How Trump’s Policies has affected choice of Best Country for Higher Studies

How Trump’s Policies has affected choice of Best Country for Higher Studies

How Trump’s Policies has affected choice of Best Country for Higher Studies

How Trump’s Policies has affected choice of Best Country for Higher Studies

Universities and scholars across the US are worried about how Trump’s policies have affected choice of best country for higher studies

Which is Best Country for Higher Studies after Trump’s policies?

We all know that every year, thousands of students from the world over attend colleges in the US. However, the recent changes by US President Donald Trump have left students living and studying in the US quite uneasy and insecure about their future.

World’s top-tier B-schools (business schools) have lashed out against the recent US immigration ban introduced by Trump. Professors fear international students shall be put off studying at their institutes while firms will find it hard to recruit them.

Any tightening of the US visa program shall negatively affect US B-schools’ ability to hire foreign students upon which they depend.

Choosing best country for higher studies- experiences of international students

Many international students are having a hard time taking a decision about where to attend a college or university for higher education. International student enrollment in the US is going to be affected in a big way due to Trump’s plan to discourage firms from hiring H-1B workers.

The proposal will make it difficult for firms to recruit foreigners and this will have a direct impact on the post-study job scenario of international students in the US.

Trump has pledged to end the use of US H-1B visa while introducing the requirement of hiring Americans for each US visa and immigration program. Hence, such an uncertainty around US immigration rules is likely to discourage international students from choosing the US for studying higher education. Trump’s rhetoric and his plans are weighing high on the minds of many aspiring college students.

Students share their fears of Discrimination in the USA

Consider, for example, what 18-year-old Aman Kumar has to say about the uncertainty prevailing in the minds of many international students with regard to choice of the nation for higher education. Trump is discriminating against Muslim and several other black and brown people quip in Aman. So, he is thinking of applying to Canada for studying higher education.

Similarly, an email from a distraught student born and brought up in one of the banned nations sums up similar views. The student, who has a Canadian passport, says her family is located in Canada and the UK. So, now she has to choose whether to stay in the US for pursuing study in technology and risk not visiting her family for long period or visit her family in Canada or the UK and risk losing her livelihood.

A foreign student from Pakistan, Maryam Bukhari, is an exchange student pursuing health sciences in the US. She shared her disappointment over the news of immigration ban announced by Trump. Although, her nation is not affected directly by the immigration ban, still, she is concerned about rumors that Pakistan may too get added to the list of banned nations.

Which is the best country for higher studies now?—Options in times of Trump

New Zealand Post-study work visa allows foreign students who have completed a New Zealand qualification to work for any employer for one year. It offers a route to New Zealand permanent residence.

Ireland offers the stay-back option for Masters and Ph.D. students hailing from India for graduate jobs for a period of up to two years.

France offers the extension of stay for up to two years for gaining work experience for Indian students who graduate from French business and engineering schools.

Canada post-study work permit for up to three years makes Indian students eligible for Canada permanent residency status.

German offers 18-month visa extension to students after studies for getting a job. An EU Blue Card offers foreign graduates from German universities and unrestricted access to employment.

All graduating degree students, including master’s and bachelor’s, who have completed not less than two years in Australia, to get Australia post-study work(PSW) visa for two years.

Trump needs to accept and acknowledge the fact that shutting down the nation to immigration from certain nations has the potential to limit the nation’s competitiveness in the long run since it restricts the available pool of applicants.

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Fire stocked trump immigrants spreading countries will Canadian immigration affected fire long

Is Fire Stocked By Trump Against Immigrants Spreading To Other Countries? Will Canadian Immigration Be Affected From This Fire and For How Long?

Fire stocked trump immigrants spreaading countries will Canadian immigration affected fire long

Fire stocked trump immigrants spreading countries will Canadian immigration affected fire long

Mr. Donald John Trump has been elected as 45th President of US. Since then the nation is experiencing many changes in various policies since Mr. Trump is elected as President. Some of the citizens are in favor of his policies, and the others are not. Canadian immigration seems to be looking forward to updates as such.

