BC Conducts Second PNP Draw in Less Than a week

BC Conducts Second PNP Draw in Less Than a week

BC Conducts Second PNP Draw in less Than a week

BC Conducts Second PNP Draw in less Than a week

British Columbia (BC) has invited another 343 candidates to immigrate to the province through the British Columbia Provincial Nominee software (BC PNP) in attracts that befell on February 23. This is the second batch of invitations to use (ITAs) which have been issued in the past week, with the preceding attracts — which saw 459 ITAs issued — having taken region on February 17.

On February 23, eight ITAs were issued to applicants inside the Entrepreneur Immigration circulate. The closing 335 ITAs had been issued a number of BC PNP sub-categories managed below the abilities Immigration Registration machine (SIRS), a completely unique device used to rank and select candidates below certain BC PNP sub-classes.

Some individuals issued ITA are now in a function to submit their BC PNP provincial nomination application thru one of the more desirable BC PNP sub-classes aligned with the federal specific access selection machine. The last candidates can have their programs processed outside the explicit access gadget on the federal stage.

Please word that the ITA with appreciate to the BC PNP isn’t always the same as the ITA issued on the federal Express Entry Level.

The BC PNP and graduates

It is worth noting that most of the people of ITAs issued within the February 23 draw for the SIRS-based sub-classes had been issued to worldwide graduates who had finished their studies in Canada.

International students and post-graduate workers in Canada can be a part of the Canada Visa Study Hub to access more than a few gear and assets to help in reading, operating, and settling in Canada permanently.

Express Entry BC Stream

This flow of the BC PNP is aligned with the Express Entry System, and programs below this flow might also receive priority processing at the provincial and federal levels. Consequently, individuals in this stream have to be eligible for one of the 3 Federal financial packages — Federal skilled employee class (FSW), Canadian revel in elegance (CEC), or Federal skilled Trades class (FST) — for you to input the federal specific entry pool. people inside the express access pool who have a provincial nomination certificates from BC get hold of 600 points under the comprehensive ranking device (CRS), this means that the person will get hold of in an ITA in a next specific access draw.

Express Entry BC – Skilled Worker

The Express Entry BC – skilled worker class is for global professional people who have submit-secondary schooling or training and employment enjoys in a professional, management, technical, change or other professional occupation. Applicants have to be eligible to go into the federal specific entry pool. This category is aligned with the federal Express Entry System.


International graduates who’ve graduated from a Canadian college or university within the past two years may be eligible to use the specific access BC – international Graduate class. Apparently, this class is open to eligible graduates who graduated from a university or university in any location in Canada; it isn’t always constrained to graduates from BC universities and schools. This class is also aligned with the federal express access device.

Skills Immigration – Skilled Worker

This base category is open to people with publish-secondary schooling or schooling and employment revel in a skilled career. Processes provide is required.

Skills Immigration – International Graduate

This class is for worldwide college students who’ve graduated from a Canadian college or college within two years of making use of to the BC PNP. Even as candidates do now not always want previous work revel in, applicants are required to reap a task provide from a B.C. employer.

Skills Immigration – Entry level and Semi-skilled

This category is open to candidates who may not be eligible for other Canadian immigration applications because it allows positive non-professional workers to apply for everlasting residence. Applicants need to work in an eligible profession inside the tourism/hospitality, long-haul trucking, or Food processing industries, or in an NOC ability stage C or D occupation within the Northeast improvement location of the province.

Entrepreneur Immigration

This circulation provides a pathway to Canadian permanent house for experienced enterprise folks that can establish themselves in BC and spend money on and perform a commercially viable business which can offer big blessings to the provincial economic system. Successful candidates will gain a work allow and, if the commercial enterprise operation in BC fulfills the requirements of the move on an ongoing basis, they’ll be capable of apply for permanent residence in Canada through the BC PNP.

Guaranteed Invitations

Candidates who gain or exceed the following registration ratings will acquire an invite to use in the subsequent draw for his or her selected category.

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New Zealand is Haven for International Students

New Zealand is Haven for International Students

New Zealand is Haven for International Students

New Zealand is Haven for International Students

People of most countries need a Visa for New Zealand even if they are going to visit that country on a holiday.

