Immigration system in Canada tilts in favor of immigrant workers

Immigration system in Canada tilts in favor of immigrant workers, says study

Immigration system in Canada tilts in favor of immigrant workers

Migration system in Canada tilts in favor of immigrant workers

The immigration regime in Canada is increasingly becoming friendlier towards the immigrant workers as around 21% of overseas immigrants have secured a permanent residency in the nation up from the earlier 9%. Out of every five overseas workers, one obtained a Canadian PR which is double the rate ten years earlier.

A landmark research carried out on the immigration system in Canada has revealed that the immigration regime in Canada is increasingly becoming favorable towards the provisional overseas immigrant workers.

In the 1990’s just 9% of the overseas immigrants who arrived in Canada obtained to the permanent residency while compared to 21% by the conclusion of 2014. These figures have been revealed by the latest Statistics Report of Canada, quotes The Star.

This study was the first of its kind that analyzed the national policies of Canada focusing on appealing and holding back provisional overseas immigrants.

The Canadian immigration system under the previous government headed by the Conservative party tilted in favor of assimilating provisional overseas immigrants who arrived in the nation to cater to demands of the labor markets. This was in contrast to the conventional model of nation-building that immediately authorized permanent residency to overseas immigrants.

The latest approach to the immigration system was implemented to make sure that the overseas immigrants are employable and curb the challenge of the doctor-driving-cab phenomena.

The report of Statistics Canada has been revealed just prior to the federal budget that is expected to further liberalize provisional immigrant programs in Canada.

The percentage of provisional residents that includes immigrant workers and the workers under the global mobility initiatives such as the ICTs has increased almost three times in the 2010s reaching 500,000. This is way ahead of the 260,000 permanent residents who settle annually in Canada.

On the other hand, there was a drastic decrease in the strength of the highly skilled overseas workers in Canada to 40% in the late 2000s from the 67% in the late 1990s.

Several immigration programs have been launched by Ottawa to appeal to overseas immigrants that include Provincial Nominee Program and Canadian Experience Class. These immigration programs are in favor of overseas immigrants in Canada with work experience in Canada or education credentials in Canada.

Lawyer and immigration policy analyst Richard Kurland has said that this was an intelligible move by the Canadian government to appeal to the overseas immigrants.

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