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You could practice for a commonplace tourist visa if you want to seek advice from the United Kingdom:

For amusement, ex: on excursion or to peer your family and acquaintances

For trade, or to participate in physical activities or inventive movements

For yet another cause, ex: to obtain private clinical therapy

The commonplace traveller visa has changed the:

Household visitor visa

Basic traveller visa

Youngster traveller visa

Trade vacationer visa, together with visas for teachers, doctors and dentists

Physical activities traveller visa

Entertainer traveller visa

Potential Entrepreneur visa

Personal medical cure vacationer visa

Authorised vacation spot popularity (advertisements) visa

For those who visit the UK on industry

That you can practice for a general traveller visa if you wish to talk over with the UK for industry-associated hobbies, ex:

You’re coming to the UK for a conference, meeting or training

You want to participate in a distinctive sports-related occasion

You’re an artist, entertainer or musician and coming to the United Kingdom to participate in

You’re an academic and are doing research or accompanying pupils on again knowledge of abroad programme

You’re a health practitioner or dentist and are coming to the UK to take a scientific attachment or observer submit

You wish to have to take the professional and Linguistic comparison Board (PLAB) test or take a seat the objective structured medical Examination (OSCE)

You want to get funding to begin, take over, become a member of or run a business within the UK

Assess the traveller principles to find the entire list of business-associated activities you can do with a usual visitor visa.


You have got to continually exhibit that:

You’ll leave the UK on the finish of your visit

You’re capable of aiding yourself and any dependents all through your travel

You’re able to pay for your return or onward trip and some other charges with regards to your seek advice from

You could have proof of any trade or different activities you wish to have to do in the UK, as allowed by the visitor ideas

When you’re making use of for an extended time period seek advice from visa

You have got to show that:

You may have a general and ongoing have to come to the UK

The purpose why you ought to come to the United Kingdom is not going to change at the same time your traveller visa is valid

You propose to leave the UK at the end of each and every seeks advice from

You can also be given a visa for a shorter period than requested in the event you don’t do that. You won’t get money back of the appliance rate in case you get a shorter visa or your software is refused.

Your visa is also cancelled and you may get a protracted-term ban on travelling if your journey history indicates you’re time and again living within the UK for accelerated periods.

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