Exempted, however, are citizens or permanent residents of Australia or a citizen of England, Scotland, North Ireland or Wales which make up the United Kingdom. The latter can stay for up to the duration of six months in the island country located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean.

Barring these two, there are up to fifty countries with which New Zealand has visa exemption agreement. Citizens of these nations can stay in New Zealand for up to three months.

All the nationals of the other countries have to apply for a visitor visa, which lets them stay for up to 270 days in the Land of Long White Cloud. For individuals, the most convenient and inexpensive method to apply for it is online. But if one is traveling with another individual, group or family, it is suggested that they avail a paper application.

New Zealand Immigration for people wanting to work there for a few years or for settling there permanently, a resident or work visa is a must. To obtain that, it goes without saying that they must a get a job there prior to entering New Zealand.

In case you traveling to New Zealand by transiting through an airport in Australia airport, you may be requiring an Australian visa as well. To be doubly sure, check with your travel agent or air carrier.

For studying in New Zealand for the short-term course lasting less than three, you can do so without a student permit. For periods more than three months, you have to apply for the student permit.

To apply for a student permit, you need to pay a fee for a non-refundable application. You can, in fact, avail services of migration agents in your student city or area to let them help you with your application.

You would need to submit proofs to the #INZ (New Zealand Immigration Service) is the government body which issues visas and permits for entering New Zealand. The other prerequisites are proof having paid the fee; a written assurance from an education institution or university in New Zealand and also from an individual that suitable accommodation has been made available for the student in the country; proof of adequate cash to subsist while you are pursuing a course; and a return air ticket to your homeland or alternately proof that sufficient money is accessible to the student pay for one.

Students who wish to pursue courses for more than two years must also furnish their medical documents that are less than 90 days old. Majors should produce a police clearance certificate from the country of their origin.

Moreover, a full-time student should remember that an individual is issued a student visa if a tuition fee is paid for one academic year.

Student visas are mostly given full-time students, but certain part-time students can get them as well if they are staying in New Zealand for one academic year, which lasts for nine months and satisfies all the requirements that a foreign person must as required by the government. If you are graduating from a degree course during your semester that can get you to be classified a ‘skilled migrant’ by the immigration department, then you may apply for a student visa being a part-time student.

Apart from the usual documentation required for any visa, if you are applying for a student visa, you have to have received an offer of enrolment or confirmation.

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Immigrate to Canada: Canadians tolerant or intolerant, Trump’s Maniac Policies affect Canadian Mindset

Immigration To Canada: Are Canadians Tolerant Or Intolerant? Would Trump’s Maniac Policies affect Canadian Mindset?

Immigration To Canada: Are Canadians Tolerant Or Intolerant? Would Trump’s Maniac Policies affect Canadian Mindset?

Immigration To Canada: Are Canadians Tolerant Or Intolerant? Would Trump’s Maniac Policies affect Canadian Mindset?

Canada has always been a welcoming hand in accepting refugees from war drew countries and immigrants from around the world providing great job and residing opportunities. Even, after the recent so called changes of the American immigration policies, Canada became the leading leader in taking all the refugees in it, promoting Immigration to Canada.

The world needs no proof of it. There lies a great example in front of them when the Canadian immigration minister took the initiative and brought around forty thousand refugees from Syria to Canada. But as it seems, are Canadians that tolerant or is it their policies which make them seem this tolerant? A puzzle that needs to be turned!

How tolerant are Canadians with the Topic -Immigration to #Canada?

It may seem on screens and pages that Canadians are very tolerant with refugees and immigration coming and residing in their country, but it is not so. Immigration Minister McCallum, himself said that Canadians might seem and are generous, but it is not unlimited.

Is Canadian Mindset no Different than #Trump’s Mindset?

He added that Canada will only accept immigrants for economic reasons and will mainly focus on acceptance of such immigrants who can contribute towards Canada’s economy.

And with the release of such statements, the world started seeing Canada no different than the United States of America and European countries. With these arise so many other questions but the very important is “So will even Canada adopt similar policies as the United States of America”?

