Canada visa and travel information

Travel info for Canda visa holders

Arts 49 length film industry. Its output is relatively small and the quality varies. In the past few years Quebec has been the most prolific and artistically successful in film. The better known movies are subtitled or dubbed into English. Denys Arcand’s Decline of the American Empire and Jesus of Montreal were major critical successes. Others from Quebec include Wind from Wyoming by Andre Forcier, gritty Night Zoo directed by Jean Claude Lauzon and riotous Perfectly Normal by Yves Simoneau. Black Robe, directed by Australian Bruce Beresford, tells a story set in 17th century Quebec.

Norman Jewison, the director of Moonstruck, could be considered the father of English-language Canadian film directors. Among established English directors is David Cronenberg, known for The Fly, Dead Ringers and Naked Lunch. Another is Atom Egoyan with a series of off-beat, challenging films including the highly-praised Exotica and Sweet Hereafter. Bruce Macdonald has done Highway 61 and Road Kill, two rock ‘n’ roll movies and Dance Me Outside about contemporary-Native Indian life. Ron Mann makes full length entertaining documentaries such as Comic Book Confidential and Twist.

I’ve heard the Mermaids Singing by Patricia Rozema is a comedy drama. Margaret; Museum by Mort Ransen takes place in Nova Scotia and won a handful of awards. The Arrow by Don McBreaty was a 1997 film based on the fascinating Avro Arrow fighter plane with some documentary footage. James Cameron, the director of Titanic is Canadian. Lesser known films and their makers can be seen at the major annual film festivals in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. Better video stores have a Canadian section.

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Study in Singapore Singapore study visa

Study in Singapore (Singapore study visa)

Singapore hosting many universities that featured in the top 50 list of world universities for quality study and the best infrastructural facilities. Students from the world offered the best coaching in association with the international professors and scholars. The cost effective educational system in Singapore offer equally qualified education like west for the students of the ASEAN countries and fro the south Asian countries like India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka. Singapore is well connected with the rest of the world by Air and Sea routes as well as with a well-established communication network.

Over 76% people are using internet for the daily operations and management purposes and this lead to the higher opportunities for the students from the rest of the world. Singapore is a business center for the world and provides trade facilities to the western countries. Negotiation facilities and dealing with financial options to help logistics that passing through the City make it an important port for the businesses that connect western world with the rest of the East Asian nations. Students can get excellent job opportunities that are too with the salaries at par to the western counterparts.

The country offers a high standard of living and better salaries than the other Asian countries. Non-English students must prove the English language skills by scoring and passing IELTS, TOFEL and MUET. SAT reasoning test is compulsory for the students, who want to take up under graduate studies in the country. If the SAT is not available in your country, you must pass the ACT or GMAT exams to prove the required skills and qualifications. Written essays and recommendation forms are required along with GMAT passing and transcripts to pursue the post graduate studies in the country.

One year diplomas and 3 year degree courses as well as post graduate courses are offered to the international students.

Proficiency in the English Language:

Applicants whose first language is not English must show proficiency in the English language, by taking any one of the following tests:

  • TOEFL – minimum score of 550 (paper-based) or 213 (computer-based) or
  • IELTS – minimum overall band of 6.5, or
  • MUET – band 5 or 6


For Post Graduate Admission

  • GMAT and/or IELTS/ TOEFL MUET Scores
  • Written Essays
  • Recommendation forms
  • Resume
  • Transcripts


For the studying and scoring marks in the required exams and proper guidance, you may contact Global gateways in Bangalore. Experts in Global gateways offer free counseling and free assessment on your profile and resume. Contact now for the current years admission in Singapore.


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Canada immigration chances

Canada’s First inhabitants were native Indians. Canada is the Second largest country in the world by total area is also a wealthiest nation in the world. Canada has rich minerals and crude oil deposits in almost all parts of the country. It supplies oil and natural gas to America though The US is the second largest producer of petroleum in the world. The countries minerals and resources need to be used to improve the economy. The country needs skilled workers to use the rich resources. Every year hundreds of thousands of people are thronging to Canada in anticipation to get a better job and enjoy a great lifestyle. Even though, the country still needs people to convert the resources into exports to manage the growth rate of GDP and exports.

Canada is a federation of ten provinces and 3 territories with a parliamentary system of administering the country. Though the Queen Elizabeth II is sovereign head and appoints a representative as Governor General to administer the country, the Governor General acts only on the advice of the Prime Minister on behalf of the rule makers selected in the country. Unlike other federal system, the Canada’s Quebec has its own visa immigration policies and procedures to issue visas in accordance of the rules of the federal government laws.

Quebec rules and regulations are liberal than that of the federal rules and regulations as one can get more chances to get a job than from the federal government. To get a job under the Quebec visa immigration program one has to apply separately to qualify for a job in the region. Canada recently announced a Express entry visa program, which enables the aspirants to apply with their resume and qualifications with an expression of interest. Here the employers have a chance to select the candidate from a pool of jobs applications from the foreign applicants. The unique visa program is going to be launched from 1st of January 2015. Applications will be scrutinized on a first come first serve basis.

Canada’s population concentrated in the south of the country closer to the United States and the northern part of the country has a very less density of population due to the freezing climatic conditions prevailing almost throughout the year. Canada has a scattered border in the east side with Atlantic Ocean covers the most of the small islands and the west side it has Pacific Ocean as the border. The peaceful rich country is a best place to get work and settle as the pay scales are very attractive and equal to that of the United States. The high living standards and friendlier culture attracts most of the abroad job seekers to the country every year. Canada recruits almost 2,50,000 immigrant work force every year to improve their economy in align with the world development.


