Jobs which are high demand in Canada

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Jobs which are high demand in Canada

According to statistics from Canada, there has been a reduction in the ratio of people who are unemployed to vacancies of jobs available. These ready available jobs also cover a wide variety of skills, and the highest requirement is for salespeople who have experience under retail sector. The average annual salary for a retail salesperson is around twenty four thousand one hundred and twenty eight Canadian dollars which is much lesser than the average national salary of forty nine thousand Canadian dollars. Now you would have a question as to what are the jobs which are in high demand in Canada.

According to recent research by website Workopolis, An ever increasing mobile market means that there is a huge demand for skilled professionals who can easily develop tablet apps and Smartphone. Educational requirements are usually not mentioned in the most of the job ads posted by the employers for which you would need a qualification which is tertiary, usually a computer science degree from the university. (Mobile Application Developer)

There is a demand for people with skills of UX designs and will surely continue as both mobile and online companies focus their attention on customer satisfaction. A degree with a specialization in information design will be a huge advantage and help the applicant to market his resume along with the experience. (User Experience Designer)

A company’s image is very important part of maintaining public relations. The marketing manager is mainly responsible for maintaining and creating that image via social media, advertising and P.R apart from other corporate communication forms. These jobs listed on the website usually require a business degree in marketing from the University.(Marketing Manager)

Corporate training as a professional option is very good for educators who are qualified. The applicant would require an undergraduate degree and a qualification which is equivalent to post graduation in educational technology. (Corporate Trainer).

In cities like Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario there is a huge demand for nurses who are registered. The applicant should be having a nursing degree qualification, and should have a licensing from the Association of Canadian Nurses, with the regulatory body of relevant province. According to the research nursing is one of the top jobs where the eligible candidates get hired directly from the University. (Nurses)

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