L1 Visa – Intracompany Transferee

L1 Visa – Intracompany Transferee

L1 Visa - Intracompany Transferee

L1 Visa – Intracompany Transferee

The L-1 visa allows the temporary transfer of foreign employee inside the managerial, govt or specialized know-how category to the U.S. to keep employment with a workplace of the same organization, its figure, branch, subsidiary or associate. L-1 visa is a temporary nonimmigrant visa that permits L-2 visa for the partner and minor single youngsters less than 21 years of age.  L-1 visa holder is known as an intracompany transferee.

Even though L1 visa became to start with made for huge multinational agencies to transfer their employees to the U.S., it affords small or start-up groups abroad to extend their enterprise and offerings to the U.S.

L-1 visa isn’t restrained to specific nations that the U.S. might also have a few treaties with. Consequently, so long as all eligibility requirements are met, the aliens from any country are eligible.

Dual Intent

Commonly, nonimmigrant visa candidates are “presumed to be an immigrant” and must provide satisfactory proof that they have no aim of immigrating to the U.S. earlier than getting the visa. However, L visa is a dual intent visa. In different words, they’re no longer required to maintain an overseas house which they have no intention of abandoning.

Many L visa holders eventually apply for green card (which can contain submitting permanent labor certification if wanted, I-140 petition etc.) and both record for adjustment of repute inside the U.S. or get an immigrant visa overseas. Any of these moves will not be the idea for denying an L-1 admission to the U.S.

Part-Time Work

Even though full-time employment with the petitioner is not required to maintain L status, the employee must dedicate a significant portion of time on a regular and systematic basis to the company while in the U.S.

Even though the L1 visa holder must be employed on a full-time basis with the company, he/she does not necessarily have to be working in the U.S. on a full-time basis. He/she is allowed to divide work between the U.S. and another country. In other words, the alien can be principally employed outside the U.S. and still receive the L1 visa for coming to the U.S. to work on a short-term basis.

If the alien is coming to the U.S. for conferring with officials, attending meetings and conferences, and participating in training, such activities are not considered productive employment and the alien should apply for the business visa instead.

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