Canadians are proud of their citizenship and the status, rights, and freedoms that it provides

Canadians are proud of their citizenship and the status, rights, and freedoms that it provides.



Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC, some time ago CIC) is the government office that oversees Canadian citizenship, both for those applying for citizenship and for current Canadian nationals. Since 2010, Canada has respected a normal of more than 260,000 perpetual occupants every year. Large portions of these newcomers are getting to be noticeably Canadian natives, and numerous more will apply for Canadian citizenship later on. At the point when that procedure is finished, they take faithfulness promises vowing their sense of duty regarding the obligations and benefits of Canadian citizenship.

Canadian Citizenship Eligibility

A Canadian foreigner may apply for Canadian Citizenship in the wake of putting in no less than four years in Canada as a lasting occupant. Do you meet the prerequisites for Canadian citizenship?

Applying for Canadian Citizenship

You should fulfill a few necessities to present a Canadian citizenship application, and will then need to take a Canadian citizenship test. Take in more about the procedure.

Canadian Citizenship Ceremony

When you are affirmed as a Canadian national, you can go to a Citizenship Ceremony to take Canada’s Oath of Citizenship. What’s the Citizenship Ceremony like?

Rights and Responsibilities of Canadian Citizens

Canadian changeless occupants appreciate many, yet not all, of the privileges of Canadian subjects. Take in the extra rights that you will have as a Canadian national.

Double Citizenship

Canada perceives double citizenship. You are not required by Canada to surrender your past citizenship once you turn into a Canadian resident. How does this function?

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