Australia Immigration benefits for Indians with suitable visas

Know Why Emigrating to Australia Remains to Be an Exciting Venture

The most attractive factors luring immigrants to migrate to Australia would be like pleasant climate, mountains which are rugged ,wildlife , rich cultural heritage etc.The Australian government along with the tourism department is making extra effort to promote Australia like never before. The skilled people from overseas are drawn towards  Australia as a career option because of the variety of benefits the government of Australia provides. Immigration to Australia is one of the best options available for applicants who are planning for a great career with huge growth opportunities.

The population of Australia is sparse when compared to population of other countries. People would be more relaxed when they move around the streets of Australia which is less crowded with people and traffic.

The climate in Australia is influenced by the Queensland’s tropical forest from the south to New south wale’s subtropical region. The variety of changes in the climate in the Australian continent varies from snowy mountain peaks of Victorian areas to the western desert regions .If anyone who travels the length and breadth of Australia they would be amazed by the variety found in this continent.

The country Australia is not biased towards immigrants. It promotes tourism encouraging people to come and visit the country. There are no problems concerned with what religion you belong to, what is the color of your skin, what is your nationality etc.

There is a huge demand for skilled professionals in Australia and this is good opportunities for skilled people to apply for Australian immigration. There is a requirement for right mix of experience and skills in people who are looking for employment opportunities in Australia. Professions like managers , domestic labor force, administrators are in high demand in Australia. Business professionals are also in great demand in Australia for the very reason that they can make a positive contribution towards the economic growth of the region.There are more than twenty thousand businessmen in Australia who  have come to Australia from various parts of the world and made Australia as their home because of the encouraging economic policies of the government of Australia. We cannot deny the economic strength of Australia despite the drop down the world economy in the recent past.

The work culture of Australia is very feasible for any new immigrant because people working in Australia work effectively on weekdays and spend their weekends with their dear and near people like friends, family and close relatives.This will actually encourage a positive work life balance in their life which will lead lead to less stressful lifestyle and more happier lifestyle among the population. This will minimize the chances of people being workaholic.

The total area of Australia is around 7.68 million square km which is ideal for any holiday destination. Some the beautiful tourists attraction are as follows:- Great Barrier Reef, Blue mountains, Frazier Island,Kangaroo Island,Ayers Rock etc.The flora and fauna of Australia which consists of amazing beaches,countryside scenic beauty, great landscape mountains acts as a tourist destination is a hot spot.

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UK five tier immigration system benefits for Indians

The Benefits of five tier Immigration System in UK

British education has very high value and good reputation worldwide. There are well known university like the Oxford university, Cambridge wherein the education is highly respected. After completing the education from UK the job opportunities will get soon. In UK the educational institutes provides a very challenging environment which develops ones innovative skills and true potentials.

The economy in UK is developing every year due to the overseas education funding. Every year there are lots of applicants who is applying for overseas education in UK. Among these India is on top in list applicants for numerous Indian student as well employee working and studying in UK.

To work or study in UK a valid visa is mandatory required. Visas are granted for 6 months, 1 year, and 5 years etc. there are two national union like national from European union and non European national, any national European union can visit UK without visa only just want to present the passport or any identity but in non European national its entirely different. For those who is not from European national they need to apply for British Embassy.

To apply for PR in UK, UK follows a point based immigration system for applicant. The requirements for each tier has been discussed below.

Tier 1 visas are meant for Highly skilled migrants, Investors, Entrepreneurs, Foreign graduates of UK educational institutions. in UK populations include scientists, Doctors, Engineers, MBAs, & other educated personnel. To meet there requirement minimum point required is 75. During the application, under the entrepreneur sub category the person eho would like to start this business in UK should show GBP 2,000,000. Tier visa is valid for 3 years after which can be renewed again.

Tier 2 visas are meant for those who has a job offer and who has outside European union.

Tier 3 visas for seasonal in nature means unskilled and temporary migration for employment.

Tier 4 visas is basically for student who will get the sponsor from qualified UK institute.and the duration of visa is depends the duration of the course duration.

Tier 5 visa this visa includes for those who want s to work in temporary worker from countries wherein UK has certain agreements and these workers are allowed to work for minimum period of 2 years.

Global gateways provides assistance to get UK visas and other country visas.


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Canada Permanent Residency Visa Benefits


Candidates who apply for Canada PR are entitled to many benefits such as they have the right to enter and exit Canada and move freely from province to province without any restrictions.

The other Important Benefit is Child Tax Benefit (CCTB) –They are for families with children who are until the age 18 and are considered to be under the a low-income category for which the Government of Canada would be  providing tax-free payments monthly to help cover living expenses.

Security for old aged people, Income Supplement which is Guaranteed, Canadian Plan for Pensioners – All these programs are suitably designed to provide support to workers financially once they reach the age of Retirement – 65 yrs is the current age for retirement. In order to be eligible for these benefits the applicant should be meeting specific requirements for residency and should be contributing to the Canadian system by paying taxes to the Government. Most of the permanent residents under this program would be qualifying for at least partial payments.

Benefits for Universal health care

Most important benefit like medical expenses is covered under the health care program of Canada. The Medical expenses which is covered under this program include immunizations, yearly exams, visits to emergency room, etc.

Benefits of Free Education includes All children under 18 get the benefit of free education in the public school system of Canada.

Benefits of Maternity and parental leave

Includes parents who are working are given time off when a new infant is born or adopted. Women are entitled to take  leave up to 12 months for  maternity purpose and  still receive 50 to 65% of their last drawn income. Leave for a period of 35 weeks are provided as partially paid parental leave. In order to avail this benefit the applicant must have carried out work for 600 hrs in Canada.

