Reasons for the Student visa refusal and why it is bad for your future prospects


Across the Countries Student visas will be accepted if the documents and the necessary papers are included. If there is any shortage in the papers and failure to provide a necessary information can cause the refusal of the student visa. Too Many refusals may take an effect on the visa process to any country, hence be careful and avoid student visa refusal at the first stage itself. Get the guidance of experienced consultants to make it happen at the first attempt.

Reasons for Student Visa Refusal 

Apart from refusal of student visa due to poor English proficiency or lack of financial arrangement, or inability to give valid reasons for purpose of going abroad for study, there are other reasons as well for visa refusal which are as follows:

214 (b) refusals on student visa

If the applicant fails to make the visa officer convince that he/she is only going to that particular country for study purpose there is a chance that his visa application may be rejected. If the visa officer does not believe the fact that the candidate will come back to India after studies he may straight away refuse the visa approval under 214 b acts if he doubts that the candidate has intention of settling abroad.  In this case the candidate can reapply for another visa interview. The candidate can visit VFS website for visa application process.

221 (g) refusals for student visa

Student visa application can be rejected due to incomplete application form as well. Other administrative reasons would be also reasons for visa rejection. In this case the consulate office will ask the candidate to wait for further details. Under this act the candidate has to fill a new application form without any additional fees.

221 (a) 6 (c) Refusals:

This kind of a refusal can render an applicant permanently ineligible to go to the US, as it pertains to willful distortion of facts. Deliberately misrepresenting material information on the immigrant or non-immigrant visa application like presenting forged, counterfeit or otherwise spurious documents attracts heavy penalty from the Consulate Office.

In each case, for every refusal the Consulate will stamp “Application Received” at the back page of a candidate’s passport. Too many such stamps will also have a negative bearing on the visa application process.

Global gateways successfully processing visa applications for you to any country. For a free consultation and assessment, please contact Global gateways in Bangalore- The best visa consultants in Bangalore.

Global gateways services

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How to apply for a Australia Spouse Visa from India

How to apply for an Australia Spouse Visa from India

How to apply for an Australia Spouse Visa from India

How to apply for an Australia Spouse Visa from India

The moment you think of applying Australian Spouse visa, which is one of the most regular types of application which many people are in need of. But this is one of the toughest visa application processes since the officer will be looking for more proof and documents for your genuine relationship. Here are the below points as per the expertise to keep in mind before applying for your spouse visa.

One of the most main general pitfalls of partner visa process is that it is easy to apply if their partner is a citizen of Australia or a Permanent Resident in Australia. As said earlier, since the genuine of relationship matters a lot, there is no guarantee that your application is processed faster since your partner is an Australian Citizen or a PR Holder. You have to work on lots of documentation before applying for this visa.

Many people normally assume that if you have a friend or a relative in Australia, this will help them fetch them the visa easily. However, it is not so, Even if you know any of your friends has got the visa under the same category; you cannot expect the same for your application. Since each visa application is different under the case officer view, they might also ask you to submit the extra document which your friend has not submitted

Plenty of people often believe that a marriage certificate is all that is required to submit and to get a spouse visa.  But unfortunately, only marriage certificate will not serve the purpose. You have to submit all possible documents to prove your relationship

Another common mistake made by the visa applicants is not taking the second opinion about the process.  Getting the help of the right immigration consultant will certainly be of help to you with all the efforts and the money you invest in.

Global Gateways is one of the best organisation to get a help to apply for and process the visa you want to. Global Gateways are specialists in Australia visas, Canadian Visa, UK and USA visas and European visas.

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Complex New Zealand And Australia Visa process for various purposes -Work-Study- Tourism-Business etc

Australia and New Zealand Visa process made easy

The visa process for New Zealand and Australia is a complex visa process and it completely depends on the visa type applied for and also the evidence for the support of visa application and for short term tourist visa who are passport holder from only certain country background have free entry to new Zealand and the visa process is granted on arrival to New Zealand., there is a list of countries only for that specific countries we can consider it.

Australia has its own system if a potential tourist has a passport acceptable by Australian migration then it can be considered, but the background of applicant must be verified before taking it forward and it can be applied through online for the Australian government site by the tourist visa by electronic ways.

