Five best cities in Canada for the immigrants

Five best cities in Canada for the immigrants- With the High number of Jobs and low unemployment!

Five best cities in Canada for the immigrants

Five best cities in Canada for the immigrants

When it comes to jobs in abroad, then Canada is the very first country which comes to our mind. For years we have known the fact that Canada is the dream place for every aspiring candidate who is looking ahead to settle abroad. If you are one among them, then let us check out the best five cities in Canada that are well known for the settlement of immigrants.

Milton- Low Unemployment Rate though Rentals are higher 

If you’re looking for a job, then the city of Milton is the best choice. This is one of the best rapidly expanding options when it comes to jobs with high salary packages. There is no doubt a bit of hike from the region of Toronto and almost an hour drive in the traffic. Significantly, it is quite farther when travelling by train. The city boasts of its low rate of unemployment. As compared to any other cities in the list, Milton has more immigration population. Though the rent is not very cheap, still it is difficult to say NO to a job opportunity in Milton. If you are very much concerned about your safety, then you should be aware of the fact that this city does not have a very low crime rate.

Ottawa- Lower Property Prices, Decent Public Transport System-

Ottawa is the nation’s capital and is the safest choice if you are looking for a good salaried job. As per the prediction made by the experts, it is said as one of the booming sectors for jobs in the near future. This is a posh location with all the facilities required for living available and accessible easily. The vacancy rates, as well as the real estate rent, are quite reasonable. The rate of unemployment is also quite higher as compared to other places. House prices are average and the city is quite safe with just a decent transit system.

Brossard, Quebec- High Paying Jobs – One of the favorite destinations of Immigrants

Brossard, Quebec is again one of the best places for immigrants. It has to offer a number of advantages like high paying jobs, affordable housing, low unemployment rates and cultural diversity. This city also boasts of the huge immigrant population, which is generally estimated at around 36%.

Brossard is known for being the best commercial hub in the Montreal’s south shore and consists of the highest diversified municipalities. The rent is quite low as compared to any other suburbs in this region. This will initially help the immigrants to settle down easily, which is otherwise a really big problem. The rate of job vacancy is quite high, which attracts immigrants from all across the globe.

It is said that Brossard has the second lowest real estate prices and also the rent is quite low as compared to other major cities. As per the studies it has been found that individuals can own their residential properties within just a matter of 3 years. The rate of crime is also low and individuals can ensure safety and security.

Mississauga Ontario- One of Safe Place for Immigrants- Lowest Crime Rate

Mississauga is situated in the north of the Ontario and it is easily accessible by highway or transit. It is known for having the second highest percentage of immigrants with a high vacancy rate as compared to any other city of Ontario. Mississauga is known for being one of the safe places to start a new life as an immigrant

Burlington- Fast getting fancy of Immigrants- though Jobs are lesser

If you are looking to settle down abroad then Burlington is a right choice. Although this place is not considered as the richest place in Canada, still the apartment vacancy rate is quite high. The rent is of equivalently less as compared to what you have to pay in other big cities in Ontario. The rate of unemployment is also less and it’s just an hour drive away from Toronto. The city does not have a huge population of immigrants, but with the rising development, it is becoming the major point of attraction among immigrants.

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Australia to introduce new visa to boost economy, jobs

Australia to introduce new visa to boost economy, jobs

Australia to introduce new visa to boost economy, jobs

Australia to introduce new visa to boost economy, jobs

The Australian Government says it will introduce a new visa for people willing to establish businesses in the country. The visa will not require any mandatory funding outlay and applicant only needs to demonstrate “vocational English”.

Indian migrant Navjot Singh Kailay moved to Melbourne from Adelaide last year that was his home for close to a decade. For Mr. Kailay- a migration agent, slow economic growth was the primary reasons for leaving the state.

He says many permanent residents with a state nomination from South Australia move to other parts of the country, particularly Sydney and Melbourne, looking for better opportunities.

“The current policies in SA are such that are designed to attract only business migration and not retaining skilled migrants in the state,” says Mr. Kailay.

The Federal Government says, to increase job opportunities, it will start a new visa to foster entrepreneurship and improve the state’s economy before its national roll out next year.

The Federal Government has given an undertaking to South Australian Liberals to pilot this visa from South Australia.

“The Turnbull Government is focussed on increasing job opportunities and standards of living for Australians and we are doing this by fostering business growth and investment in Australia,” Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton said.

Under the proposed visa, foreign entrepreneurs and investors with an innovative idea and a supporting business plan will be able to apply for a temporary visa to establish their venture in Australia.

The existing entrepreneur visa requires a mandatory capital backing of $200,000 which will not be required for the proposed visa.

The applicants’ business proposals will be examined by the State or Federal Government authorities before granting a temporary visa.

Entrepreneurs who are successful in establishing their business venture in Australia will become eligible to apply for permanent residence.

“Encouraging seed-stage entrepreneurs to take forward innovative ideas in Australia will assist in growing the jobs of the future,” said Mr. Dutton.

Revealing further details of the proposed visa, the South Australian Liberal leader Steven Marshall said all applicants must be under 45 years of age and have vocational level English which is band 5 in each four components of the International English Language Testing Service (IELTS).

“We are confident that this arrangement can lead to participants applying for permanent residence in South Australia as they develop their business plans into successful enterprises creating new companies and jobs in our state,” said Mr. Stevens.

“These arrangements will also encourage more investment in those sectors of our economy with the greatest capacity to grow, including advanced manufacturing and defense technology following the Federal Government’s decision to centre the naval shipbuilding program in South Australia.”

While it’s not clear if the introduction of the visa is subject to the Liberals winning the state election, Mr. Kailay says whether or not this measure will succeed in retaining talented individuals in the state would depend on the criteria for progressing to permanent residency which is yet to be unveiled.

“At the moment, it’s more of an election promise. The details would tell us how high or low the bar is set in terms of a business’ job creation and turnover,” he says.

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Intra Company Transfers for IT Workers

Intra-Company Transfers for IT Workers

Intra Company Transfers for IT Workers

Intra Company Transfers for IT Workers

In an intra-company transfer, a company transfers an item, or employee to work temporarily in a different office, often in another country.

A company that decides to send one or more of their employees to work at an office of theirs which is located elsewhere, is making an intra-company transfer.

If the transfer requires that their employee moves to a different company a special “intra company transfer work permit” must be issued.

There are controls to ensure that the foreign employee continues to be employed at their specified position throughout their working period – the permit is valid for 2 years in most countries.

When a Canadian company has a qualifying connection to a foreign company, very often a facilitated work permit option is available. This is called an intra-company transfer and it is a type of work permit for which only certain positions and certain types of companies are eligible.

General information about this exceptional work permit can be found here.

This type of work permit is particularly advantageous and is often employed in this domain due to the nature of the IT field, where it is very commonplace for IT companies to have branches or divisions in many different parts of the world.

The language of technology is universal so cultural differences are rarely problematic in terms of cohesion and coordination among workers with different backgrounds. As a result of this, variations in ideas, customs and social behavior are not impediments to establishing satellite locations around the world, regardless of the company’s country of origin.

Foreign IT workers can take advantage of this fact if the company for which they work has a branch, division, subsidiary, or parent company located in Canada. If this is the case and if they are eligible in other respects, they can apply for an intra-company transfer work permit, which is exempt from the requirement to apply for a Labour Market Impact Assessment. This increases the likelihood of the foreign worker obtaining Canadian work authorization as it relieves the Canadian employer from having to prove that they were not able to find a Canadian for the job that will be performed by the foreign worker.

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