Russian Business Visa For Indian entrepreneurs

Russian Business Visa

The government has provided much more facility for this multiple entries to Russia business visa it is valid only 1 year. This visa will be only for the business persons who are frequently travelling for Russia, and who is staying for very long time. Officially, business visas are only for business travelers, who all will be willing to do the business transactions for ex: negotiations, Contracts, exhibitions, etc.

But even again it is excepted rule- you don’t need to travel only on the official company’s or business trip, even you can travel in the personal trip. In this you don’t need to plan for the hotel reservations. If your interested in Russian visa be aware of this business visa only don’t think about the employment work permit.

If you looking for job then you have travel on job seeker visa many consultant will inform you, because they need to receive money from you for they service.  Be aware of other type of visa is not prevalent.

What are Russian Visa Processing Time and Fees?

Visa processing time:

Until now you will be aware of that you cannot apply for visa till you are ready with visa invitation ready. So you must be ready to allocate enough time to arrange the secure a visa support letter. It may take after1 hour to 18 working days the time to arrange for the tourist invitation and for business visa it takes 60days for private invitation.

Once you receive the invitation, you can mail the invitation along with other documents to Russian Government. According to the Russian government rules, this visa should be issued in now longer than 20 working days expect the weekends and the national holidays.

In fortunately, most of the consulates issues will be known in 1 to 14 days depend on how much you pay for high commissioner. If your apply for the visa by mail it make take extra 2 more working days.

  1. Shipping overnight from your place to the consulate place
  2. Shipping paper work documents from the consulate back to you. 

Please be aware of the consultant of you document inform them to send your documents with in 45days and you should know that departure date for business type visa.

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Australia Temporary Sponsored visa 457 to work in Australia


The Visa subclass 457 for Australia is a type of temporary sponsored visa for skilled employers to work in Australia. This can either be self sponsorship visa or business Sponsorship Visa. Australian 457 visa application is processed under the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

People with 457 Visa are eligible to work with any sponsored employer for a period of about four years and are given the freedom to invite their family members and their spouse but have restrictions on the  and the kind of work they are eligible to undertake. The applicants of  this visa can actually fly out of Australia many times and return back to Australia

The Employers who are hiring applicants with 457 visa should have got approval as a sponsor who are recognized by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection and there is also a possibility of changing the sponsor and the application will be under the obligation of the new sponsor.

The applicant should also clear the minimum eligibility which is required for clearing the language proficiency requirement of 457 visa and he also has to undergo the required

Applicant  who are under 457 Visa always aim to get permanent residency visa after completing their stipulated time in Australia under temporary residency.

An Employer can be called as sponsor if he has the desired requirements

  • He has to register himself under Department of Immigration and Border Protection Australia and apply under the category of Sponsor.
  • Ask permission for the number of Employees who you want to hire and provide employment under what category.
  • Should show corporation with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection when they are monitoring the requirements.
  • Help the applicant whom you are hiring under 457 visa as being their sponsor.

Some of the list of Jobs or Professions which are eligible for 457 visa are as follows:-

Accounting and Financing

General Accountant

Accountant (Taxation)

Internal Auditor

External Auditor


Electorate Officer

Project or Program Administrator

Fleet Manager


Agricultural Consultant


Soil Scientist

Agricultural Technical Officer

Park Ranger


Flight Engineer

Flying Instructor

Sea Transport Professionals 


Fashion Designer

Interior Designer




Construction Manager

Project Builder


Building Associate 

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Germany Travel Tips – How to prepare for a better experience?

Tips for Traveling In Germany

If you are planning to travel to Germany there some tips which provided below:

  1. Language:- Before travelling to Germany you should be knowing basic German language. As it know to all, since German is main language which spoken in Germany, but you are traveling to Germany almost all the people will not speak English speaking English is more or less. However, if before traveling to Germany you the basic language of German it will be very useful and understanding when communicating with Germans. It will very helpful and really useful while traveling in some areas which are not popular tourist attractions, ordering meals, asking directions etc.
  2. Arrange your schedule:- Germany is such a beautiful country like there countryside views and every tourist is not willing to miss such fantastic scenery. Since period of tour time is limited and a list of place is very interesting that you want to visit those places and period of time is limited so its necessary and helps you to arrange your time. So before visiting to those place plan your schedule and arrange your time so that you can enjoy your favorite sites, instant of rush on your trip. In Germany there are some famous for its castle tours in southern Germany which is very attractive for those people who are interested in history every year. Germany is an ideal place for those who want to ski or hike their way through the country.
  3. Passports and Visas:- your visa and passport has to be ready. To enter Germany you have to bring a valid passport in case if you are not a citizen from European Union members. For U.S citizens who want to pay a visit to Germany, and even valid passport is required. If you are stay is going more than 90 days then they also have to get a visa.
  4. Stay in one town:- if you choose Germany as a destination for a short vacation, smart choice is picking up one city or one town to visit, don’t visit too many places in short vacation.

