There may be no reason for Indians to panic underneath Trump management

There may be no reason for Indians to panic underneath Trump management

There may be no reason for Indians to panic underneath Trump management

There may be no reason for Indians to panic underneath Trump management

The founder of Republican Hindu Coalition and a jumbo donor to the election campaign of US President Donald Trump, Shalabh Shalli Kumar has said that there is no need for Indians in the US to be worried under the US administration led by President Donald trump. He also added that the US President is dedicated to building good relations with Indians.

Mr. Kumar who is also the leading candidate for the post of American Ambassador to India, however, refused to say anything regarding his prospects for the post quoted The Hindu.

The bilateral co-operation between India and the US will be taken to an unmatched level by US President Donald Trump and Indian Prime Minister #NarendraModi, added Mr. Kumar. He refused t elaborate on the exact details of the bilateral ties at this juncture and said that US President, however, believed in executing plans in a discreet way. The twitter account of Mr. Kumar recognizes him as the bridge between #DonaldTrump and Narendra Modi.

President Trump had made it clear that racism has no place in the US and had given an appropriate reply at the right juncture over the recent hate-crime murder of Srinivas Kuchibhotla, an Indian techie in Kansas, elaborated Shalabh Kumar. This is quite heartening for Indians in the US and even the Hindus in the US as well elaborated the leader.

Stephen Bannon the US President’s chief strategist will be playing a key role in the bilateral relations with India, said Mr. Kumar. Shalabh Kumar is in close touch with Mr. Bannon and said that Mr. Bannon is an ardent reader of Hindu and Buddhist philosophy as well as the Bhagavad-gita.

Mr. Bannon is full of praise for India led by Prime Minister Modi and he is with the understanding that Hinduism is a broadminded religion and Hindus are a peace loving people. He is also dedicated to reverse the decline of America, said Shalabh Kumar.

According to Mr. Kumar, there is no reason for Indians to be worried of US administration led by Trump as bills and debates are always of diverse nature. The fact is that the US economy is bound to grow under Trump administration which will necessitate large requirement of IT professionals from India, explained Mr. Kumar.

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‘Canadian Dream’ has now changed the ‘American Dream’

Canadian Dream has now changed the American Dream

Canadian Dream has now changed the American Dream

Canadian Dream has now changed the American Dream

Canada has now replaced the US as a destination where one can discover ‘the pursuit of happiness, liberty, and life’. The US had once dominated as a nation that offered opportunities, not anymore with several nations surpassing the US in this regard; the chief among them is Canada, its northern neighbor.

The residents of Canada have a life span that is 2.5 years more than that of the citizens of the US. The chances that a Canadian will be imprisoned are six times lesser when compared to an American. The World Economic Forum has also ranked Canadians at the 6th place amongst happiest people in the world, while the Americans were ranked behind at the 13th place, quoted Maclean CA.

Canada has replaced the US in every aspect of an overseas immigrant’s dream destination. 46% of the population in the US has been able to secure a graduate degree in college while compared to the 59% of Canada. Upon completing their studies the residents of Canada have higher chances of getting a job with four points better than that of the US residents.

Home ownership rates are also 5% higher in #Canada and #Canadians are more likely to afford a home with white picket fence. Canadian residents also have more leisure time to relax at their homes as they work 80 hours lesser annually. They are also entitled to three days of extra vacation.

The measurement of economic inequality, the Gini coefficient of Canada is drastically better than that of the US and has remained so for the last 80 years.

The United States has been surpassed by Canada in every aspect as the shining city on the hill. It is a nation where everyone is safe to realize their potential. This is also being recognized by people across the world. Asylum seekers and refugees from the US are now taking a flight to Canada as they hope for a better treatment for immigrants and a better future too.

ESL students across the world are now more and more opting for Canada abandoning the US. Everything that the US once aspired to be has been achieved by Canada now. Not just achieving the much sought after American dream, Canada today is the happiest, healthiest and safest destination in the world.

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Non-EU scholars can rejoice as Germany launches easier study visas

Non-EU scholars can rejoice as Germany launches easier study visas

Non-EU scholars can rejoice as Germany launches easier study visas

Non-EU scholars can rejoice as Germany launches easier study visas

The Parliament of Germany has passed a law that makes it easier for overseas immigrant scholars from the non-European nations to carry our research or study in Germany if they are already residing in another European nation.

This new law is in furtherance of the European Union Policy to abolish hindrances for scholars who are pursuing their academics in any fellow member nations. This implies that for instance, a researcher from India in France will now easily be able to immigrate for a semester’s study to Germany.

Working professionals of overseas firms will also now be able to arrive and depart with ease from one EU nation to another, quoted The Local DE.

