New Zealand Work Visa-Student Visa-Tourist Visa Requirements

New Zealand Visa Requirements

If you are thinking to visit to New Zealand, first you have to research on the New Zealand visa requirements.

New Zealand Student Visa and permit

If you are planning to visit New Zealand for study for more than 3 months then you need to take a study visa or permit. If you are in Australia or New Zealand citizen then need not to take visa or permit.

If you are planning to study which is duration is less than 3 months which is a single course and exempted from New Zealand qualification Authority then you can apply for visitor visa. If the student wants to study for only 2 or more short courses then student wants to take student visa is required.

To stay in that country there are certain requirements like Health, Character and also wants to show proof of financial support.

New Zealand Visitor visa

In some case there is no requirement of visitor visa for New Zealand, like if you are from Australia or if you are from a visa free country or if you are visited for less than 3 months. Diplomat, aircraft and cruise ship passengers are also exempted from this. To applying for New Zealand visitor visa there some requirement to fulfilled, like Character certificate, Health insurances, Proof of financial support like property should be in the name of the applicant. And your passport should be also valid for at least 3 months past from the date you intend to leave New Zealand.

The validity of visitor visa is for 9 months. Those who are from UK they can stay for 6 months and if you are from visa free country than you can stay for 3 months.

New Zealand work visa

Those who want to work in New Zealand there are several options to work. Those are in the age group in between 18- 30 years they may can qualify for working in the holiday permit but its depends on the nationality. If you are holding a job offer from New Zealand than you will be eligible for a temporary work visa or permit visa. To complete the expression of interest form you want to live and work permanently in New Zealand as a permanent skilled resident. This from is based on the eligibility points. And the one who would required to get 100 points to meet the eligibility criteria.

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