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Australia Tourist Visa and Visitor Visa advantages and purpose

Australia Tourist and Visitor Visa

There are three kinds of Australia tourist and Visitor Visa; one would be Electronic Travel Authority Visa, Sponsored family visitor visa or Tourist Visa. The Citizen of New Zealand doesn’t require a Visa to travel to Australia. What type of Visa that you required will be based on the nationality, reason for travel and the period of time that you wanted to stay in Australia. The individual need to apply the visa for full time, because sometime it is possible that you cannot extend the Visa.

The Electronic Travel Authority Visa doesn’t get a stamp in the passport; the record will be maintained by the Australian Immigration officers.

The Electronic Travel Authority Visa can be applied if the individual stays less than 3 months. Australia have 34 eligible countries list who can apply for the Visa and non-eligible countries  have special arrangements which does not fall on the eligible list. The Electronic Travel Authority Visa can be applied though the Internet, travel agent or at office of Australian Visa in your country. There are no charges applied if you apply for Visa on internet.

The Tourist Visa can be applied for 3 or 6 months and sometimes it will extend till 12 months based on the ability of the individual, anyone can apply for the Australian Tourist visa. Individual can apply for the Tourist Visa through internet, registered travel agencies and through service providers.

The Sponsored Family Visitor Visa can be applied for 3 or 12 months and the individual should be outside Australia and sponsor in Australia who is member at Australian parliament or other authorized person. The sponsor need to collect the copy of passport and certified and complete a form from the individual and submit the application with another form filled by Sponsor to applicable office.

When you apply for Electronic Travel Authority or Tourist Visa through Internet and if that gets rejected, the individual can mail paper application to the Australian Government to specific offices.

Once you receive an Australian Visa, you will be given a Visa grant notification letter which will explains entry requirements, the period of validity and the conditions of your Visa. The individual can carry the Visa grant notification letter with him as it gives important information, which will help to understand the terms and conditions.

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USA visitor Visa types for Indians and benefits – What to do with USA visitor visas?

Visitor Visas for United States of America

United States of America allow people to visit their country, people who like to visit United States of America, need to have Visitor Visa which would be stamped on the applicants passport. A visa is not a guarantee entry to United States. Instead it depends on individual eligibility to get visa and to enter United States of America. Once it is approved by Department of Homeland Security and Customs and Border Protection the decision will be made on individual’s entry to United States of America.

Visitor Visas are classified into two types

We have Immigrant Visa another one Non-Immigrant Visa. Immigrant Visas is known as permanent visa is for people who wanted to live in United States of America Permanently.  Non- Immigrant Visas is for people who visit United States of America for temporary basis.

Two types of Visas B1 and B2

 B1 Visas is applicable for the people who are travelling for business conference, negotiating contracts, consultations and meetings. B2 Visas is applicable for the people who are travelling for visiting friends, medical treatment, relatives, recreational activities and tourism. The decision on the type of Visa to be granted for an individual by the office of the consulate will be based on the facts like reason of the travel, duration of the travel and relevant documentation.

Visitor Visa Interview

It is important that an individual apply for the Visitor Visa in advance at United State of American Embassy or Consulate at their country. First under Visitor Visa there will be an interview and later fingerprint will be taken. Interview is applicable for the individuals who are within 14 to 79 ages, and interviews are not required for the people who are above 80 years or within 13 years. The time to process the Visa or an interview defers on each applicant based on United States of America Embassy or Consulate. Later the individual need to submit relevant documents and pay the relevant fee to obtain a Visitor Visa.

Once the United States of America Visitor Visa gets approved, Department of Homeland Security and Customs and Border Protection will decide the entry of the applicant and length of stay.

Global Gateways Serving since 1997, we are experts for visa processing immigration, work abroad and study abroad. In short, we are experts for any type of visa to any country. We are proud to say that Global Gateways is an award winning company for service excellence as “Best Visa, immigration overseas education consultant in Karnataka”.








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