Australia Skilled Migration Visa and Working holiday visa for the Abroad Job seekers

Abroad Jobs not far away 

When you think about migration, the very next question which arises is to which country and which category of visa to be applied. Selecting the right category is one of the crucial for desperate migrants. Australia is one of the most preferable country for potential migrants. Find below the different type of visa available for Australia.

Firstly, Work Holiday visa sounds interesting which is suitable for young people between 18 to 30 who wants to spend time in Australia at least for a year. Under this visa you can work temporarily work and earn in dollars. Work Holiday visa is available every year so you have fair chance of getting one.

Family Visa for Australia and Canada

Family visa will help you to go settle in Australia if you have partner or member of your immediate family in Australia on a permanent basis. The family member residing in Australia can sponsor your application which will make your file strong showing that you have support during your initial period in the country.

You will be to work in Australia under Employers sponsored visa if your employer is ready to depute to Australia from your home country.

You can also start your business or even investment in Australia under business and investor visa.

You also have retirement visa available for people who want to immigrate to Australia after they retire. In order to apply for this visa you should show sufficient funds to satisfy the requirement of this particular visa.

Last but not least, you have skilled migrants visa which is very much appropriate for people with trade skills, technical skills etc. This will include plumbers, electricians , software engineers and other occupations such as Nurse. These occupations are highly in demand. This skilled migration visa is based on point system so it is very important to understand whether you qualify for this visa and then apply.

Global Gateways – The visa consultants in Bangalore

Global Gateways is one of the best visa consultancies, which have 15 years of experience and 9% success rate with its Australia Visa application processes. Contact the company for a speedy visa process and accurate assessment on your profile to get the PR visa and the Job. Job search assistance also will be given by the Company for the successful applicants of the Australia PR visa.

Global gateways assist you on visa processing for Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Denmark, Netherlands, Norway, USA, UK, Ireland, Germany, France, Switzerland, Sweden etc. Study abroad visas and work visa for the above countries will be assisted through applying and documenting proper with the Consulates of the respective countries.

Free assessment on your profile will be done at our end and a free consultation to select the suitable country for your profile will be discussed. Contact us for a free session.



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Visa processing for Australia and New Zealand Procedures- Terms and Conditions

Australia Visa and New Zealand Visa Processing

The complexity of the visa process depends largely on the type of visa being applied for and the evidence you have in support of your application. The process of obtaining a visa for Australia and New Zealand can be a complex visa process. For instance, short term tourists who are passport holders from certain countries (if there is no adverse record against their name)have free entry to New Zealand and are granted a visa when they arrive at the New Zealand airport. The current list of countries is located at Best check this passport status well in advance of ticket purchase and making travel plans.
Australia has a different system. If a potential tourist holds an acceptable passport and has no adverse immigration alert against their name, they may apply over the internet at the Australian government site for an Electronic Tourist Visa. Again; check the passport status and your status well in advance of ticket purchase and making plans. They can only do this while they are outside Australia.

Alternatively, speak to immigration professional. These professionals can research your status and eligibility if you have any concerns. If you do not meet the criteria of these stream line passport holder processes, you may still be eligible for a Australia tourist visa but have to submit documentation in support of your application.

Health Condition on Immigration Check

If you have health issues on immigration, have a background check that New Zealand or Australian authorities may consider unacceptable(you will not know this until you try to enter the country and your name is picked up on the immigration computer systems)or been previously excluded from entry to any country, you may need help. Get this help well in advance of your travel. If immigration authorities suspect that you are not legitimate tourist who will depart the country within 3 months of arrival, you may be denied entry to Australia or New Zealand once you arrive.

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Canada Tourist Visa offers multiple opportunities including a job search in Canada


Visa consultants

Visa arrangements for all countries including Australia, Canada, European countries, Singapore, Honk Kong

The prospective applicants when planning to fly to Canada on a visit visa must take into consideration the following factors like Downloading the required forms and checklist from the VFS Canada website. In comparison to most of the other countries visa applications, the forms required in order to apply for a tourist visa for Canada will be relatively less in number. The Visa fees charged by the Canadian High commission  is  around Rs 4,000 for one  single  applicant at the  single entry level   and for a multiple entry visa they would be charging Rs 8,000.

The  Canada visa applicant should fill the online visa application form  while they are  still connected to the Internet. The applicant should have the latest version of adobe reader (11.0) in order to view and fill the form online. The signature in the form cannot be done electronically so the visa applicant should first fill the form validate it (barcode would be generated) and take a printout of the visa application form and sign it. If the applicant wants to make any changes to the application form he can do it and save the changes before printing the application form .Two copies of the bar code page should be printed and the applicant should write the date and sign on the application forms.

All the desired travelers should have a passport which is valid for at least 3 months from the time of your departure from Canada. It is highly recommended that the applicant before applying for any kind of visa should have passport validity for at least 6 months.

