Costa Rica Eliminates Entry for Schengen Visa Holders

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Costa Rica Eliminates Entry for Schengen Visa Holders

Costa Rica Eliminates Entry for Schengen Visa Holders

Costa Rica Eliminates Entry for Schengen Visa Holders

Costa Rica has changed its migration policy to prevent visitors using visas for the EU’s Schengen zone or for Japan from entering the country, inflicting many “issues,” according to one reliable. The choice became now not explained.  It got here into effect on Tuesday, just because of the tropical principal American country became gearing up for its give up-of-year high traveler season.

“There has been an exchange inside the beyond few days for Schengen visas and we’ve had issues with many human beings because of this,” one authority legitimate informed AFP.

ECU embassies did not appear to be aware of the change. The ECU Union’s Schengen sector encompasses 26 countries, together with some Non-EU countries. Humans can move inner borders without being subjected to frame tests.

The order from Costa Rica’s migration provider stated its trade changed into made after “two years of research” and the “essential adjustments” were based on worldwide accords. It did now not complicate.

The choice does no longer have an effect on citizens from most EU international locations or the USA or Japan, who do not want a visa at all to enter Costa Rica.

Nationals from some rich Latin American and Asian international locations are likewise exempt. Additionally, holders of a couple of entry visas for the US have been unaffected. They may nevertheless use a valid, a couple of entry US visa to enter Costa Rica.

But all different could be traffic have been now required to are looking for a visa from a Costa Rican embassy or consulate, a technique that may take weeks.

The pinnacle of the global Migration Corporation’s mission in Costa Rica, Roeland de Wilde, stated that international locations must “sell simpler and normal channels for migration that go to benefit them culturally, financially and in terms of tourism.

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