Dependent Visa for Family Members – Australia

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Established Visa for the circle of relatives contributors – Australia

Do you presently preserve a Provisional or transient Visa? Do you want your family participants to join you? Then move to it.

You could consist of the following circle of relative’s participants as secondary applicants even after your visa is granted.

  • Associate
  • Based child

In case your spouse/De-facto associate (along with same intercourse companion) holds a Provisional/transient residence visa, you may have the possibility to accompany or be a part of your partner in Australia beneath the same visa. You may also observe in your dependent infant under the identical category. You’ll have all the rights to work, live and take a look at much like your partner. Your partner in Australia has to sponsor you to Australia and additionally need to offer strong evidence of proper and persevering with dating. The application can be lodged with the aid of your dependant from Australia (Onshore) or outdoor Australia (Offshore). There aren’t any regulations in the area. The Visa granted to you may be same as of your companion in Australia.


You have got a sturdy and authentic relation along with your partner or De-Facto companion

You meet the health necessities

You meet the individual requirements (For all of the candidates above 18 years)

You meet the functional English necessities.

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