Would Canada also Adopt and Follow the #USA’s Policy of Hard Stance against Immigrants?

It may seem that as Canadians are not so tolerant, they will also take a step towards implying hard stance and new policies against immigrants, but it is not so. Canada welcomes and favors those immigrants who tend to unite with their families already residing within Canada and for those opportunities seekers who want to get a better job and pay scale after coming to Canada.

As the previous president of USA, Barack Obama said: “There needs to be more Canada in the world.” Canada is never going to undo such examples.

Why is Canada different? Why wouldn’t it be repeating Trump’s Policy and such an Attitude in Canada?

As said, Canada seeks for educated prime immigrants who can contribute towards Canada’s economy. Also, it shows nepotism towards the immigrants with good English and French proficiency. Canada needs them. Also, once it accepts the immigrants and refugees, they don’t remain outsiders.

The government provides the same level of freedom, provisions, equal rights and make them theirs. No longer has the title of immigrants prevailed, they become Canadians.

It is in Canada’s Interest to stay tolerant of #Immigrants-

Also, if Canada repeats Trump’s policy and shows an attitude, it will be against the Canadian government. It will lay an open ground for anti-immigrant parties to rise. That is something that Canada doesn’t want. They are smart! And when there is a need in the world, their views towards immigrants doesn’t remain important, world peace and providing help is what becomes more important.

No matter what Canadians views might be towards “Immigration to Canada.” But the truth is that they know how to make brothers rather than enemies. Canada always believes in helping, and the good deeds of taking so many refugees and immigrants in the past and the present efforts should not be unseen.

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Canada Opens Up Sanctuary Cities for Undocumented Immigrants in the USA

Canada Opens Up Sanctuary Cities for Undocumented Immigrants in the USA

Canada Opens Up Sanctuary Cities for Undocumented Immigrants in the USA

Canada Opens Up Sanctuary Cities for Undocumented Immigrants in the USA

Donald Trump’s changes in Immigration rules have already created a sense of uncertainty among undocumented migrants in the USA. And this uncertainty has given the opportunity to a number of Canadian cities to turn into sanctuaries for these Undocumented Immigrants in the USA

Sanctuary Cities – a safe neighborhood for undocumented immigrants in the USA

Toronto was the first city among all the places of Canada to reaffirm its commitment to service and protect the undocumented migrants as being a sanctuary for them. The city got the status in 2013, much before Donald Trump’s presidency coming in force. After that, Hamilton and Vancouver were the only two cities to enact the provisions of becoming Sanctuary cities in 2014 and 2016 respectively.

Montreal’s city council voted unanimously on Monday to approve a motion which seeks to ensure undocumented immigrants are able to obtain municipal services of the city without fear of deportation. The city of London, Ontario also passed a similar motion in the last month allowing Undocumented Immigrants to avail municipal rights. Sources also suggest that Ottawa’s municipal committee will hear the public opinion next month about whether or not to obtain the status of being a sanctuary city.

The Targeted Goal of Sanctuary Cities Motions

The major motive of these sanctuary motions is to provide basic municipal services like housing, libraries, health support and food banks to those of the undocumented immigrants, without questioning their immigration status. However, this may seem to be easy apparently, but instances of conflicts of municipal law enforcement agencies with federal immigration officials have been witnessed many times with regards to these sanctuary’s regulations.

In a large number of similar cases, the country’s police authorities have been known to share personal information, including immigration status, with the Canada Border Services Agency, as a regular practice.

Therefore, this format indicates a chance of deportation for those Undocumented Immigrants who even indulge in a minor offense like the traffic violation. So, advocates are claiming that this kind of practice, discourages their undocumented Immigrant clients from coming forward even if they are witnesses or victims of their clients.

“Don’t Ask” Policy and Police Cooperation

So, to avoid these issues, Police forces have also adopted a “don’t ask” policy. Toronto Police force has already implemented this policy. Montreal’s sanctuary city motions have asked the city police to implement such codes. Vancouver police have already implemented the similar kind of ‘don’t ask” regulation in 2015.

“Don’t Ask” Policy – is it an abuse of Canadian Generosity?