And the best way to reach out for visa would be through best immigration professional consultant who would do the research for your status and eligibility criteria as per requirement and in case you don’t meet the requirement  you may still be eligible for tourist visa and must support with all  documents for the application.

And in case of some health issues you will not be allowed to enter Australia or New Zealand and if you have unacceptable background or have been excluded from entry to the country and you can also be denied to enter New Zealand as well as Australia if your profile is in suspect of no proof of return back to your country by the immigration authorities, then also refusal would be expected.

The other means to settle down in Australia would be through student visa that would by default be eligible for permanent resident but special care must be taken here as the guidelines keep updating so it’s always safe to go through it before proceeding, and you can apply for studies based on your academic qualification and on completion of studies you can approach for permanent residency.

And for other visas such as partner visa, skill visa, business visa and spouse visa there is a long process of time consuming and all the documents in support of evidence for the same has to be forwarded by the applicant, so it’s better to apply through the expertise and experienced professionals in migration.

Global gateways are one of the best service providers to apply and process the visa, preparing right documents and assessing qualifications. Professional services are rendered by the company for the past 15 years, and hundreds of satisfied customers would tell the dependence on the visa process.

Call us for a free consultation and free assessment on your profile to find the right job in any country.





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Business Talent Visa To Australia From India


 Visa to Australia under the category of business should have to consider the necessary visa requirements of that high commission. If the applicant is a well-educated and business person who is successful wanting to move to Australia through the business migration category, there may very well be a chance for the applicant to eventually gain permanent entry for Australia. It is possible that the applicant will be able to opt for a category through which appropriate skills, language ability and business experience are required in order to match immigration requirements of Australian to work and live there. If you don’t congregate these requirements, you may otherwise qualify if you meet visa requirements for skilled migration.

Each of the business skilled migration group has different wants in order to enter Australia. In case of most of the applicants they will be given a temporary business visa for four-years initially, and after the applicant gives all the required evidences for a particular level of investment or business activity, the applicant will be able to apply for permanent residency.

There is a category for direct permanent residency which is available for successful business migrants who will be eligible to be sponsored by State/Territory governments under the category of Business Talent visa.

To be eligible to be appropriate for an everlasting Business Talent (Migrant) Australian Visa, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. The Applicant should be sponsored by State or Territory government of Australia.
  2. The applicant should have a career in business which is successful.
  3. The applicant should have a net assets in the same business in which he/she has an ownership interest of at least a$400,000 for at the last 2 years of the last four years immediately before the visa application is lodged.
  4. The annual profit of the business of the applicant for the last two years should be of for at least AUD $3,000,000
  5. The applicant should be below the age of fifty five years or the proposal to establish or participate in establishing a firm dealing with business which the sponsoring state or territory has considered to be of exceptional monetary benefit to the territory or state.
  6. The Applicant or the spouse should be having business or investment activities which are generally not satisfactory in Australia.
  7. The applicant must have signed a declaration having known their obligations under the category of this migration visa.

Global Gateways is providing the visas and immigration services since 1997 and are serving over thousands of clients every year who come to them for visas and immigration services. They are specialized in skilled migration visa to Australia. They provide various visa services like dependent visas, work permit visa, sponsorship visa, visitor visa , refusal visas etc. to name a few. You are assured with the best committed visa services at global gateways.




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Canada visitor visa and Business visa requirements and multiple benefits to the applicant

Canada Tourist visa offers a lot of benefits to the visitor. The visitor can search jobs for his profile in Canada and make preliminary arrangements for his work in Canada opportunities. Though the visitor to Canada cannot work in the country with a Canadian employer under the tourist visa he can search a job in the country. There are thousands of employers in need of employees with good profiles and experience.

Interviews can be attended in the country. Tourist visa of the country offers a short term leaning course from the universities within the tourist visa period for example within a six month period of the time. The visitor should return to the country before the visa expires and apply for the job he made arrangements with the employer in the country. The employer should find a person within the country, if not identified, then the Canadian employer should prove that he tried honestly to get a person for the job to be performed in his office.

The visitor has to send an expression of interest to work in the country and the organization he made arrangements with the employer. The employer with government nod sends a job offer to the applicant and the applicant has to arrange work visa for the country with the help of the reputed visa services company like Global Gateways in Bangalore.



Contact Global gateways to get the visa and the documents to be submitted for the tourist visa and the business visa.

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