t panic. If you haven’t made any changes, hit the “Revert changes” button to make sure that the electronic system knows no changes were made.

Please note that if you make changes that affect your eligibility or your CRS score, the Express Entry system will update your profile to reflect these changes within 24 hours.


Now for the bad news—there are a few situations in which you cannot make changes to your profile.


If your profile doesn’t meet the criteria for one of the Express Entry programs, it will be refused and you cannot update it. How do you know if you’ve been found ineligible? That’s easy. If you log onto your Express Entry profile and you only have the option to “View profile,” it means your profile has been reviewed and refused. The system will state that your profile was ineligible.

But don’t give up yet. You still have one option. You won’t be able to update your profile, but you can still submit a new profile. However, if you were considered not eligible based on your qualifications, you should probably wait until you’ve increased your eligibility before submitting another application. On your second application, be certain to enter and review all of the necessary information carefully to avoid any mistakes.


If your Express Entry profile receives an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for permanent residence then all the information entered into the profile becomes locked in place. While you can technically amend the information when preparing your final application, you should try to avoid this. If you make any changes to your application which make you ineligible, your application will be refused. As well, the immigration officer handling your file reserves the right to request more information about any discrepancies between the original profile and the final application.

A note on misrepresentation: Lying or providing false information on an immigration application is a serious offense. If a person is caught doing this they may be charged with misrepresentation, resulting in a 5 year ban from submitting any applications for Canadian immigration.

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International Students Easily Migrate to British Columbia

International Students Easily Migrate to British Columbia

International Students Easily Migrate to British Columbia

International Students Easily Migrate to British Columbia

International Student Perks: Easier Immigration to British Columbia

One of the perks of completing your studies in Canada is that you open the door to so many possibilities for permanent immigration! Today we’re going to show you the ranges of unique immigration options available to international students who want to move to the province of British Columbia. Located on Canada’s west coast and known for its natural beauty, British Columbia is Canada’s second-most popular destination for new immigrants!


All provinces of Canada have their own immigration programs, called Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP), which allow them to nominate people for Canadian permanent residence. PNPs are designed to target immigrants who fit the needs of a specific province, so they usually look for people who have the skills needed to thrive in the local workforce, secure good jobs and make lasting contributions to Canada.

The British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) is a PNP organized by the western province of British Columbia. The PNP mostly seeks skilled workers or people with experience in Canada. A big part of the PNP is seeking international students who completed their education in Canada. Why? International students with Canadian education have a high rate of success in Canadian workplaces, so they make excellent choices for new immigrants!

Below are the streams of the BC PNP which target international students. Take a look to see if you are eligible!


Have you recently graduated from a Canadian college or university? If so, the BC International Graduate stream could be a great fit for you!

This stream is for graduates of any institution in Canada who wish to live and work in British Columbia. In order to apply a person has to meet a few eligibility criteria:

Completed a Canadian post-secondary educational credential (diploma, certificate, degree) within the three years prior to application;

Has a job offer from a BC employer for a skilled position.

Notably, the BC PNP does not require a job offer to be supported by a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). An LMIA is a document showing that hiring a foreign national will have a positive impact on Canada’s labour market. It’s a pain to get a hold of an LMIA, so because BC doesn’t require one, it makes the PNP a great option for a lot of international students.

The BC International Graduate stream is pretty competitive. Just because you meet the minimum requirements it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll receive a provincial nomination, but depending on the rest of your qualifications it could be an excellent choice!


Did you recently graduate from a Master’s or Ph.D. program in BC? If so, the BC International Post-Graduate stream is a great option for you!

This stream requires that an applicant have completed graduate level studies while residing in the province of BC. If you have earned a Master’s or Doctoral degree from one of BC’s approved institutions within the last three years, then you are likely eligible for this program.

This PNP stream doesn’t require a job offer, it doesn’t require work experience, and anyone who meets the minimum requirements is welcome to submit an application. For those who haven’t yet applied to study in Canada, please bear in mind that completing graduate studies in BC will open many doors for permanent immigration!


Outside of the BC PNP, international students in Canada have a range of possible immigration options. Most international graduates are eligible to apply for a Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) which allows you to work for any employer in the country. Some graduates are eligible for federal immigration programs through the Express Entry system, including the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) and Federal Skilled Worker program (FSW). We’ve put together an article reviewing all the options for international students looking to become Canadian permanent residents!

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What is L2 Visa?

What is L2 Visa?

What is L2 Visa?

What is L2 Visa?

