How To Proceed For An Australia Immigration?

Australia Immigration- How to Proceed


As it is too well known, Australia is one of those immigration destinations which welcome immigrants with abundance of support, even as it has proved to be a lucrative destination for people aspiring a flourishing career and better academic exposure. Also known as Down Under, Australia is known as the world’s twelfth largest economy in the world. There are umpteen opportunities for skilled people looking for jobs in Australia, and even Canberra seems to be rather keen to welcome skilled people from across the globe.

This takes us to the topic: Australia immigration. Interestingly, it may seem a highly daunting concept to those who don’t want to leave their furry pets behind at home country as Australian quarantine and inspection services(AQIS) allows all help to international visitors with pets. But as far most other people are concerned, Australia Immigration is something to get involved with fervently and inspiring, and why not? It’s one world destination which continued to keep its charm and appeal intact even when the whole world grappled with the fury of economic meltdown.

Visa requirements for an Australia Immigration

Australian immigration subjects you to some tests and screening procedure before you can be taken on board. It is advisory that you consult and seek help from an immigration firm for Australia even as one eventually manages to gain a visa rather quickly and easily. Such visa consultancies are quite familiar with the whole immigration procedure, requirements for immigration, and so usually are in an advantageous position to offer right and helpful information to the common dream chasers, Australia permit-aspirants.

Frankly speaking, there are basically six kinds of permits up for grabs, namely, Skilled Regional Sponsored (Provisional) Australia Visa, Skilled Immigration Visa, Family Immigration Visa, Business Immigration Visa, Retirement Visa and Student Visa.

As per one’s specific requirements and credentials, not to mention experience, a visa-petition should be duly filed. Australian visa are granted, based on points system. Recently, Canberra brought some changes into points test system. The new system is mainly focused on selecting skilled people to deliver a stronger migration program. It selects qualified candidates with high English level and appreciable skills.

The new points test system apply only to some specific migration programs, namely, Subclass 885 Skilled Independent, Subclass 886 Skilled Sponsored, Subclass 175 Skilled Independent, Subclass 487 Skilled Regional Sponsored, Subclass 176 Skilled Sponsored, and Subclass 475 Skilled – Regional Sponsored.

Documents required

The documents that require verification include those of work experience and educational qualification, apart from the usual identification proof, bank statement and letter of admission to the universities. Significantly, students–completing their education from the national universities of Australia tend to have an advantage or sorts over international students.

Well-paying and rewarding job opportunities in Australia are available under various sectors in Down Under with Research, technology, energy sector, hospitality, medicine, engineering and mining, etc, being just some such domains.

Another sector where the nation is attracting revenue like any and every thing is the tourism. The country carves out a popular and beautiful image in tourism industry, it has turned into one of the most selected tourist places on the map. Earlier, it was just about kangaroos and the Opera House, but now Down Under has surely moved ahead of all this with its new campaigns. The country is launching a range of campaigns, ranging from the tourism to adventure sports and education.

Immigration to Australia is also most looked forward for its tourist destinations, including Sydney and Melbourne. With rapidly dwindling and aging population, Canberra is keenly encouraging immigration, and focusing on gathering a pool of talented people, to build its development plans on. The government policies have been pro-development, and for this reason immigration to Australia is a fair chance of incredible opportunities for worldwide migrants.

Visa Consultants

One such consultancy is Global Gateways which is a Immigration, Visa and Overseas Education consultancy which is serving since 20 years to its clients with numerous success stories as the approach they follow is completely client centered.


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5 Important Things to Consider Before Applying For Canadian Student Visa

5 Important Things to Consider Before Applying For Canadian Student Visa

To create awareness and to invite international students to study in Canada, Canadian universities and organizations have indulged in thorough advertising and publicity activities. The Canadian Education Center (CEC) holds the responsibility towards marketing and promoting Canada as the destination for studies. The CEC is a non-profit company.

