Government of Canada permits Mexican Nationals to use for eTA earlier

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Government of Canada permits Mexican Nationals to use for eTA earlier of doing away with Visa Requirement

As of December 1, 2016, Mexican nationals will now not be required to apply for a temporary Resident Visa (TRV) so that you can input Canada for brief visits, work, or take a look at. Alternatively, residents of Mexico will need to gain an digital journey Authorization (eTA) before journeying to Canada via air. In instruction for this variation, the authorities of Canada has introduced that as of November 25, 2016, Mexican nationals may additionally follow earlier for an eTA.

The eTA procedure, compared to the manner of applying for a TRV, is generally a less complicated and cheaper system. Mexico will join other international locations around the world that have a settlement with Canada whereby its citizens do now not want to use for a visa earlier than traveling Canada.

Visa-exempt folks that want to enter Canada by means of air at the moment are required to obtain an eTA earlier than they board their flight. This system changed into first introduced in August 2015, and have become obligatory on November 20, 2016, after a prolonged leniency period came to an end.

An eTA is an electronic file linked to an individual passport. The application process is completely online, although a paper utility may be made in certain instances. as soon as a character receives their eTA, it’s miles legitimate for 5 years or until the character’s passport expires, whichever takes place first. The process is commonly speedy — the eTA can be authorized inside mins — although it is suggested that travelers practice in advance in their flight that allows you to keep away from delays. Already, sure guests had been taken unawares and feature ignored flights due to the fact the utility technique took longer than anticipated.

The government of Canada has clarified that Mexican nationals will need a TRV to enter Canada until December 1, 2016, and ought to no longer try and input Canada with an eTA earlier than the visa requirement is lifted at 12:01am gap widespread Time on that date.

As of December 1, 2016, Mexican nationals visiting Canada by air will require an eTA a good way to board their flight. Mexican nationals coming into Canada via land or sea want most effective present their travel file (i.e. a passport) on the Port of entry into Canada. The authority of Canada has stated that Mexican nationals with a current valid TRV do not need to also gain an eTA with a purpose to input Canada. But, after a character’s TRV expires, he or she can want to use for an eTA so that it will enter Canada once more if visiting via air.

“Being capable of practice early for their eTA provides Mexicans traveling to Canada with time to get the travel file they need, to take complete advantage of their anticipated visa-loose repute within the immediately days after the visa lift,” said Pierre Alarie, Canada’s Ambassador to Mexico.

Motives for lifting the visa requirement

The visa requirement, imposed in 2009, has been a source of irritation among Mexico and Canada. Top Minister Justin Trudeau coordinated the lifting of the requirement if you want to improve family members, tour, and alternate between Canada and Mexico.

Trudeau has formerly said that “This move will make it simpler for our Mexican friends to visit Canada whilst growing our neighborhood economies and strengthening our communities.”

He also stated that “Canada is thrilled to supply on the government’s dedication to raising the visa requirement for Mexican nationals. We look forward to the social and economic advantages that lifting the visa requirement will carry to both nations, especially to the middle class here in Canada.”

In return for Canada lifting the visa requirement, Mexico has agreed to quit the regulations at the importation of Canadian pork, one in all Canada’s key export commodities.

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