The Visa document that is needed by the spouse of the dependent to enter the United States of America is known as the L2 Visa. With the help of this particular Visa document, unmarried children of the qualified L1 Visa owners, who are below the age of 21 years, can enter the United States of America. The Visa is of the non-immigrant category. The validity of this Visa will only last till the L1 Visa is valid.

Eligibility for L2 Visa:

There are certain eligibility criteria that must be met for availing the L2 Visa. They are as follows:

The spouse of the individual applying for the L2 Visa must be a qualified holder of the L-1 Visa.

Children of the L1 visa holder must be unmarried and below the age of 21 years to be eligible for the L2 Visa.

How to Apply For L2 Visa?

In order to apply for the L-2 Visa certain steps must be followed. These steps are mentioned below:

The individual must apply for the DS-160 Form and upload his / her photograph.

The print out of the confirmation page of the DS-160 form must be taken. The DEAC barcode must be present on it.

The applicant must create a profile and follow the onscreen steps till he/she reaches the confirmation screen.

The applicant must use the options for payment of the Visa fees. He / She can also pay at one of the designated branches.

The individual must ensure that the appointments are scheduled. One appointment for OFC and the other one for the consular interview. The time span required for the activation of the fee receipt varies from three hours to two days. It depends on how the payment of the fee has been done. The bank reference number will be asked for during the interview. So, it is absolutely alright if the appointment is made after getting the fee receipt.

The applicant must attend the interview. He / She must reach 15 minutes before the interview starts. The applicant must carry the original receipt of the bank fee with barcode stickers, appointment letter for the interview and all the other supporting documents.

Documents Required Applying for L2 Visa:

There are several documents that are required during the application process for l2 Visa. They are as follows:

Appointment letter for the US visa Interview.

Printout of the Form DS-160 along with the CEAC Barcode.

Valid passport.

Photographs as per the guidelines.

Visa issuance fee or demand draft.

The birth certificate (original) of the applicant is required if the applicant is below the age of 14 years.

Marriage certificate (original).

Entire photo album of the wedding.

All the pages of the L-1 holder’s passport. If the passport has been already submitted then it should have an identifiable photograph and must be in a good condition.

Employer’s letter that talks about the applicant’s relationship with the L-1 Visa holder and the travel purpose.

Employment verification letter of the L-1 Visa holder.

Photocopy of income tax return of the L-1 Visa holder.

Processing Time for L2 Visa:

The processing time can take fifteen days to 1 month for L-2 Visas. In some cases, it may also exceed that time period.

L2 Visa Application Fee

The application fee for the L-2 Visa is USD 190 for every applicant

Employment using L2 Visa:

The EAD (Employment Authorization Document) must be obtained by the L-2 Visa holder for working with an employer in the United States of America. As per I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification Form, an individual can possess a card for social security as long as that card does not pose any kind of restriction like “Invalid for employment”, “Valid for employment with INS Authorization only”, “valid for employment with DHS Authorization only”. In such cases, to prove the authorization for employment, the L-2 Visa holder will have to submit more proof. Only providing the social security card will not be enough. The EAD (Employment Authorization Document) card is one such proof. Even if an individual is not in need of an EAD card, he/she must apply for one as it is highly recommended. The EAD card will ensure that the L-1 Visa holder’s spouse can work freely is the United States of America. However, the L-1 Visa holder’s dependent children are not authorized automatically to work in America.

How to Renew L2 Visa?

The status of L2 Visa can be extended and renewed the US along with the renewal of L1 Visa. The status of the Visa is only renewed in the United States of America. The actual Visa in an individual’s passport is not renewed. However, if an individual wants to renew his / her Visa, then he/she must go must visit the consulate of the United States. A person with an alien status is not permitted to leave the United States of America and then enter again without a valid Visa (L-1 or L-2). The alien must appear before an officer from the consulate for the issuance of the Visa. This thing often causes difficulties for different applicants as it suggests that the alien will have to leave his / her adopted house in the United States of America until the time the embassy issues a new Visa. During times of the year when it gets really busy, the embassies and the consulates can take more than several weeks to issue the new Visa.


The applicant of the L2 Visa can enjoy different privileges. They are as follows:

  • The applicant can stay in the United States of America for the entire authorized stay duration of the L1 Visa holder.
  • The applicant may choose to work with an employer in the United States in a full-time job. However, the USCIS must provide proper authorization for employment for this to happen.
  • The applicant can choose to engage himself/herself in full time study.
  • The applicant can leave from and return to the United States of America for travel purposes.

Validity of L2 Visa

The document of Employee Authorization is valid for a period of two years and it can be renewed after that time.

Type of Employment:

There is absolutely no limit on the type of employment. As referred by the USCIS, this is known as the ‘open market’ authorization.

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