Germany Job Seeker Visa

Germany Job Seeker Visa

A clever manner to search for a job in Germany.

Germany Job Seeker Visa is an initiative through Federal government to inspire greater certified professionals from overseas to come to Germany. As from 1 August 2012 graduates with a German or other diagnosed college degree or a foreign degree akin to a German degree will be eligible to enter Germany to be trying to find employment. Holders of a jobseeker’s visa might also stay in Germany for up to 6 months to be trying to find employment. To achieve a jobseeker’s visa, candidates must grant proof of their college diploma and that they can aid themselves for the deliberate length in their stay. Whilst in search of employment, job seekers aren’t accepted to work, whether on a self‑employed basis or otherwise.

Germany Job Seeker Visa– review

Lengthy-time period residence allows that lets in you to live in Germany & look for an activity, this may be granted for six months.

Does now not permit working till you exchange this to the residence permit for employment after finding an ok employment.

Allows looking for jobs & interviewing with employers.

Securing Employment visa turns into easy after you purchased a Jobseeker visa. All you want to do is individually interview and get your process!

Once a process is granted, the applicant can follow for house permit- Employment.

Approximately Germany

Germany, formally the Federal Republic of Germany is a federal parliamentary republic in west-primary Europe. The country consists of sixteen states, and its capital and biggest metropolis are Berlin.

With 81.8 million inhabitants, it is the most populous member state of the European Union. Germany is one of the most important political and economic powers of the ECU continent and a historical chief in many theoretical and technical fields

Germany is a prime business kingdom and one of the international’s largest economies

Germany: brief information

Place:  357,021 rectangular kilometres

Capital metropolis: Berlin

Foreign money: Euros

Populace: 82 million

Foreign money: Euro

Trade charge: 1 Euro = 69 INR

Germany and Immigration

In a survey of 27 nations carried out by using the BBC international service in 2011, Germany became once more voted the sector’s maximum famous place. in line with the polling organization Globescan, as reported in UK daily newspaper The everyday Telegraph, this is because “in phrases of lifestyle and its superb merchandise, Germany has a success picture.

Germany has been one of the maximum popular immigration destinations within the global for some time now.

Some eleven million of the people presently living in Germany had been truly born someplace else.

One in 5 human beings in Germany has a migrant background.

Why Germany?

Has one of the lowest fees of young people unemployment within the international.

Is a land of invention and innovation?

Area prime industrial state and one of the international’s biggest economies?

3 German cities are at the listing of “the arena’s ten maximum livable towns”: Duesseldorf, Munich, and Frankfurt

One-fourth of all the innovations in the field of the environmental era that are registered with the ECU Patent office come from Germany.

Almost 1/2 of all products synthetic via German corporations find their manner to customers in other nations, making Germany the arena’s top exporter.

German agencies are extraordinarily competitive and they need ever large numbers of quite trained personnel.

There is a shortage of skilled employees in lots of sectors and professions in Germany.

a few 5,000 jobs for physicians in German hospitals remain unfilled because of a loss of appropriate candidates.

There have been greater unfilled positions for engineers in Germany at the start of 2012 than ever earlier than.

As an engineer in Germany, you can assume to earn an annual income up to 45,000 Euros for your first few years.

You’re insured against risks inclusive of infection and long-time period care desires – if you have a task in Germany.

Germany Job Seeker Visa- Eligibility


Preserve a recognized qualification from German Universities or overseas levels equivalent to German ranges.

Sufficient price range and lodging

Keep sufficient finances and organized accommodation for the meant live in Germany (6 months).

Maintain travel and health insurance


Adequate years of enjoying within the nominated profession let you in finding jobs in Germany, even though this isn’t a mandatory requirement.


Must have the deliberate path of movement to comfortable employment in Germany and know-how of employment and profession possibilities in Germany

Switching to Germany Blue Card: upon getting the task, you may follow for Blue Card, from within the country.

Who can practice?

Every person with employment provider of:

Annual gross profits of at least 44,800 Euros.

34,944 Euros, in case of professionals in the fields of mathematics, IT, life sciences and engineering

Advantages of EU Blue Card

European Blue Card holders are entitled to a permanent residence permit after 33 months.


You may attain your everlasting residence permit after just 21 months if you show language skills B1 level of CEFR

Application procedures

Report software with concerned German Consulate, with whole documentation.

Qualification evaluation and record verification as in step with the discretion of the Consulate.

A personal interview may be required to check your information of employment and career possibilities in Germany.

You’ll be granted a protracted-time period residence allow –task seeker visa for 6 months. You’ll be allowed to tour to Germany and look for jobs to your skilled location of labor.

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