The Parliament of Germany also concurrently passed another law to give effect to one more directive of the European Union to give seasonal workers from non-EU nations more rights. They will not be permitted to reside on a permanent basis. Before arriving in Germany they will also have to possess a valid job offer or work contract as per the regulations for wages and work hours.

The new regulations are yet to be ratified by the upper house of the Parliament also known as Bundesrat.

These new policies are aimed at harmonizing regulations amongst member nations of the European Union at a time when the EU is struggling for its future as a unified organization in the wake of last year’s decision of the UK to exit from the union through Brexit referendum.

These new policies are aimed at making it easier and more appealing for citizens from non-EU nations to carry out research or study, as quoted by the parliament of the EU last year.

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European companies court Asian investors by offering Golden Visas

European companies court Asian investors by offering Golden Visas

European companies court Asian investors by offering Golden Visas

European companies court Asian investors by offering Golden Visas

Quite a few companies from European nations such as Portugal, Greece, Cyprus, Malta and Spain will be present at the IPS (International Property Show) to be in held in Dubai, UAE in a bid to attract investors from this part of the world with Golden Visas.

To be held from 2 April to 4 April at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre, IPS will see meetings being held to showcase real estate opportunities where returns on investments could be lucrative in these European nations.

The Golden Visa programs will allow investors and their families to obtain a passport and second citizenship after investment in the realty sector of these countries.

Investors could purchase real estate, deposit cash in a government development fund or invest in one of the major industries of these countries.

This year, companies will offer investors adaptable investment programs with clear-cut legal requirements to enter one of these European countries with the opportunity to invest in the top real-estate destinations of the world.

Trade Arabia News Service quotes industry experts as saying that many countries were welcoming entrepreneurs to stay and become citizens by investing.

With its developing economy, Europe offers increasing prospects of obtaining a second passport. Featuring prominently in this year’s Golden Visa program are Portugal, Greece, Cyprus, Malta and Spain.

According to experts, Golden Visa Programmes have been increasingly attracting investors from Asia, Middle East, and Africa.  In fact, the adoption of investor visa programs in the past few years has increased, with many investors considering it to relocate to one of the European nations.

Dawood Al Shezawi, the CEO of Strategic Marketing & Exhibitions, organizer of IPS, said that demand to acquire real estate in Europe is high and Golden Visas have served to increase their appeal further.

Saying that real estate was an investment, financial asset, and market commodity, he said that many countries in Europe offer residency through investment to individuals intending to purchase property and invest strategically in other sectors.

Dual citizenship through investment changes lives of realtors by giving them personal and professional freedom. Advantages of this include traveling visa-free to several countries, economic stability and more freedom to invest and enter into partnerships.

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Indian applications for US visas decrease by 70%

Indian applications for US visas decrease by 70%

Indian applications for US visas decrease by 70%

Indian applications for US visas decrease by 70%

Immigration consultancies and legal experts based in India have confirmed that the applications for US visas have decreased by an enormous 70%. This decrease comes at a time when North America’s two senators have proposed a drastic decrease of annually issued green cards to 500,000 visas from the existing 1 million visas.

Th USA had in fact offered almost 900,000 visas to Indians in 2014 and there is likely to be a drastic cut in the number of visas that will be issued to the Indians this year, as quoted by the Times of India.

An associate member of the bar in Canada, UK and the USA, Kuldip Singh who possesses more than 45 years in immigration law has said that on a day to day basis he is receiving almost 100200 applicants and around 400500 e-mail queries regarding changing their destination to either New Zealand, Australia or Canada.

Rushil Verma a student of Civil engineering at the State University of New York has said that though earlier he had planned to settle in the US after completion of his studies, he has changed his plans now. He also added that he has many Sikh friends in the US who are planning to relocate to Canada now along with their families. It will also not be surprising if there is a decrease in the number of Indian student applicants in the next academic year, added Rushil.

Indian based immigration consultancy firm IDP’s official has confirmed that there has been a decline in the visa applications by students who planned to study in the US. He added that students now prefer Germany, Australia, and New Zealand instead of the US. The students are also worried that Trump might send them back home after a while, explained the official.

Capability Developer at the Indian based The Chopras Sapna Hundal has said that several students are withdrawing their applications for US study visa in the middle of the process of submitting the applications. This is unprecedented, added Sapna.

A student from Amritsar Nitin has also conveyed the similar opinion that he no more aspires to study in the US and is looking for alternate destinations.

In fact, Indians who are already in the US are also edgy as Aditi Sharma said that she had moved to the US recently with her husband employed in the IT firm but they are now not sure whether they should return to India or stay back in the US.

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