Recently Mr. Trump has recently released an executive order to suspend refugees’ resettlements and to ban the immigration of people from seven Muslim nations. He also fired few officials who were not in favor of this decision and considered it as illegal.

The main reason for doing this, as per Mr. Trump, is that majority of criminals in the US are immigrants. These criminals include murders, Drug Mafia and even more intense criminals. All these criminal activities are carried on by immigrants who get in the US illegally.

Many people support Mr. Trump on this decision of his. However, there are still a large number of people who are not in favor this decision and are planning to move to Canada. The immigration department has seen a dramatic increase in immigration applications after this declaration by Mr. Trump. However, there is no leniency in immigration process due to this.

Only the people who work under NAFTA are feeling a bit privileged.

Some so many people announced that they would leave the US if Trump is elected as President.

Due to this reason also, there is a large increase in the number of people who are willing to move to Canada.

In such scenario, it is highly recommended to hire an immigration expert or lawyer to help you with all the formalities and documentation required for immigration. People who are not able to get immigration permission to the US will surely opt for Canada. As it is very close to the US and has same culture and infrastructure.

What does Canada think about Canadian Immigration?

Canada as always is open for immigrants. However, the process of immigration to Canada is not that simple. So, Trump winning the Presidential election and his resistance to immigrants will cause the rise in immigration applications for Canada.

Moreover, the Canadian citizens who have dual citizenship (citizenship of their parent country and citizenship of Canada as well) are not banned from moving to the US, Even if these Canadian citizens are from the countries that are banned.

Mr. Trump has declared 90 days’ ban as one of his anti-terror measures. So it is expected to see the rise in Canadian immigration application at least for this period, and this may also continue for a longer duration. The people, who are not allowed to enter the US directly, will go for Canadian citizenship as Canadian citizens with dual citizenship are allowed to enter the US.

Therefore, these factors will result in a great number of people applying for Canadian Immigration. The website for Canadian Immigration application is experiencing a large traffic over last few weeks. There is a great rise in the number of Americans who are looking for jobs in Canada. Also, the employment portals are experiencing great traffic as people are visiting to change their job location preferences and applying for jobs in Canada.

It seems that this decision of Trump will restrict people from visiting the US and will make them choose Canada as their option. The government of Canada will have to do a lot to manage this upsurge in a number of applicants willing to visit their country.

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How can you get a temporary work permit in Canada

How can you get a temporary work permit in Canada?

How can you get a temporary work permit in Canada

How can you get a temporary work permit in Canada

People who aspire to come to Canada for working has to invariably go through certain formalities for getting a temporary work permit. Here goes a detailed discussion of the whole process of applying and getting the required work permit and visa.

Stepwise guide for getting a Temporary Work Permit in Canada

Whenever a worker plans to go to Canada for employment purposes, he or she must obtain an offer of employment from a recognized Canadian employer because only then, it will be given by the Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC). This obviously requires the foreign worker to go through certain rules and regulations and sometimes a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) is also needed based on the country of citizenship of the concerned worker in question. The complete steps can be illustrated as under:

Whenever a Canadian employer wants to hire a foreign worker, then it has to first apply for Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). This assessment report must be certified as positive by the Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) after thoroughly ensuring that there is no eligible Canadian candidate available for the job that is being offered to the foreign worker. However, in certain scenarios, LMIA is not necessary.

Exceptions to get LMIA for getting Temporary Work Permit in Canada:

Any case related to North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

The economic, social and cultural advantages that Canada will be gaining due to the employment of the foreign worker.

Youth, teacher exchange programs and other allied types of programs related to reciprocating agreements of Canada with its provinces or territories.

Facilitating co-op placements for helping the international students to effortlessly complete the academic requirements.

For permitting the spouse or law partners of Work Permit and in some cases, Study Permit holders in Canada to engage in employment in Canada.

In case the work profile is something spiritual, religious or charitable.

In some special cases where humans are seeking refugee claims in Canada by getting to work and stay over there.