All of these reimbursement would be available the applicant when he or she is a permanent resident of Canada.

Additionally when the applicant completes three years of stay and work in Canada it will give them an opportunity to become a citizen of Canada.

After the applicant becomes a citizen of Canada he or she can contest for political office and be actively involved in political activities, and voting rights for elections. The applicant can also have citizenship for two countries, this will not necessarily prompt them to give up citizenship of their home country and still enjoy the benefits of Citizenship of Canada.

Global Gateways is providing the visas and immigration services since 1997 and are serving over thousands of clients every year who come to them for visas and immigration services. They are specialized in skilled migration visa to Australia.They provide various visa services like dependent visas,work permit visa,sponsorship visa,visitor visa , refusal visas etc to name a few.You are assured with the best committed services at global gateways.


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Australia Tourist And Travel Visa

Tourist Visa (subclass 676)


The Tourist Visa (subclass 676) is a temporary visa for people who desire to visit Australia for a holiday, tourism and recreational purposes, and for those visiting family and friends. This visa allows people to travel throughout Australia, visit Australia’s cities and the country’s several tourist attractions. The visa permits people to stay for up to twelve months in Australia.

Eligibility Conditions

You are eligible to apply for this visa if you are:

  • Travelling to Australia as a tourist
  • Visiting family and friends

You are not eligible to apply for this visa if you are:

  • An Australian Citizen
  • Have acquired Australian Citizenship by descent

How the Tourist Visa (subclass 676) works

The visa is easily available to all passport holders who live outside Australia and wish to visit Australia for the above-stated purposes. This visa permits people either a single or multiple entries to Australia and allows them to stay in Australia for a time duration determined by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC). When your visa is granted, the Department informs you about how long you can stay in Australia and how many times you can enter Australia.

Sometimes, you will be allowed only a single entry to Australia. In such a case, if you would like to return to Australia again after you leave, you will require a new visa. If you are permitted multiple entries, you will be able to travel to and from Australia several times from the date of issuance of the visa, as long as your visa is valid. But you will be permitted to stay in Australia only for the time duration that you have been granted.

Visa Conditions

You must fulfill all visa conditions and abide by all Australian laws when you are in Australia.

The visa conditions you must comply with are listed below:

  • You can study for up to, but not more than three months, while in Australia. If you want to extend the duration of your studies, you should consider applying for a Student visa.
  • You must not work when you are in Australia on this visa. If you want to work in Australia, you would have to apply for one of the Temporary Work visas. However, you might be allowed to do volunteer work, only if the work is not otherwise done by an Australian resident in return for wages. If you are permitted to do volunteer work while on this visa, you can be reimbursed for out of pocket living expenses including meals and accommodation.
  • You are required to have sufficient health insurance while you are in Australia.

If you wish to extend your stay in Australia for tourism purposes, you have to apply for a Visitor Visa (subclass 600). However, you cannot apply for a Visitor Visa (subclass 600) if your Tourist visa (subclass 676) has a ‘No further stay’ condition (Condition 8503).

Global Gateways, Visa and Immigration Consultants based in Bangalore, specialise in immigration to Australia and New Zealand. Global Gateways has above all worked as a specialist in Australian immigration since 1997 and take pride in a reputation for professionalism and high ethical practice.

For more detailed information on the Visitor Visa (subclass 600), visit the relevant page. For more information on any of the sections of the Tourist Visa (subclass 676), visit the relevant links.

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New Zealand Business Visa For Indians

Business visa for New Zealand

Nowadays many of them are looking to expand their business and to move different countries, well, most of them might be interested to invest in developing countries while some might think to invest in the developed countries. The choice of making investment depends upon the perception of the businessman. New Zealand is the one of the countries where one can invest.

If one can make an investment in New Zealand the applicant should contribute a suitable amount which is decided by the New Zealand government. The decision will be taken as per the ownership in the existing business. The immigration consultant can help people to make a right decision.

Migrate To New Zealand

Who are looking for an opportunity to migrate to New Zealand in search of better business development opportunities can either apply for the investor plus category or long term business visa category. These two plans are best categories which are suitable for a new Zealand business immigration program.

In Investor plus category there are two types of visa for which you can apply for. These are called investor plus or investor visa. The first category is the minimum investment made must be the amount of NZ$ 10 million at least for three years. In the second category the minimum investment should be NZ$1.5 million for at least four years.

Based on the investment criteria, there are several requirements which can be fulfilled by the applicant. Those who are applying for investor category must below 65 years. While those who are applying for investor plus category have no age limit.

For investor plus category there is no business experience required and for the other applicants must have experience of minimum three years.

Other than the age criteria and the settlement criteria must also be fulfilled. Who are applying for investor category must have the settlement fund amount to NZ$1 million, and there is no requirement of the settlement funds for investor plus category.

Who are looking to apply for the long term business visa category must fist submit the required documents like the ownership in the existing business, health reports , character reports, English language requirement, and few others. The most important document is the business proposal or the business plan.

The Business proposal must include all the details about the type of business to be established in the nation and the other details, which can be the amount of the money to be invested and the place where the business plant will be established. With these details there are some of the other details also for which the business plan must have.

One of the most important is to have funds for which the live property in the country. These fund excluded from the investment made. If all the requirements are fulfilled, the new Zealand government will grant the visa for 9 months which will give a chance to the applicant to start the business. Before nine months, one must give detailed report about the business development and then you will given a long term business visa.

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