There are mainly 2 reasons that promote Canada’s standing as the preferable study destination:

  • Advanced education morals and values and well-known and famous universities that are at par with the universities of USA.
  • The expenses for the education are moderately very less.

Therefore, if you are tempted to follow your advanced studies from any of the reputed Canadian universities, few of the points are mentioned below for you to consider:-

  1. An international student may need to pay slightly higher tuition fees compared to the Canadian students.
  2. International students should make sure that they arrange the finance for their studies and for the cost of living as they are not allowed to work for an appointed number of hours every week.
  3. Students should grab in-depth information about the Canadian universities/institutions that a student is planning to apply for. Exciting brochures or web-pages or audio-visual presentations should not influence the student’s mind.
  4. Several times, many of the universities/educational organizations who visit India deliver only few diploma courses.
  5. Getting guidance from immigration consultants is one of the best way to choose the correct and the right university and processing for the Canadian visa.
  6. Asking a graduate student about that university and get a syllabus brochure of the course which you have selected.
  7. Discussing with ex-students or current students of that university is also an important idea that will give you the accurate image of the quality maintained in that university.
  8. Contact your immigration expert and get information about the students who was studying for more than eight months and may extend the application for work permit.

To help you organize yourself for the effortless move to the student life in Canada ahead, you can keep the above points in mind and plan and act accordingly. If you have plans for settling in Canada you can guide and instruct your parents to file for the Permanent Resident Application.

Global gateways visa consultancy assisting students want to study in Canada to find the right University and a right job during study to learn and earn to save money. Contact Global gateways with your resume to get a seat n a suitable Canada University and a visa required to stay in Canada.



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Australia Visa and Schengen Visa Requirements and Eligibility

 Schengen Visa

People who are applying for Schengen Visa like tourist visa, business visa & transit visa are advised to visit Germany visa application center VFS at their respective location to submit their application

Schengen Visa has to be obtained from the consulate or embassy of the country in which the main purpose of your travelling lies

You have to check your travel plans before you submit your application. If you are planning to visit multiple Schengen countries then you have to prepare the application for that particular country where you are going to stay for the maximum number of days

Submission Process

The traveler must submit the application personally

If the traveler is applying through a representative then he should be sent with an authorization form

The representative has to carry a valid photo and ID proof which has to be submitted at VFS during the time of application submission

As applicable the applicant should be required to fill the Anexure A providing all the required details of the travel agency or representative

Important Information

The passport which has been issued should be issued within the last 10 years and that passport should be containing at least 2 empty pages and 3 months validity once after the scheduled return

The passports which are hand written and with which the observation regarding the front page data cannot be accepted

The visa application and passport from VFS can be submitted and applied by the applicant himself or through any person who has authorized letter and ID Proof

The person who is visiting to Germany for short time visit of up to 90 days do not need visa who hold Indian diplomatic passports

The processing time for certain nationals is at least 10 days those countries include (Tibet, Afghanistan, Iraq & Iran)

  Schengen Visa

If the person is planning for a short term visit to Germany, Then you must apply for Schengen visa Germany is one among those 26 European countries which formed the Schengen area where there is no border limit between them

The countries will also issue the common visa which will stay up to 90 days


Tourist Visa Requirements

The person has to provide 4 photos with white background

There should be a covering letter

They should provide employment or business proof

The hotel confirmation should be provided with day to day activities

They should provide personal bank statement for last six months

The person should provide personal income tax papers for last three years

Should provide pay slip for last three months

There should be a employer leave certificate

If this trip includes children then the leave certificate from their school must be provided

Business Visa Requirements

Two colored photos with white background

A detailed covering letter on company letter head

A letter of invitation from Australia

Evidence for business

Last 6 months personal bank statement

Last 3 years personal & company income tax papers

Last 3 months company bank statement

Copy of company registration

Last 3 months pay slip

Global gateways is one of the best company for the visa application processing n Bangalore. With over 15 years of successful servicing to the clients, the company able to process the visa application and preparing them to submit to the various country embassies.

