Immigrant Ratio Increases In Canada Still Canada Want More Skilled Workers

 Most Recent Canadian Immigration Figures From The OECD

The organization for Economic co-operation and Development(OECD) recently released the International Migration Outlook Report for 2013.Comprising Canada, this esteemed report includes subsidiary reports on 34 nations that are part of the OECD. Compared to other members of OECD Canada has wholeheartedly accepted more and more migrants than most of other countries. Annually Canada receives on average 7.5 immigrants per thousand people, It is holding sixth position in OECD. Much of Canada’s population growth has been down to immigration, this figure is really twice the present rate of the US, the figure is also one of the most striking in the industrialized world.

In the same year 2,49,000 new permanent residents were admitted in Canada, the report contains figures related to 2011.Under the economic migrant tream,62.8% of these were admitted. Along with their family members this particular stream contains those who are successfully admitted to the nation for work purpose. Only 22.7% of new permanent residents were admitted in Canada, under the family stream. Overall immigration fell by 11% compared to previous year.

In a different manner, the OECD in its esteemed report successfully breaks down the figures. Letting in family members of workers with the status of family migrants.25.9% of new Canadian permanent residents are in the ‘work’ category in 2011, accordingly, the OECD figures indicate. This is in comparison of 6.1% to the US figure. With Asian countries like India with 10%,China with 12% and the Philippines with 14% are the three main countries for new economic permanent residents in Canada.

Canada also successfully admitted approximately 191,000 temporary workers, under the temporary Foreign Worker Program in 2011.Compared to the derived figure in 2010 this figure is really 6.4% more.100,000 student visas were issued by Canada. Compared to last year this figure is really 3.3% more. Nearly 36,000 humanitarian migrants also migrated to Canada same Year.

The OECD report, in 2012 also noted the the reforms in categories of economic immigration also took place in Canada. The reform process happened in the areas like Federal Skilled Worker Program and Skilled Worker immigration program. On public demand the Canadian Experience class was expended. Federal skilled Trade Program aimed towards trader’s people and the start-up visa aimed towards entrepreneurs was in these two categories.

For work based immigration, in the forthcoming year, Canada really proposes to move towards an ‘expression of interest’model.People from the countries such as Philippines, China, India, United States, Iran, United Kingdom, Haiti, Pakistan, France and United Arab Emirates are taking keen interest to enter Canada Through various visa programs, the federal government and the ministry concerned to immigration has included major changes in 2012 and master planning to make certain new changes in order to allow new residents in Canada.

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Canada Investor Visa Terms and Conditions Changed

Canada Investor Visa Changes

The Canadian government is giving the visa for the investor to invest on the Canada investor visa. Originally, the Canada government is allowing the foreign nation people can enjoy the permanent residency visa in Canada by the program by possessing a minimum net worth of $800,000 CAD and being in the position to invest $40000 CAD in Canada.

Now, the Canadian government immigration administration is requiring a minimum net value of $ 1.6 million CAD and the investor can invest by investments of $80,000 CAD. The Quebec immigration program is predicted to be generating exactly the same adjustment to their plan.

In accordance to statistics the sheer number of individuals for the Canada Investor visa will likely not diminish. The government elevating the investment level will be divided individual for the Canada investor visa will likely not diminish. The elevation the investment level joined with the considerable quantity of applications for program looks to present the Canadian economic system with a positively preferred lift. The government idea behind raising the investment and net worth requirement is resulting from raised house values in the parts all over the Asia-pacific region, it is actually progressively less difficult to satisfy the money requirements for the Canadian government.

Most of the applications the government received is from Asia Pacific regions. The Opportunities to finance the $ 800,000 CAD by a bank financial for the Canada investor visa program exists. When the investment level with the Canada investment level with the Canada investor visa process was $400,00 CAD, banks would need to have $120,000 CAD to advance the $400,000 CAD. Looking for the banks who need to have at least $ 240,000 CAD to advance the $800,000 CAD required for your investment program application. This total amount has yet to be confirmed by Canadian banks.

The candidates that intend instantly invest the $800,000 CAD; the Canada government will return $800,000 CAD after 5 yrs with out the interest. The candidates with the plan that hopes they will be utilize the commercial bank financing, they’re going to not have any money back.

All for this to be qualifying for this program will need to be able demonstrated that they had been acquired legally. The other requirements for this visa are managerial practical knowledge for your Canada investor visa application or no demand for language knowledge continues to be identical.

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How to get an Australia Visa of your Requirement?

Australian Visa Guidance

Many types of Australian Visas are available for various purposes. Let us see which one is suitable to you and how to get it to reach Australia for a better future.

Australia is known for quality education and a dream for many students and also employers. Australian education has a strong international reputation for excellence.  Though it’s an expensive country yet the cost remains competitive. Apart from studies one can widely engage themselves in different choice of activities to enrich their experiences. While studying in Australia, International students can also apply for permission to work. Students are allowed to work for 20 hours in a week during study and they are allowed to work full time during their vacations.