But this “don’t ask” policy has also seen potential backdrops too. After Vancouver police’s imposition of the same, immigration and citizenship minister Chris Alexander addressed it as an abuse of Canadian generosity. Some official even feared that the actual imposition of “don’t ask” regulation will give rise to illegal immigration in the country to an uncontrollable level. But non-status migrants’ advocates are seeing this as a welcoming move for safeguarding the undocumented Immigrants.

Immigration to Sanctuary Cities

They say that the non-status migrants will get their chance to enter the country safely and securely after crossing the borders just with their personal identities, without having legal immigration papers, if they get the cooperation from the police departments of these sanctuary cities properly under this “don’t ask” regulation.

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CRS Requirement Dips to 441 on February 22 Express Entry Draw

CRS Requirement Dips to 441 on February 22 Express Entry Draw

CRS Requirement Dips to 441 on February 22 Express Entry Draw

CRS Requirement Dips to 441 on February 22 Express Entry Draw

The range of comprehensive rating gadget (CRS) points required by means of candidates in Canada’s express access immigration choice device to acquire an invite to use (ITA) continues to lower. On February 22, a complete of 3,611 candidates with 441 or extra CRS factors received an ITA. This is with no trouble the bottom point’s threshold of any draw on account that specific entry was first released greater than two years in the past.

The February 22 specific access draw is the today’s in a succession of attracts which have seen the CRS requirement usually lower, from 497 simply over months in the past to just 441 nowadays. indeed, that is the first draw wherein candidates who’re knowledgeable as much as Bachelor’s degree best, and who’ve no paintings experience in Canada and no additional points for a provincial nomination, an activity offer, or preceding take a look at in Canada, could theoretically be invited to apply based on their different elements alone, assuming that they have simplest taken a language check in one language.

Applicants who get hold of an ITA at the moment are in a position to publish an application for Canadian permanent residence to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). Accompanying family individuals, such as spouses or not unusual-law companions, in addition to dependent youngsters, may additionally come to Canada alongside the primary applicant.

CRS Requirement – 441

Number of ITAs in the latest draw – 3,611

ITAs issued in 2017 – 17,019

Individuals, who wish to apply for Canadian permanent house through the Federal skilled employee class (FSWC), Federal professional Trades elegance (FTSC), or Canadian revel in elegance (CEC), are first required to go to the specific entry pool. Upon entering the pool, they may be assigned a CRS score primarily based on elements consisting of civil popularity data, education, work enjoy, language ability, and other criteria. Candidates are ranked inside the pool in line with their CRS score, and IRCC periodically conducts draws to invite the best-ranking candidates to submit an application.

Candidates inside the pool may also boom their rating in a number of methods.

Learn more about growing CRS rating and ranking.

For greater records on attracts from the explicit access pool which has taken place so far, seek advice from this desk.

Express Entry quick facts, from January 1, 2015, to February 22, 2017

Launch date: January 1, 2015

First draw from the pool: January 31, 2015

Most recent draw from the pool: February 22, 2017

Minimum CRS points required for selection in any one draw: 441 (February 22, 2017)

Largest number of invitations to apply issued in any one draw: 3,664 (February 8, 2017)

Fewest invitations to apply issued in any one draw: 559 (November 30, 2016. Note: This draw invited candidates with a provincial nomination only.)

Largest decrease in CRS points required between two consecutive draws: 273 (from May 22nd, 2015 to June 12th, 2015 draws)

Smallest decrease in CRS points required between two consecutive draws: 0 (on three occasions)

The largest increase in CRS points required between two consecutive draws: 316 (from November 16, 2016, to November 30. Note: The latter draw invited candidates with a provincial nomination only.)

Smallest increase in CRS points required between two consecutive draws: 0 (on three occasions)

Longest gap between two consecutive draws: 35 days (from April 17, 2015, to May 22, 2015, draws)

Shortest gap between two consecutive draws: 6 days (from December 16 to December 22, 2016)

Total number of ITAs issued in 2015: 31,063

Total number of ITAs issued in 2016: 33,782

Total number of ITAs issued in 2017: 17,019

Total number of ITAs issued since system was launched: 81,864

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