After the process of LMIA is completed, the Canadian employer provides the Temporary Job Offer letter along with the detailed positive LMIA report attached to the offer letter.

Once all the documents as stated above are received by the foreign worker, he or she has to then apply for a Canada Temporary Work Permit from the ESDC. If the Canadian employer who is hiring the foreign worker is located in Quebec, then an additional document known as the Certificated acceptation du Québec (CAQ) has to be obtained by the worker to temporarily work in Quebec except for the ‘facilitated’ professions that have streamlined recruitment process.

The worker will then finally receive a Canada Temporary Work Permit from the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) after entering into Canada.

Some crucial points about Temporary Work permit in Canada

The duration of this temporary work permit in Canada can range from few days to even few years. Moreover, it is valid for only that particular company which has applied for the work permit of the worker. If the worker wishes to take up any other job offer in Canada without having a permanent resident visa, then he or she has to apply for a fresh temporary work permit.

Although the basic steps for getting a temporary work permit are similar for all foreign workers, yet, these may differ sometimes depending upon the nationality, occupation and other factors related to employment in Canada. In some specific cases, however, there are provisions of Open Work Permits as well that are not employer-based but these also are dependent on many factors based on the nature of work as well as the personal details and background of the worker.

A temporary work permit is given for a predefined duration only although that is subject to extension on the requirement. Temporary work permits are applicable for temporary workers, contractual workers, business people like intra-company transferees, traders and investors, students, permanent workers, caregivers and agricultural workers as well. The process of application, fees, forms, processing times and other factors related to getting a temporary work permit in Canada, however, will vary to the certain extent for the workers coming from these varying domains.

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A Global Welcome for Millionaire Immigrants

A Global Welcome for Millionaire Immigrants

A Global Welcome for Millionaire Immigrants

A Global Welcome for Millionaire Immigrants

A global welcome for millionaire immigrants is being offered by all leading countries which happen to be hot destination for immigrants

So, if you have money to invest, immigration to each and every country is open for you.

Global welcome for millionaire immigrants

When it comes to immigration, there is a red-carpet welcome for millionaire immigrants worldwide. Yes. As per the last year’s figures, nearly 82,000 millionaires immigrated to another nation, reveals the latest study.

By millionaires, we mean those who have not less than $1 million in assets apart from their primary home. As per latest figures, there are nearly 13.6 million millionaires the world over.

Millionaires look for personal safety along with good education for their children when deciding the nation to move and live in, states Andrew Amoils from New World Wealth. Climate, cleanliness and health care are other top factors for rich foreigners wanting to immigrate to any nation.

Australia top nation for millionaire immigrants

Australia is officially ranked as the top destination for millionaire immigrants. Australia has pushed down the US for the second consecutive year, the New World Health figures show. In the year 2016, around 11,000 millionaires move to Australia.

The US recorded immigration of 10,000 millionaire immigrants coming to live in the US in the same year. With a total of 8,000 millionaire immigrants moving to Canada, it is now ranked third while UAE(United Arab Emirates) and New Zealand are ranked fourth and fifth respectively.

You will also be interested in knowing the names of nations from which millionaires are moving out. France is on the top of the list of such nations followed by China, Brazil, India, and Turkey.

Australia woos millionaire immigrants with its attractive investment immigration policies

Australia lures millionaire immigrants with its lucrative investment immigration policies.

It has some very attractive immigration investment programs including—

Money-for-visa programs for enabling simpler immigration for millionaire immigrants. It also enables them to gain Australia citizenship ultimately.

A “Golden-ticket” investor visa program allowing fast-track and simpler residency for permanent Australia visa. Millionaires are required to make an investment of $5 million (Australian dollars) for getting qualified under this immigrant investor program. Known as “Special Investor Visa”, it has already welcomed around 1,300 wealthy immigrants. Out of these, nearly 90 percent hail from China.

An investor visa program enables foreigners to make an investment of $1 million (Australian dollars) for getting qualified. Meanwhile, it has somewhat tougher conditions while taking more time for getting a permanent Australia visa.