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USA-UK-Australia-Canada-Student refusal visas approval service assistant

The refusal  of student visa for are as follows they are  lack of English proficiency test  , less funds to be shown and even lack of education for  further studies in USA and there are many other reasons on the same for the refusal

214(b) Refusals

The other reasons for refusal would be when the candidate don’t show the reason for return back to India after completion of their course and the visa officer has all the rights to recheck it before the immigration to the USA, the visa can be refused for candidate under section 214 (b), but the candidate can re apply for the visa interview, but the refusal reason must be taken further, if no changes on the refusal point then it makes no point

And for further information regarding the visa application process you can visit the website  for VFS , but the charges  of about 4600 must be payee for NIV application every  reapply

221(g) refusals

Student visa refusal would be under section 221(g) which needs further administration action on the same, and the instructions are given at the same time of refusal, and if the consulate officer wants for face to face interview then appointment would be required, the candidate has to appear in person at the consulate and appointment can be taken through the online process by going through the VFS website and if refusal case then can directly meet the consulate officer on working days between Monday to Saturday  t 10 am

And sometimes the candidate is put on hold on request unless their officer contacts them, as some administration process is required so that the officer can contact the candidate once it is cleared, which can take duration of several months, but here the candidate has to fill a new application form, not requirement of new application for a period of one year.

212(a) (6) (c) refusals

This refusal can make the applicant get rejected permanently to go for US, because this applies to the distortion of facts, the consulate officer has all rights to charge heavy penalty towards misrepresenting the material information on immigration or non immigration visa application.

You may please contact Global gateways to get your student visa reapplication process take off and get the same with 99% success.












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Canada Quebec Immigration programs – a unique processing procedures and USA study program

Quebec has established its own immigration program and also has got different method and criteria of assessment for selected skilled workers than the rest of the other country.

Selected skilled worker program is designed in such a way where he can attract skilled immigrants who wish to work and live in that province.

Another classification of Canada PR visa is family immigration for Canada or family visa by a sponsor in Canada.

The applicants who are long term residents or Canadian nationals can sponsor their husband/wife, common law companion, conjugal companion, dependent child or various other entitled relatives to become a Canadian long term resident.

The family members who are being sponsored under the family visa group need not undertake a point based analysis.

To be called as sponsor the Canadian homeowners or locals should be over the age of 18 years.

The sponsor should be staying in Canada and must be willing to support their family members or partner for the duration of 3 to 10 years.

Applicant’s family members who are entering into Canada can function without any type of difficulty and even can get into language training program which will help them finding an employment.

If the applicant is a permanent resident of Canada then his family or relatives will get the accessibility for government moneyed healthcare, education and learning which also includes social care perks such as seniority protection, Canada person benefit and assured earnings supplement.

USA-Work study program

The USA work study program will permit international students to work off campus with the American companies even when they are pursuing their master’s degree from an authorized US university.

The work study program is a combination of work and study which is especially suitable for the adult students. The international graduate students are allowed to work on internship basis.

The students can work for more than 40 hours in a week for any number of months depending upon the duration of the course he has chosen. The student has to maintain their visa by completing minimum of 15 hours of classroom studies per week from the universities for which they are enrolled.

The career service department from the university will assist the students in finding job. This program is specially granted by the US immigration regulation.

The schools with this type of facilities are authorized to issue work permits or full time off campus employment opportunity from the beginning of graduate studies.

Students can get syllabus related employment in any of the US based local corporations. Those students who opt for such kind of programs paid internship employment is compulsory. This opportunity begins in the first semester of the first academic year of the study program.

Students along with the mandatory internship should take 12 to 15 graduate courses depending upon their enrollment in work study program. Most of the students study in weekends or evening so that they can work during the day time with USA local business or corporation.







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