Australia has a migration program which it follows named as The Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC). This organization screen and issue all visas to enter Australia.  The DIAC accepts 170000 permanent migration applications for family and skilled migration programs as well as 500000 under student visa scheme and 250000 under temporary entry to Australia. There are more than three million issued for visiting Australia annually. The DIAC manages 149 sub-classes of visas out of which 25 of the sub-classes constitute for about 97 percent of all issued visas.  These subdivisions belong to worker, family, visitor, students and humanitarian visas and are also further classified into temporary, permanent, onshore and offshore visas.

Worker visa- These are employer sponsored and skilled migration visas which provide best opportunity to skilled workers to live and work in Australia.  This visa includes entrance from fields such as religious, sports, diplomatic, entertainment and academic.

Family Visa- If you have a spouse or de facto who is a permanent resident or an Australian citizen or an eligible New Zealand citizen or if there is aged parents of a permanent Australian citizen who would like to shift o Australia then they can opt for this visa. This visa application constitutes the second major category of migrants and adds to about a third of permanent residencies each year.

Visitor Visa- Visitor visa is one of the largest set of visa issued and approved by DIAC for visitors for holidaying, sightseeing, people who would visit Australia for social or recreational activities or to visit any relatives.  This visa is granted for a short period of time.  However this program has an unique element wherein DIAC “working holiday visas” which allows visitor to for part-time while holidaying in Australia.

Student Visa- This student visa is basically granted to foreign nationals who wish to study in Australia in any discipline.  They also should meet the eligibility criteria required by the university applied. Student visa also allows the student to work for 20 hours in a week. Post study the student will also get stay back option wherein they can search for a job for themselves and extend their visa accordingly.
Humanitarian visa- Annually Australia grants nearly around 13,770 humanitarian visas and protect the refuges from persecution. Different types of Humanitarian visas include- refugee visas, women at risk visas, emergency rescue visas etc.



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How a Canada Study Visa a better Option for Indians?

[cryout-button-color url=”#” color=”#47AFFF”]5 Important Things to Consider Before Applying For Canadian Student Visa[/cryout-button-color]

To study in Canada, they invite international students and to create awareness Canadian universities and organizations have indulged in thorough advertising and publicity activities. The Canadian education centre (CEC) is non-profit company. They holds the responsibility towards marketing and promoting Canada as the destination for studies.

To promote Canada’s standing as the preferable study destination mainly there are 2 reasons:

  1. Advanced education morals and values and well-know and famous universities that are at par with the universities of USA.
  2. The education expenses are very less.

If you are tempted to follow your advanced studies from any of the reputed Canadian universities, few of the points are mentioned below for you to consider:-

  1. Comparing to the Canadian students an international student may need to pay slightly higher tuition fees.
  2. For international students are not allowed to work for an appointed number of hours every week, even  they should make sure that they arrange the finance for their studies and for the cost of living.
  3. In student mind its should not influence for exciting brochures or web-pages or audio-visual presentations. Students should grab in depth information about the Canadian universities/institutions.
  4. Several times, many of the universities/educational organizations who visit India deliver only few diploma courses.
  5. The best way to choose the correct and the right university and processing for the Canadian visa getting guidance from immigration consultants.
  6. To get a syllabus brochure of the course which you have selected asking only for the graduate students about the university.
  7. To get the accurate image of the quality maintained in that university, discusses with ex-student or current students of the university it important idea.
  8. To get information about the students who already studying for more then eight months and may extend the application for work permit.

To help you organize yourself for the effortless move to the student life in Canada ahead, you can keep the above points in mind and plan and act accordingly. If you have plans for settling in Canada you can guide and instruct your parents to file for the Permanent Resident Application.

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Australia Points Calculator System to work in Australia

You need a Job abroad and a visa and If your destined country is Australia then you have go through the points system criteria if you meet up the calculation then you would be eligible , this calculation will let you know the productive level of your profile for Australian economy ,this decides for the visa grant along with this there are other criteria and conditions to be fulfilled , the point calculation is a very transparent and effective model ,which helps for unbiased system ,so if you qualify with at least minimum points ,then you can move to Australia .

There are many categories in visa for Australia they are as follows skilled immigration visa, skilled regional sponsored visa, family immigration visa, retirement visa, business visa, student visa and the point system is valid for all the visas but with different level of points .the points are based on the test laid down as per the test you will be given points to take it for skilled immigration scheme the points required would be 60 points and age criteria would be below 45 years of age , and the test required would be for age limit , English proficiency , skill set and work experience and along with Australian work experience, qualification on the same and if any regional study, partner skill and sponsorship.

And the best way to avail the opportunity for Australia would be through the best score in test to have better chance of migration to Australia and the points would be for language proficiency, which will be through IELTS i.e. international English language testing system and score of at least 6 in all the four bands is basic requirement and if your into trade background you would require 5 in each band, this all together would contribute to points for Australian migration process.

And you get score even based on your professional and qualification, this will all add up to AUSTRALIAN POINT CALCULATOR MODEL, with all the above points relevant experience with same education background would be of good score, so get the assessment done from the expertise so that your profile is guided from the experienced consultant before applying for an Australian visa.

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