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Canada has extended records of immigration. Post-warfare immigration rules created generations of recent Canadian citizens and helped construct not simplest our populace however also the cloth of our society.

Inside the years when you consider that, Canada’s immigration coverage has modified usually. But the Canadian countrywide identification is built on a basis of multiculturalism and immigration.

  1. YOU’RE not alone

Canada admits approximately 250,000 newbies each 12 months. Even though the country admits extra novices standard, our population length is a good deal smaller than theirs. In order a percentage of our overall populace, we admit two times as many rookies 12 months as the country. In truth, one in five Canadians is overseas-born!

Canada has a number of enjoying with immigration and is invested in immigrants’ success. We’ve made a manual of a number of the welcoming services to be had to newbies.


Canada is the second largest country in the global. It’s nearly ten million square kilometers, but our populace is only 35 million. Canada boasts a spacious nation-state and scenic coastal towns with plenty of room for beginners.

The Canadian nation-state is so stunning, in truth, those even individuals who pick out to stay in a larger town escape to cottages within the country often.


Justin Trudeau is the top Minister of Canada. He’s the 23rd top Minister we’ve had given that we won independence from wonderful Britain in 1867. Canada has a very strong political device.

Our leaders are democratically elected, and there is little or no political unrest in the country when Canadians are disappointed with the government, they are able to freely protest and lobby for alternate or select a one of a kind party in the next elections.

  1. You may GET an excellent education

Each Canadian has the right to training. Canada’s loose public college machine and obligatory education laws make certain that every Canadian has as a minimum a simple schooling. And Canada provides extra get entry to advanced schooling than every other Country.

Canada is also a great place for international students to examine. Canadian credentials are internationally respected and can assist international college students to follow for Canadian permanent residence.

  1. If you GET sick, YOU’RE blanketed

Like education, access to important scientific offerings is considered a right in Canada. The countrywide medical health insurance device guarantees that no Canadian citizens or permanent residents will be denied hospital treatment due to the fact they can’t have enough money it.

In Canada, your annual earnings don’t determine your access to scientific remedy.

  1. CANADA IS safe

Canada is a loose and tolerant Country. we have a constitutional constitution that protects our rights and freedoms.

Canada continually does nicely in worldwide surveys on safety, progress, and first-rate of lifestyles. Within the 2016 Social progress Index, Canada ranked 2nd universal. We’re additionally the 8th most secure country inside the international in step with the worldwide Peace Index.

  1. CANADA HAS A sturdy, strong financial system

Canada’s GDP in 2015 turned into $1.55 trillion. That makes it the 10th biggest economic system within the world. we have the soundest banking machine in the world, rather efficient labor markets, and are nicely positioned for the long-time period boom.

Canada plays a crucial function within the global economy and has loose trade agreements with many other international locations.

  1. CANADA desires YOU

Canada has a getting older population and faces a looming labor scarcity. As a country, we depend on immigration to hold our populace boom.

We want you to assist sustain our economic system and our social offerings.

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