New Zealand Visas PR visa and Skilled Migrant visa

New Zealand Visas PR visa and Skilled Migrant visa

New Zealand Permanent Resident visa can be get if you are an investor or a skilled migrant visa holder or if you are ready to do business in their country with a capital. Usually Skilled migrants will be granted Resident visas after a minimum period served a skilled worker in the country. A business visa also a source towards getting a PR visa in the country. If you are financially strong and aiming to invest in the country, then you will be granted PR visa to stay and get the benefits of your investor.

Skilled migrant category

Skilled migrants with the skills required by the government listed in the schedule, which are necessary to improve their economy can, get a skilled migrant visa from the authorities. Skilled migrant visa holder is entitled to get a PR visa after a stipulated period of time working there a temporary or permanent worker in the country.

Requirements for the skilled migrant visa category

Your age should be below 55 to be eligible to apply and of course should have a healthy physic to prove fit to the listed job in your application. A good character and able to speak English fluently is necessary, to satisfy authorities of your job and the government officials. This skilled job category will be filled with a point based system. 100 points are required to qualify for the skilled migrant visa; points will be given for your age, experience, employability qualifications and English language skills.

Your skill and knowledge has to be available in the skill shortage list prepared by the authorities to fill the vacant positions in the industry. To know the current list of skill shortages, you may please contact global gateways in Bangalore. The experts offer free counseling and assessment after a thorough investigation on your credentials.

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