Temporary Resident visa

The Temporary Resident Visa is a document which is issued by the visa officer of Canada Immigration, which clearly shows that the holder has met and satisfied the visa requirements of this particular visa category. There are two types of category which is single entry permit and the other one is multiple entry permits.

As a basic rule, tourists with TRV Visa are allowed to stay in Canada a period of six months. Temporary overseas workers and overseas students are allowed to stay for a period required to complete the course which they have opted for. Extensions of the visa can be applied while the applicants are there in Canada as well.

An important point to take into consideration is that when the Canada visa applicant desires apply for a temporary resident visa will enable him to enter the port of Canada mean that the Citizenship and Immigration Officer at the Canadian Port of Entry will allow the visitor visa holder into Canada. In the airport all the visitors entering Canada should explain their purpose of visiting. There are chances where Officers at the port of entry of Citizenship and Immigration Canada at the Port of Entry will deny admission to all persons who do not satisfy them with their intention of returning to their home country before their visa expires.

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Study in Canada -Canada Student Visa for a lucrative career opportunities

The safest country in the earth to study and work is Canada; this is as per the UN study on the living standards and quality of life of the immigrants. Canada is called as the Land of Migrants as the country is suffering with the shortage of skilled workers. The very less populated country when compared to the area is rich in minerals and oils. Hundreds of thousands of people are migrating to Canada in anticipating better jobs and standard of life.


Students from the third world nations also guaranteed with the  through its best structured educational system that is at par with the USA educational qualifications. Students get visas with lesser terms and conditions when compared with the USA and other western countries. After completing education, the students can apply for a qualified job in the country if they fulfill all quality of study the pre-requisites set by the government of Canada.


More than 2, 00,000 immigrants get visas to live and settle in the country. Students are eligible to apply for the Federal skilled permit program for a job and permanent residential permit, but it takes 15-17 months to process the application. Till then the applicants has to stay with their own funds and cannot undergo any work that is paid or not. The citizenship can be awarded only after three years of life in the country that has to show a good conduct and no criminal records in the applicant’s name.


Point based system allowed students to get enough points if they score good marks in the educational system and prove their adaptability and skills for the jobs applied for. Canada has launched an excellent Express entry program in 2015 for the skilled workers. As per the notifications of the scheme the applicant has to apply with an expression of interest and a complete resume with all the skills stated in the application form. Here the applicant is not apply for a particular job and the employers are given a chance to select the candidate after scrutinizing the application and qualifications. This is a great chance for the qualified skilled workers to access the Canadian job market in full and the chances of getting selected by an employer and a job is far more than the normal schemes and programs.


Though the student visa holder cannot work during the study period, it is considered as one of the best route to get a qualified job in the country. Till 10+2 the students can get a free education and 175 colleges and 92 universities offer a world class education with technical and socio economic studies. Law and medicine courses are at par with the USA standards and considered for job opportunities in America as equal qualification to get a job. Flexible education system offer students to choose a variety of courses of their choice. Flexible timings and field of study make them comfortable to study in the universities and colleges in the country.


To know more and how to get an admission in the Canadian university or college, you may please contact Global gateways in Bangalore. The experts counselors and scholars offer you a free counseling on the study program and free assessment on your profile to get admission in the country.

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Study in Germany wit a student visa offers a part time job for you to earn while learn

Germany universities are offering 11,000 courses to the international students to study. One tenth of the students going abroad to study choose Germany as a best destination to get high quality education yet cheaper costs. Most of the German universities offer free education that is free from paying Tuition fees.

We need to pay other fees like library and maintenance charges, but those are very minimal and negligible. The only considerable expense we have to spend on is the living expenses almost $ 1500 per month we need to spend for accommodation and food.

To meet these living expenses also we are allowed to work on a part time or full time basis that is not exceeding 20 hours a week. We can get enough money to support ourselves on living expenses as the pay rate is higher, when comparing our home country salary standards.

More than 300 universities offer quality international education to the students from India and other foreign countries. We need to check the equivalent educational qualification for that of our educational degrees and diplomas. Academic freedom is one of the best principles in the country. German educational system is a open system and offer equal status to the international students.

Studies on Medicine, Law, Engineering and other subjects on arts and culture as well as language are offered. If you can able to converse with German language, that is an added qualification to get a seat in the German universities. In India many schools have courses on German language as a second language. But recently Indian Government ordered that the Sanskrit is the second language and the German language goes to the third place and optional one.

International programs are taught in English hence, the students from international community can learn through English, but you need to be fluent in German language if you choose local programs to excel in Medicine and Law like courses. Getting admission in the Local courses is Easy than the International courses as the competition for the international study courses is very high.

Global gateways in Bangalore offer proper counseling for free to the students, those who want to study in German and other European countries or in Australia as well. Contact us to decide on your future studies and carrier. – 080 – 41142233 or send an email to


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