New Zealand Resident Criteria

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New Zealand Resident Criteria

New Zealand Resident Criteria

New Zealand Resident Criteria

New Zealand is an incredible country to visit, live, work and study. New Zealand is desperate to invite skilled people to grow the economy of that country.

If New Zealand has to invite you first we have to apply for expression of interest with all our details about education, experience & our ability to settle in New Zealand. If you receive the successful invitation, you are eligible to settle permanently in New Zealand.

The selection criteria are based on the points system. You should have minimum 100 points to be accepted into the pool. Currently, invitations are given to people only with more than 160 points. Every two weeks this draw happens. If an invitation is sent out to you, they would evaluate your age, academics & experience.

After invitation, under the program of a skilled migrant category, you would be eligible to apply for the resident permit. During this process, you have to submit all the relevant documents, including your health, language proficiency & employment. The entire processing time to get the residence permit would take up to 6 months. Language proficiency test is required to be submitted only after you have received the invitation

It is very important to prove your commitment to New Zealand, to claim for your permanent residence visa. The main key factors where you can prove your commitment is to show that you have stayed or spent at least 184 days or more in New Zealand in resident in each of 2 years before you apply for permanent residence. The New Zealand high commission has the authority to cross check the same. You can also submit your New Zealand tax documents to prove your residence .i.e. if you have been in New Zealand as a tax resident status.

If you have happened to invested in NewZealand with acceptable evidence you can claim for the residence. Apart from this even having a Business with at least 25% of share, you are eligible to claim for residence.

During this process of applying for the resident permit, the submission of your medicals and police clearance certificate is a crucial part of the process. If you are processing your application along with the dependents, you have submitted your dependents medicals and police clearance certificate as well.

There are lots of options to get your dependents or family members to New Zealand. There is a lot of support system to immigrants from the government to reduce the hassle. There is also center to help the migrants to learn English and help them to settle in New Zealand.

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