New Zealand is Haven for International Students

New Zealand is Haven for International Students

New Zealand is Haven for International Students

New Zealand is Haven for International Students

People of most countries need a Visa for New Zealand even if they are going to visit that country on a holiday.

Exempted, however, are citizens or permanent residents of Australia or a citizen of England, Scotland, North Ireland or Wales which make up the United Kingdom. The latter can stay for up to the duration of six months in the island country located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean.

Barring these two, there are up to fifty countries with which New Zealand has visa exemption agreement. Citizens of these nations can stay in New Zealand for up to three months.

All the nationals of the other countries have to apply for a visitor visa, which lets them stay for up to 270 days in the Land of Long White Cloud. For individuals, the most convenient and inexpensive method to apply for it is online. But if one is traveling with another individual, group or family, it is suggested that they avail a paper application.

New Zealand Immigration for people wanting to work there for a few years or for settling there permanently, a resident or work visa is a must. To obtain that, it goes without saying that they must a get a job there prior to entering New Zealand.

In case you traveling to New Zealand by transiting through an airport in Australia airport, you may be requiring an Australian visa as well. To be doubly sure, check with your travel agent or air carrier.

For studying in New Zealand for the short-term course lasting less than three, you can do so without a student permit. For periods more than three months, you have to apply for the student permit.

To apply for a student permit, you need to pay a fee for a non-refundable application. You can, in fact, avail services of migration agents in your student city or area to let them help you with your application.

You would need to submit proofs to the #INZ (New Zealand Immigration Service) is the government body which issues visas and permits for entering New Zealand. The other prerequisites are proof having paid the fee; a written assurance from an education institution or university in New Zealand and also from an individual that suitable accommodation has been made available for the student in the country; proof of adequate cash to subsist while you are pursuing a course; and a return air ticket to your homeland or alternately proof that sufficient money is accessible to the student pay for one.

Students who wish to pursue courses for more than two years must also furnish their medical documents that are less than 90 days old. Majors should produce a police clearance certificate from the country of their origin.

Moreover, a full-time student should remember that an individual is issued a student visa if a tuition fee is paid for one academic year.

Student visas are mostly given full-time students, but certain part-time students can get them as well if they are staying in New Zealand for one academic year, which lasts for nine months and satisfies all the requirements that a foreign person must as required by the government. If you are graduating from a degree course during your semester that can get you to be classified a ‘skilled migrant’ by the immigration department, then you may apply for a student visa being a part-time student.

Apart from the usual documentation required for any visa, if you are applying for a student visa, you have to have received an offer of enrolment or confirmation.

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