‘Canadian Dream’ has now changed the ‘American Dream’

Canadian Dream has now changed the American Dream

Canadian Dream has now changed the American Dream

Canadian Dream has now changed the American Dream

Canada has now replaced the US as a destination where one can discover ‘the pursuit of happiness, liberty, and life’. The US had once dominated as a nation that offered opportunities, not anymore with several nations surpassing the US in this regard; the chief among them is Canada, its northern neighbor.

The residents of Canada have a life span that is 2.5 years more than that of the citizens of the US. The chances that a Canadian will be imprisoned are six times lesser when compared to an American. The World Economic Forum has also ranked Canadians at the 6th place amongst happiest people in the world, while the Americans were ranked behind at the 13th place, quoted Maclean CA.

Canada has replaced the US in every aspect of an overseas immigrant’s dream destination. 46% of the population in the US has been able to secure a graduate degree in college while compared to the 59% of Canada. Upon completing their studies the residents of Canada have higher chances of getting a job with four points better than that of the US residents.

Home ownership rates are also 5% higher in #Canada and #Canadians are more likely to afford a home with white picket fence. Canadian residents also have more leisure time to relax at their homes as they work 80 hours lesser annually. They are also entitled to three days of extra vacation.

The measurement of economic inequality, the Gini coefficient of Canada is drastically better than that of the US and has remained so for the last 80 years.

The United States has been surpassed by Canada in every aspect as the shining city on the hill. It is a nation where everyone is safe to realize their potential. This is also being recognized by people across the world. Asylum seekers and refugees from the US are now taking a flight to Canada as they hope for a better treatment for immigrants and a better future too.

ESL students across the world are now more and more opting for Canada abandoning the US. Everything that the US once aspired to be has been achieved by Canada now. Not just achieving the much sought after American dream, Canada today is the happiest, healthiest and safest destination in the world.

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