What is a work permit

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What is a work permit?

What is a work permit

What is a work permit

Technically, there is no document called a “work permit“. Instead, a company wanting to employ a foreigner must obtain a “pledge for work permission”, which is described how to do below. The foreigner then submits this document along with their visa or residency card application, allowing them to receive a work visa or a residency card with an annotation entitles them to work legally. For the purpose of simplicity, the “pledge for work permission” will be referred to as a work permit.

In Poland, getting a permit to work is very restrictive to the foreigner and employer alike. It is linked to one employee and one employee, it cannot be shared. This means that if a foreigner gets a permit to work in Poland, he or she can only work for the company that the permit specifies. If the foreigner wants to change employers or work at more than one job, a new one must be obtained for each employer interested in hiring the foreigner.

Who gets the work permit?

There is some bureaucracy involved in obtaining this document, although the process has been simplified in recent years. The application requests specific information from the employer, so the employer must apply for the work permit, not the employee. As a result, very often companies avoid hiring foreigners legally simply because they don’t want to be bothered with all the paperwork.

A foreigner finding themselves in a situation where their employer does not seem eager to obtain a work permit has a few options:

They may examine the information below and decide to take matters into their own hands and take care of as much of the process as possible, boiling down the process to simply signing a paper or going to an office, or They may want to start their own company and become a freelancer. In the case of language teachers, companies welcome working with self-employed teachers because they do not have to seek a work permit for them and an invoice is preferred to an employment contract. The foreigner benefits as well because they seek their own work permit and they need to do so only once, no matter how many places the foreigner works.

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