French a key credential for the Atlantic immigration pilot program

French a key credential for the Atlantic immigration pilot program

French a key credential for the Atlantic immigration pilot program

French a key credential for the Atlantic immigration pilot program

We are reminded of the fact that if one door closes better and bigger doors are open. But you need to have the passion, to build new opportunities even when things don’t happen the way you expect. At times fortune favors be vigilant to answer the door for the Atlantic immigration pilot program. One of the key criterions for this program is the familiarity with the languages French and English. This will carry more Weightage.

The ministry of Immigration’s Canada is making the ground ready for 2000 applicants and their families to the Atlantic Region of Eastern Canada. The brainchild of the governments of Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island all collaborated with the Federal Government have unanimously launched this unprecedented program.

The pilot program which is an employer-driven program primarily focuses of eligibility such as:

  • Skilled workforce and immigration
  • Innovation
  • Trade
  • Investment
  • Infrastructure
  • Substantial growth
  • Clean ambiance

This very program involves employers from all these provinces to enroll into this program. And once the registered employer finds an employee who suits the eligibility of the program they are supposed to release an offer letter to the employee which will be useful to apply for the Canadian work permit visa. Moreover, the employer who enrolls under this Pilot immigration program need not have the Labor Market Impact Assessment.

Steps to take for the Pilot program

  • Need to have work experience for at least 30 months in the relevant field.
  • The applicant must receive an endorsement letter from any one of the 4 regions under this program.
  • Each province has its procedures
  • As a part of procedure, you will also receive an offer letter from the employers in this program


  • An offer letter from a designated employer.
  • The job might be full time or even seasonal
  • The minimum contract will be for 12 months for every applicant
  • Minimum qualification accredited to the publicly funded educational institutions.
  • You must be level 4 in the Canadian language benchmark. Either French or English
  • Submit original score card for the language assessments which you have already taken.
  • Current bank statements
  • Deposit statements
  • Stable savings evidence
  • Valid passport

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot program has unique features to offer at the same time eligibilities to enroll as well. The three-year pilot program aims to reach out resource gaps which certain genres are facing, It is a challenge and that is the reason why the employers are authorized to look for global talent. The program has two sub-programs such as:

Atlantic High Skilled program

Atlantic Intermediate-Skilled program and one glorious program for international students which is

Atlantic International Graduate program

Steps for Employers:

Need proof of evidence that the local were first given importance and as a result, to fill the gaps global talent are hired

  • Then hire global talents
  • Offers can be off seasonal, full time or part time.
  • Evidence of settlement plans with newly hired employees from overseas resources.

Employee checklist for the National occupational classification groups:

  • NOC Skill type O: All management jobs
  • NOC Skill type A: Jobs which are considered professional such as Doctors, Dentists, Architects.
  • NOC Skill type B: Technical jobs such as Chefs, Electricians, and Plumbers.
  • NOC Skill type C: Truck drivers, butchers, farmers, Food & Beverage related jobs.

If you are from one of the sectors and categories mentioned you must sign the declaration form attached to the offer of employment which will be filled in by

Your employer. After you gather up all the needed documents please ensure you have the true attested copies of all the original documents to proceed further. As you fill the form electronically please mention the province you would be applying for yourself and also include the names of spouse and dependent children as well on the application. Along with the main application, a background verification form has to be filled duly by the applicant.

The language French is given high prominence for the Express Entry Program. And if any skilled immigrant has minimum proficiency in the language French you score more points under the points based category. This is not just for skilled immigrants even an exuberant plat form for former students of were once graduates or post graduates in Canada or from one of the four designated provinces.

The increase in the Francophone immigration and growing demand in the Francophone communities which are a part of the Express entry system. This great opportunity is attracting more number of skilled, hardworking, and innovative above all a unique diverse workforce contributing to the growth of the Canadian economy.

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