Millionaires are said to be attracted to the sunny lifestyle of Australia along with the nation’s high rated health care system considered better than the one in the US or the UK. Its geographic isolation from the controversies rife in the Middle East and Europe makes Australia a great and a safe nation for the living and raising kids.

Australia is attracting an increasing number of immigrant investors from nations like China, India, Singapore and South Korea as it’s a great base for doing business in the above-named nations.

Canada another attractive nation for millionaire immigrants

Canada happens to be yet another attractive country for millionaire immigrants globally. Canada’s 10-year-visas are the highly lucrative option for wealthy immigrants wanting to invest and get Canada residency. No wonder, the number of 10-year-visas issued to Chinese nationals has quadrupled to 337,000 between the years 2012 and 2016.

Canada offers better education opportunities for enhancing careers and attracts the increasingly high number of millionaire immigrants every year.

The US still a highly favored destination for immigrant investors

Immigrant investors still consider the US a highly favored destination. In the year 2016, the US welcomed 10,000 foreign millionaires.

This year too expects a high number of millionaires immigrating to the US as the new US immigration policies are not going to affect foreign investors by any means.

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New Permanent Residence UK Visa for EU Citizens–Urges Report

New Permanent Residence UK Visa for EU Citizens–Urges Report

New Permanent Residence UK Visa for EU Citizens–Urges Report

New Permanent Residence UK Visa for EU Citizens–Urges Report

A recent report urges New Permanent Residence UK Visa for EU citizens. The report by representatives of EU remain, campaigners, leave campaigners, TUC(Trade Unions Congress) and business groups have called for a New permanent residence UK visa for EU citizens if they can prove to have five years residency in the UK.

New Permanent Residence UK Visa for EU Citizens urged

EU citizens who are able to prove their five-year residency in the UK should be given the UK permanent residence status, the report urges. This permanent residence status can be converted to a new kind of indefinite leave to stay in the UK after the UK exits the EU (European Union).

The report has been organized by an independent and a non-partisan group named the British Future think tank and chaired by Gisela Stuart, a leading pro-leave Labor MP.

New Permanent Residence UK Visa for EU Citizens–Another proposal

There was another proposal about a new UK visa for EU citizens after the UK exits the EU. The present UK visa process for non-EU citizen workers, namely the UK Tier 2 visa and UK Tier 2 sponsorship license process, is quite limiting. EU citizens wanting to work in the UK for the first time ever after Brexit will find it harder to do so.

Uncertainty prevails about New Permanent Residence UK Visa for EU citizens

A wave of uncertainty clouds the fate of EU citizens in the UK after Brexit becomes effective. To put an end to this uncertainty, the report has asked the UK government to assure that nearly 2.8 million EU nationals living in the UK currently shall be allowed to stay once Britain exits the EU.

The report further urged the UK government for streamlining the UK Residency application system. This will help in the processing of UK Permanent residency petitions by EU citizens fast. Otherwise, it will take almost hundred years to process the UK Permanent residency petitions of EU citizens.

Rights of EU nationals and UK Visa status

It must be the top priority of the UK government to define the rights and UK visa status of nearly 2.8 million EU nationals currently living in the UK in the negotiations with other EU member nations. This was stated by Stuart.

The UK government seems to be non-serious about the rights of EU nationals and their visa status in the UK. This becomes evident from the UK government’s statement that it cannot give any reassurances about the future of EU nationals in the UK until there is an agreement regarding the post-Brexit status of 1.2 million Britons staying across EU member nations.

Permanent residency to EU citizens living in the UK on the day article 50 is triggered

There is another recommendation by the report calling for permanent residency to EU citizens already living in the UK on the day article 50 is triggered. Moreover, the report urges to offer help to the ones who can find it difficult to prove residency of five years or more for getting UK permanent residency.

The UK Home Office must probe the effectiveness of processing such a high number of applications, the study urges. The UK Home Office has stated that to deal with the estimated influx of UK permanent residency applications, it is planning a fast-track online process.

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