European companies court Asian investors by offering Golden Visas

European companies court Asian investors by offering Golden Visas

European companies court Asian investors by offering Golden Visas

European companies court Asian investors by offering Golden Visas

Quite a few companies from European nations such as Portugal, Greece, Cyprus, Malta and Spain will be present at the IPS (International Property Show) to be in held in Dubai, UAE in a bid to attract investors from this part of the world with Golden Visas.

To be held from 2 April to 4 April at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre, IPS will see meetings being held to showcase real estate opportunities where returns on investments could be lucrative in these European nations.

The Golden Visa programs will allow investors and their families to obtain a passport and second citizenship after investment in the realty sector of these countries.

Investors could purchase real estate, deposit cash in a government development fund or invest in one of the major industries of these countries.

This year, companies will offer investors adaptable investment programs with clear-cut legal requirements to enter one of these European countries with the opportunity to invest in the top real-estate destinations of the world.

Trade Arabia News Service quotes industry experts as saying that many countries were welcoming entrepreneurs to stay and become citizens by investing.

With its developing economy, Europe offers increasing prospects of obtaining a second passport. Featuring prominently in this year’s Golden Visa program are Portugal, Greece, Cyprus, Malta and Spain.

According to experts, Golden Visa Programmes have been increasingly attracting investors from Asia, Middle East, and Africa.  In fact, the adoption of investor visa programs in the past few years has increased, with many investors considering it to relocate to one of the European nations.

Dawood Al Shezawi, the CEO of Strategic Marketing & Exhibitions, organizer of IPS, said that demand to acquire real estate in Europe is high and Golden Visas have served to increase their appeal further.

Saying that real estate was an investment, financial asset, and market commodity, he said that many countries in Europe offer residency through investment to individuals intending to purchase property and invest strategically in other sectors.

Dual citizenship through investment changes lives of realtors by giving them personal and professional freedom. Advantages of this include traveling visa-free to several countries, economic stability and more freedom to invest and enter into partnerships.

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