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Immigrating to Australia is an Exciting Venture

 Immigrating to Australia is an Exciting Venture    

Immigrating to Australia is an exciting various for various factors. The most attractive factors luring immigrants to migrate to Australia would be like pleasant climate, mountains which are rugged, wildlife, rich cultural heritage etc. The Australian government along with the tourism department is making extra effort to promote Australia like never before. The skilled people from overseas are drawn towards Australia as a career option because of the variety of benefits the government of Australia provides. Immigration to Australia is one of the best options available for applicants who are planning for a great career with huge growth opportunities.

The population of Australia is sparse when compared to population of other countries. People would be more relaxed when they move around the streets of Australia which is less crowded with people and traffic.

Australia Climate

The climate in Australia is influenced by the Queensland’s tropical forest from the south to new south wale’s subtropical region. The variety of changes in the climate in the Australian continent varies from snowy mountain peaks of Victorian areas to the western desert regions .If anyone who travels the length and breadth of Australia they would be amazed by the variety found in this continent.

The country Australia is not biased towards immigrants. It promotes tourism encouraging people to come and visit the country. There are no problems concerned with what religion you belong to, what is the color of your skin, what is your nationality etc.

Skilled Professionals demand

There is a huge demand for skilled professionals in Australia and this is good opportunities for skilled people to apply for Australian immigration. There is a requirement for right mix of experience and skills in people who are looking for employment opportunities in Australia. Professions like managers, domestic labor force, administrators are in high demand in Australia. Business professionals are also in great demand in Australia for the very reason that they can make a positive contribution towards the economic growth of the region. There are more than twenty thousand businessmen in Australia who have come to Australia from various parts of the world and made Australia as their home because of the encouraging economic policies of the government of Australia. We cannot deny the economic strength of Australia despite the drop down the world economy in the recent past.

The work culture of Australia is very feasible for any new immigrant because people working in Australia work effectively on weekdays and spend their weekends with their dear and near people like friends, family and close relatives. This will actually encourage a positive work life balance in their life which will lead to less stressful lifestyle and happier lifestyle among the population. This will minimize the chances of people being workaholic.

The total area of Australia is around 7.68 million square KMS which is ideal for any holiday destination. Some the beautiful tourists attraction are as follows:- Great Barrier Reef, Blue mountains, Fraser Island, Kangaroo Island, Ayers Rock etc. The flora and fauna of Australia which consist of amazing beaches, countryside scenic beauty, great landscape mountains acts as a tourist destination is a hot spot.

Globa gateways

Global Gateways is providing the visas and immigration services since 1997 and are serving over thousands of clients every year who come to them for visas and immigration services. They are specialized in skilled migration visa to Australia. They provide various visa services like dependent visas, work permit visa, sponsorship visa, visitor visa , refusal visas etc to name a few. You are assured with the best committed services at global gateways.


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Work in Germany – work visa consultants

The wealthiest Germany in the European Union offers abundant jobs to the Indians for the skilled workers. Germany is the larger country in the union and the backbone of the European economy. Even in the turbulent times of economic recession, the country withstands with its stronger GDP growth with the strong exports to the European Union countries and to the Asia Pacific countries. The countries in European Union depend on Germany for many industrial and technical products for production.

Germany is one of the densely populated countries and heavily industrialized one in the world. The fifth largest economy in the world offers a luxurious lifestyle with its adopted pay policies that is almost equal to the United States, which has the highest salaries paid to the working community in the world. With its easy norms and rules and regulations, the country is a source of Jobs in IT, engineering and manufacturing industry jobs to the third world nations like India.

Thousands of small and medium-sized industries make the economy flourish and keep going north. Some of the multinational companies like Allianz, BMW, Siemens and Volkswagen are providing jobs for thousands of skilled workers from the foreign soil. Germany is one of the countries which needs English language teachers to teach English to the local people, this is imminent after the globalization and joining in the European Union community. A Lot of Internship opportunities, which lead to some permanent jobs in the country offered by reputed companies in the country.

After Norway, the Country offers a great amount of Volunteering works to the willing foreigners, which may increase the chances of getting a permanent job and permanent residence in the country. The European Funds Commission offers funds to pay for the livelihood of the volunteers as they are not paid for their job. Free accommodation and food will be provided by the authorities while on volunteering work assigned to the workers. Set of rules and regulations governed the Volunteering work. The aspirant and a volunteer can get 12 months of job opportunity under the scheme and within that period many young people find a suitable job as per the qualifications they possess. People from 18 to 30 years of age are qualified to apply and get the job in a volunteer program.

Travel and Insurance expenses also will be paid by the funding authorities, consult Global gateways before accepting the job in volunteering program.

Language requirements

German language skill is required to get a job opportunity soon in the country. English proficiency helps to get the in the country. Knowing the German language is one the additional qualification preferred by the companies and the government authorities on offering the job to the applicant.

Benefits of German visas

Accessing the whole Job market is possible like a citizen of the country. The visa holder of any kind can search a job throughout the European Union. Working and settling in the European Union nations is possible through German way of entry into the European Union job market. Even after the employment tenure is finished, the visa holder can stay in the country; this is not the case in most of the European countries. Equal status offered by the government as for the local citizens.

Contact Global gateways in Bangalore to know more about the Job market access and the jobs in Germany on demand in the country. Free counseling and free assessment will be provided for the right candidates.

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